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Trust pathways graham's story

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Trust Pathways - presentation part of the Space for Cycling event held in Durham by Cycling UK on 21 January 2017

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Trust pathways graham's story

  1. 1. Graham’s Story and working with the local authority: changing mindsets
  2. 2. Graham Dietz’ Story • Lived for many years in The Netherlands • ‘Eco-warrior’: no car/cycled • Head injury – 4 weeks later pulmonary embolism (blood clot from the injury). • Died in December 2014 • Research area: ‘trust’ • Inspiration for the ‘Trust Pathways’ 2
  3. 3. Working with local authorities… 3
  4. 4. Working with local authorities… 4 “People don’t like to plan - Planning is unnatural – It is much more fun just to do. And the nice thing about just doing is that failure comes as a complete surprise. Whereas if you have planned, the failure is preceded by a long period of despair and worry” Sir John Harvey Jones
  5. 5. How are most projects run? 5 Software does not always help
  6. 6. 6 • Globalisation, global economy, climate change • Continental – National policy and governance • National and sub national, regional governance • Local government • Organisations • Sub system aspects of organisations • People: citizens, users, managers, professionals, politicians Working with local authorities… System levels It is a complex system
  7. 7. “Pushing an open door…?” 7 • Demand Management • Need versus demand • Avoiding Demand Failure • A relational experience
  8. 8. Where are we now…? • Initially – good progress • 1 step forward a few back…roundabouts • Increase efforts… • Develop web site • More publicity – WoM, Social Media. 8
  9. 9. The trick is…? …to engage sufficient numbers of people in redirecting their energy to initiate a mindset (cultural) change… 9