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Introduction to algebra

  1. 1. navycaria
  2. 2. Algebra is the use of letters and symbols to represent values and their relations, especially for solving equations. navycaria The combination of each letters and symbols are called “Algebraic Expressions”.
  3. 3. Here are the exponent/ parts of an power/ Expression. degree navycaria 8x² is an example of algebraic expression. constant or numerical variable or coefficient literal coefficient
  4. 4. Constants are symbols representing exact value like π and numbers. Constants are always written navycaria An expression like b, a³ and xy has a constant of 1. 1 is not written in any expression. If an expression has no constant, it is understood the the constant is one.
  5. 5. Expression Constant 7b7 7 23x²y 23 navycaria ab4c 1 83f³ 83 m 1
  6. 6. Variables are used to represent unknown values. Variables are often represented by letters. navycaria If an expression has no variable, therefore the expression is exact.
  7. 7. Expression Variable 7b7 b 23x²y xy navycaria ab4c abc 83f³ f m m
  8. 8. Exponents are seen at the top of a variable. Exponents in an expression can be like or unlike. They also show how many navycaria times the variable appears in an expression. If a variable has no exponent it is understood that its exponent is one, therefore there is no need to write one on the top of a variable.
  9. 9. Expression Exponent 7b7 7 23x²y 2, 1 navycaria ab4c 1, 4, 1 83f³ 3 m 1
  10. 10. navycaria