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How to make your content more sharable

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Tips and tricks for Social Media Optimization including how to lessons for: Blogging, Twitter and Facebook updates

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How to make your content more sharable

  1. 1. by Darko Buldioski
  2. 2. *  Co-founder of NewMediaMK & New Media Center*  Lecturer, Blogger, Advocate, Friend, Father * 
  3. 3. * - my blog*  @darko156 – my twitter username* – internet marketing agency* – my facebook profile* – my linkedin profile* – non-profit org. * 
  4. 4. enough about me…* * 
  5. 5. * SMO is the process of implementing changes on a web site and building presence on social media services, online communities and community websites using different sets of tools and methods in order to make the content more easy to share, easy to re-distribute and more visible in social media searches, custom engine searches and standard web search results.* 
  6. 6. * Increase your linkability – A set of activities that suppose to increase the possibilities for others to post a link to tour website.* Easy to share – Includes placing a content/buttons that will allow quick and easy sharing of the content, calls to action (e.g. add to… share this… or submit to…). This way, redistribution of your content is going to be just one click away from another group of users, potential customers. * 
  7. 7. *  Encourage mashups and embedding – When publishing a content that with goal to be shared as much as it can, that one has to be sure to provide all (or most) possible formats of the same content, and include easy to use embed code so that every one can re-post it.*  Be a User Resource - Even if it is not of any direct use, you have to create destination that will be the ultimate guide in that space and the users will come to check if you have the information. If your website is the first or most reliable to publish it than you ll earn credits for it and of course more relevant search engine traffic.*  Stay fresh - Social media is changing and morphing very fast.
  8. 8. * Help your content travel – SMO is about making your content available for everyone, so submitting it to relevant sites will help your content travel further, and ultimately drive links back to your site.* Reward helpful and valuable users – Its all about the influencing. Developing a system or a proper response to users that have contributed is one step towards building positive relationship. Do it sincerely and keep the most valuable members of a community closer to your site. Don t forget your roots, remember those who helped you along the way, and that respect will help all involved. * 
  9. 9. * Text* 
  10. 10. * They don`t.
  11. 11. * They scan the pages.
  12. 12. *  Keywords are essential to a great web headline*  Make them descriptive, concise, attention-grabbing* MAN WALKS ON MOON would be: US astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes first man to walk on moon * 
  13. 13. *  Use simple and short sentences*  Use paragraph breaks liberally*  Use subheads make them brief and descriptive*  Bold text distracts the reader - use it carefully*  List and bullet point make the text more scannable * 
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  23. 23. *  tags = keywords
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  27. 27. * *  email: *  skype: darko156 * gtalk:
  28. 28. * Thank You