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Team Kanban Practitioner

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Curso oficial de la Lean Kanban University de 1 día de duración. Está orientado a profesionales que trabajan en proyectos, servicios y/u operaciones, tanto de forma individual como en equipo. No se requieren conocimientos previos de Kanban.

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Team Kanban Practitioner

  1. 1. The Course Design Canvas Attendees Prerequisites Pre-course Contents Methodology & Exercises Learning Objectives Post-courseMaterials Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) Course Duration ¿What is the profile of the people attending the course? Do they belong to the same team, department, organization ...? How many potential attendees are expected? Is there any basic knowledge that attendees should have? Are there any certifications required? Should they have to pass a knowledge test prior to the course? Is there any necessary experience related to course contents? Should students perform any tasks prior to the course? Read an article, watch a video, take a test ...? What learning materials will be delivered in the course? Which formats, in what languages? Are there specific technical requirements or materials that the classroom should have? Is it a classroom, online, or blended course? What kind of exercises will be done during the course? Is there balance between lecture, practice, and evaluation activities? What activities will be carried out once the training ends? Do we need to follow-up? Is there a test or exam to evaluate the knowledge acquired? What contents should be included? What is the approximate timing? What are the learning outcomes? What should the attendees know after the course? Which concepts, techniques or tools should they have learned? - People who work individually or in teams for projects, services, operations. - Usual titles are: Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, Product Manager, Project Manager, Delivery Managers, Product Owners, Team Leads, Engineering Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters - Does not apply - Introduction - Definition of the Kanban Method - Meaning of Kanban - Motivation for the Kanban Method - Understanding Kanban Systems. General Practices - Let’s play a game - Proto-Kanban - Design your own Board - Closing TKP: Team Kanban Practitioner 1 day After this course, attendees will be capable of: - Experience the power of visualization - Create a Kanban board - List the benefits of collaboration within the team - Understand Kanban as an evolutionary way to shape a crowd into a crew - Play a Kanban Simulation game (FeatureBan, Okaloa Flowlab, other) - Work in groups to design a Board - PDF file with course slides in English - eBook “Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business”, by David Anderson - Students will be granted with a Certificate of Completion of KTP - Next recommended course in Lean Kanban Training Roadmap is KMP I: Kanban Systems Design - Anyone is welcome to attend this course regardless of their skillsets. - Not appropriate for advanced practitioners or upper management