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Wonderchef Mixer Grinder

buy the besyt wonderchef mixer grinder

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Wonderchef Mixer Grinder

  1. 1. Wonderchef Vietri Mixer Grinder a. Every home-maker wants a reliable mixer-grinder which does not break down again and again and lasts for years. b. Specially for you, we have developed the most reliable Mixie from Wonderchef. c. Capri Mixer Grinder - Blue has unique technical features that make it a very durable mixie.
  2. 2. a. 500W heavy-duty copper armature for optimum performance. Thicker steel jars for longer durability. b. Anti-rust sintered bronze bushes for minimum wear and tear. Sleek and compact design! c. Grind dry masalas, chutneys, pastes, batter for idlis, dosas and a lot more. Blend purees, shakes, smoothies, dips and more with ease! Wonderchef Vietri Mixer Grinder
  3. 3. 3 Set Speeds a. The mixer grinder comes equipped with three pre- programmed speed settings for different grinding needs. b. Adjust the dial to select from low, medium and high. c. A whip setting enables vigorous blending for a uniform mix.
  4. 4. 3 Functional Jars a. Three differently sized jars offer a grinding solution for different purposes. b. A big mixer jar of of 0.7L blends both wet and dry ingredients, a tall blending jar 1.2L works especially well for smoothies and shakes while a dry grinding jar of 0.3L is great for fine pastes and spices.
  5. 5. Efficient Motor a. The powerful and efficient 500 watts motor allows you to grind ingredients with ease. b. It delivers a smooth and speedy operation to grind even the toughest of ingredients. c. Experience fine grinding with this mixer grinder.
  6. 6. Automatic Shut-off a. The inbuilt automatic shut-off technology safeguards the mixer grinder for a longer lifespan. b. In cases of overheating, excess loading, voltage fluctuations, the mixer grinder automatically shuts itself off.
  7. 7. Durable Components a. The mixer grinder is of a robust build. b. Made of ABS plastic, it stands sturdily on four rubber feet to prevent it from slipping. c. The jars are made of stainless steel to provide enhanced durability to withstand long term usage
  8. 8. Secure Lids a. The jar covers are lined with rubber to make sure that they fit snugly. b. This ensures extra security and safety to avoid leakage and accidental spills when the unit is in operation.
  9. 9. Sharp Blades a. The blades are made from quality stainless steel. b. They feature sharp edges to smoothly and effectively grind ingredients. c. With a robust construction, they are resilient and resistant against dulling from heavy use.
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