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english presentation

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english presentation

  1. 1. LONDON
  2. 2. -In moscow the snow is between the months of october to april More than Londres - Londres is concidered a rainy city more than Moscow
  3. 3. - In Moscow and London the averange temperatura in summer is 10 C. -Inmoscow the storms is mainly in summer more than London- In General London and Moscowhas a temperate warm
  4. 4. characteristics -Moscow and London are the capitals of their respective countries -Moscow has most population that londres.
  5. 5. characteristics - Moscow and London have some public and private school - London have 8 airports and Moscow have 5 Airports- London is the seat of governmentof the United Kingdom and themoscow is Russian political powercenter
  6. 6. - The British Museum of Londres is the oldest museum of national history of Moscow - London be the capital of music has different stages as the Earls Court and Wembley Arena has the same Moscow Maly Theatre
  7. 7. - Moscow is considered one of the cultural capitals of the world more than London - London has hosted the Olympic Games two times more that MoscowChelsea and PFC CSKA Moscow have won once theUEFA Champions League