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O365con14 - the new sharepoint online apps - napa in action

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European Office 365 Connect 2014 Presentation

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O365con14 - the new sharepoint online apps - napa in action

  1. 1. The new SharePoint Online Apps Napa in Action March 2014
  2. 2. Agenda SharePoint Dev evolution SharePoint App Model Apps in the Office Ecosystem What is Napa? Demo Publishing apps Demo
  3. 3. About me Focus on SharePoint Architecture and Development SharePoint Server MVP since 2013 SharePoint MCT, MCTIP, MCPD CEO of NUBO GmbH – Munich patrick.lamber
  4. 4. SharePoint Dev evolution (1/2) SP Server 2003 • No Application platform • Customizations through Web Parts SP Server 2007 • SP became an application platform • Custom code in server side world • Integration over Web Services SP Server 2010 • Easier development with Developer Tools • Introduction of partially trusted code • Introduction of first CSOM and REST version SP Server 2013 •Strong improvements in CSOM and REST •Development goes “away” from SharePoint •Introduction of App Concept •Developers have to find new ways to customize and automate the environment
  5. 5. SharePoint Dev evolution (2/2) Full Trust solutions • Access SP environment how you want with the highest permissions possible • Only option in 2007 • Code review intensive • Impossible to secure the environment • Made many SP environments instable • Upgrade intensive Sandboxed solutions • Access SP environment on a site collection context with user permissions • Introduced with 2010 • Delegate responsibility to Site Collection Admins • Difficult to access resources external to the site collection • Seems to be deprecated for SharePoint 2013 • Office 365 compatible SharePoint App model • Access SP environment through official APIs. Move custom logic in a separated app context •Introduced with 2013 •Move custom logic to apps •Access external resources through web standards •Use SharePoint as a service •Easier upgrade •Most app models are Office 365 compatible
  6. 6. SharePoint App Hosting Models Development on your machine without SP installed. Deploy remotely App web used for app isolation Access SP Environment through different APIs SharePoint-hosted model provides only client side APIs Server-side code only available in Provider-hosted and Autohosted models Autohosted model only available in the cloud with Office 365
  7. 7. SharePoint App UEx Immersive • See app on full page. Provide a top navigation to get back to the previous location Part of page – App Parts • Provide a WebPart like experience through an iFrame UI custom actions • Provide ribbon bar buttons and access resources on the app behind
  8. 8. SharePoint App APIs Full-Trust Sandbox Apps Use Client-Side SharePoint API OK OK OK Use Server-Side SharePoint API OK Partially NO Use Remote Services NO Partially OK App-based Permissions (OAuth 2) NO NO OK On-Premises Deployment Friendly OK OK OK Hoster Deployment Friendly NO OK OK Marketplace NO NO OK
  9. 9. Apps in the Office Ecosystem Task Pane Apps • Add functionality to Office 2013 documents in a task pane adjacent to the document • Excel Web App • Excel 2013 • PowerPoint 2013 • Project 2013 • Word 2013 Content Apps • Add content and functionality to the body of Office 2013 documents • Excel Web App • PowerPoint Web App • Excel 2013 • PowerPoint 2013 Mail Apps • Add functionality to Outlook items through an adjacent pane that automatically activates based on content- driven rules •Outlook Web App
  10. 10. What is Napa? Browser-based authoring tool Build simple Office and SharePoint apps Available on your Office 365 tenant Napa is an app hosted on Azure  Continue with VS if you need serious extensions
  11. 11. What can I do with Napa? SharePoint SharePoint-hosted apps For Office Content apps Task pane apps Mail apps
  12. 12. Demo Overview of Napa Creating different types of apps for Office with Napa TagCloud: Creating Search-based SharePoint-hosted apps with Napa Extending the SharePoint-hosted app with Visual Studio
  13. 13. Publishing Apps Office Store • Submit your app to a global catalog • Manage licenses and earn money (Microsoft retains a small percentage) • Reach out new markets Organization app catalog • Manage internal catalog (on-premises or online) • Deploy apps for the whole tenant or web application
  14. 14. Publishing to an Office 365 Store Sign up with the Microsoft Seller Dashboard Submit your solution Define a description Define the licensing model After submitting a solution MS does verifications Valid XML Markup Check validity of WSP in general If the package passes the test it is signed by MS
  15. 15. Publishing to an app catalog You need to setup the Apps environment Create an app catalog (if not existent) Upload the solution on the app catalog Add descriptions to the file Change permissions to restricts apps to specific target users
  16. 16. What should I use when? Office Store App Catalog Globally available Available internally Use the licensing framework No licensing framework App verified by MS with specific rules App verified just by SharePoint Need to have a seller dashboard No registration necessary
  17. 17. A visual view of publishing apps App Submission SP Platform 2 3 41 6 7 5
  18. 18. Demo App catalog environment on Office 365 Configure the app catalog Publish a SharePoint application on the App Catalog
  19. 19. Key takeaways MS looks for a way to give us developer the power, ensuring stable hosting and customer environments The way to go: Apps first. But we are not able to cover all scenarios. App First, Sandbox (Declarative), Farm solutions Farm- and Sandboxed Solutions are not forbidden. Napa can be used to create some simple apps for SharePoint and Office If you need ALM + TFS export the application to Visual Studio and continue from there Apps can be published globally or locally depending on your scenario
  20. 20. Resources Office Developer site ( Getting started ( Outlook Mail App with„Napa“ ( Office AMS ( All bundled links (
  21. 21. FAQ Questions?