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Education Without Boundaries - Virtuosity

  1. http:// An Introduction
  2. Who We Are Virtuosity is an unprecedented initiative to enhance and renew Indian education by providing effective solutions to the various challenges faced by our educational system. With the base research experience from Alpha Education close to two decades of pioneering service, it is today a symbol of both intensive revitalization of education and social outreach.
  3. What We Do Instilling Educational Excellence at all Levels Partnering with academia to develop a skilled community Using Technology Enabled Solution for Institutions Introducing Teaching, Learning and Assessment Methodology Helps institution to provide quality education with inclusiveness
  4. Education System Towards eLearning
  5. How learning happens Formal Learning vs. Informal Learning Source: Creative Training Techniques 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 90 100 80 Retention % Day 1 Day 4 Day 7 Day 10 Day 13 Day 16 Day 19 Day 22 1 2 3 5 4 6 Day 26 Day 30 Drops to 10% in 30 days Exposed to idea 6 times in 30 days = 90% retention Informal Learning Formal
  6. Supporting Formal & Informal Learning Tell Me Show Me Let Me Prepare Me Connect Me Support Me Coach Me Check Me Placing the Learner at the Center of our Learning Design Mostly Informal Learning Mostly Formal Learning
  7. Blended Learning Solutions
  8. Multi Modal Solution
  9. SkillSoft Solutions SkillSoft provides: A comprehensive offering of high quality learning content Technologies to leverage, extend and enhance the value of content The best industry specific Business, IT and Desktop skill content, Online reference ware and exclusive learning portal – Knowledge Centre
  10. Strong Learning Pedagogy • Examples and non-examples • Demonstrations • Visual representation of content • Attention gaining strategies • Progressive disclosure • Simulations • Guided practice • Embedded practice questions • Case studies and scenarios
  11. 6000+ Online Course ware IT Certification Course Business Certification Course 30,000 + Digital Books (IT, Business, Engineering) Knowledge Centre Leadership Development Channel Online Mentoring Test Preps for Certification courses Job Aids and SkillBriefs SkillSim™ Business Simulations SkillSoft Overview
  12. Books24x7 Solutions – Depth & Breadth Virtuosity New! Over 25,000 books available as of November 2009 ITPro First Product Launched 1999 Now: 7,200 titles OfficeEssentials Launched 2001 Now: 400 titles FinancePro Launched 2003 Now: 850 titles EngineeringPro Launched Aug 2004 Now: 2,000 titles BusinessPro Launched 2001 Now: 4,800 titles ExecSummaries Launched Aug 2004 Now: 310 titles ExecBlueprints Launched 2005 Now: 750 titles HospitalityPro Launched 2006 Now: 400 titles Well-BeingEssentials Launched 2006 Now: 900 titles AnalystPerspectives Launched 2006 Now: 2,000 titles ITIL® Launched 2007 Now: 16 titles GovEssentials Launched 2004 Now: 900 titles Leadership Development Channel Launched May 2007 Now: 1,000 videos
  13. Industry Support and Publishers 100+ Leading IT and Business Publishers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
  14. KnowledgeCentre Structured Practice Labs Connect with Experts Learning Roadmaps Courses & Online Books Topic Spotlights Practice Certification Exams Multi-task Coding Projects Code Library A Wealth of Resources:
  15. SkillSoft KnowledgeCenters ™ Additional references from SkillSoft’s library Review featured books chosen by SkillSoft SMEs Search Books24x7 for relevant Refernceware
  16. SkillSoft KnowledgeCenters ™ Get Support from SkillSoft’s Subject Matter Experts Access structured Learning Roadmaps External links provide Certification information and more
  17. Certification Overview
  18. Assessment Solutions
  19. Teaching, Learning and Assessments - Challenges The critical challenges faced by today’s Institutional and Departmental Heads on the fronts of Teaching, Learning and Assessments (TLA) in steering ahead their institutions, most of which are inter-linked to each other, and thus forming an inescapable vicious circle are Employability of Graduates, Variable Faculty Quality, Ever changing Industry needs, Faculty Development and Training, Overstretching investment requirement in Learning Resources, The need to be competitive, Lack of Quality Assurance Framework in TLA
  20. Global Education Campus - e-mpowering TLA Learning Content that is always up-to-date Blended and Multi-modal Learning solutions Quality Management with Competency Assessments System with intensive, continuous monitoring of student's progress Personalized and Self-paced learning opportunity for the student Skill Management with over 130 Industry Certifications programs Skill-O-Meter skills e-portfolio for each graduate Digital Library collections and Simulation Labs Globally most preferred learning and assessment solutions
  21. VIRTUOSITY GLOBAL EDUCATION CAMPUS e-Mpowering TLA - Process Pre-training Assessment to identify skill gaps Assessment Soft skills Assessments Personality Assessments Aptitude Assessments Technical Assessments Training Soft Skills Life Skills Functional Skills Technical Skills National Skills Bank
  22. Management Program Solutions
  23. IT Program Solutions
  24. Some of the Indian Corporate Customer
  25. Some of the Academia Clients
  26. Market Segments Virtuosity has career skills solutions for 74% of hiring in the organized sector. MARKET SEGMENTS ACADEMIC BFSI PHARMA STRATEGIC RETAIL ITES IT GOVT.
  27. Feedback and Question? Write to us – [email_address]

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  1. A list of procedures and steps, or a lecture slide with media.
  2. And making resources available to the learner as they need them. (use pointer) begin with Course Content which can be used in both formal and informal settings. The next content is the use of Mentors , these are experts that provide training support beyond the course content. Next is Simulations . This content give the learner a risk-free way to bridge the learning from a formal setting to an informal application of the new skills. The Blended Support includes toolkits that provide a wide range of support for the trainer, manager and learner to help all of them transition into an informal application. Online Meeting provides synchronous tools that provide additional training capabilities. Test Prep are tests that prepare the learner for a wide range of certification exams. Job Aids give the learner support for improving the application of their skills in the workplace. Finally Online Reference provides a link to large array of books and technical papers for the learner. All of this content enhances the learner’s resources and their learning experience.
  3. SkillSoft
  4. Books24x7 has unprecedented support in the publishing industry. We partner with more then 100 leading IT and Business publishers. Here is just a sample. For example, [Point out publishers that your prospect is interested in]
  5. So let’s take a look at the different functional areas of an average KnowledgeCenter. This screen is the home page for our Leadership KnowledgeCenter. Let’s do a quick walk-through of the functionality starting over here in the upper left. At the top of this column we provide users with access to our Books 24x7 library. Learners can interact with those books in a couple ways at. The first way is the using the search box – users can type in a search term and their search will return only the relevant books to the topic of this KnowledgeCenter. That’s true of the browse function as well. Users can click that link to see all of the references from Books 24x7 that are relevant to the topic of the KnowledgeCenter. Beneath that are a series of selected books. These books have been chosen by SkillSoft subject matter experts either because they relate to the featured topic or perhaps they are new books in the collection. Those books will be updated on regular basis by our SMEs so that as users returned the KnowledgeCenter overtime there is new reference material for them to refer to. That’s true of the section under the books as well. This area depending on the KnowledgeCenter will contain different assets from SkillSoft. In this case we see some JobAids. There might be SkillBriefs as well. In some of our KnowledgeCenters for IT developers we’re featuring references from our Instant Code series. Like the Featured Book area, this area is managed by SkillSoft subject matter experts and will be updated on regular basis.
  6. On the right at the top of the column, we have access to our SkillSoft expert mentors. For subject areas where SkillSoft offers mentoring, users will have access to mentors both from here on the homepage as well as from within the courses that make up the learning roadmaps. The KnowledgeCenter homepage also includes a series of links to external resources on the web and the users may wish to consult as they’re learning about project management, Visual Basic, or any of the topics of the KnowledgeCenter.