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How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone Connects Together

Once your apple watch is no longer paired to old iPhone, you can now connect it your latest new iPhone. Now you can easy swap data with restored from a backup.

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How to Pair Apple Watch to a New iPhone Connects Together

  1. 1. How apple watch and iPhone connects together? Apple watch when seen alone is a very capable device of its own. Let us have a look how Apple watch can perform even if it is not connected with iPhone. Apple watch can be used to set alarms, clock and stopwatch. You can synchronize playlist and play music when you feel bore. Iphone and iWatch can be synchronized together by placing it on charger. The watch has 2GBspaceto storemedia files. It is goodforawearablegadgetand innovative approach too. There is one activity app featured with Apple watch that tracks activities and actions. We cannot be sure how much data can be store inside iWatch. If iPhone will get synchronized with watch it would be easy to exchange or sharing data. Next is workout app that also works without iPhone range. It will give you complete details on fitness and calories burnt daily. Similarly you can view photosonyouriWatch but they must be synchronizedfirst with your iPhone first to enjoy this facility. Next is apple Pay features that can be used on your iWatch but the condition is that Iphone should be in range. It is clear that there are plenty of features that can be enjoyed with iWatch alone even if it is not connected with your iPhone device. To know more on similar interesting update on iPhone connect with iPhone programmers or iPhone developers right now. At NexSoftSys, our iPhone development team is happy to assist you in best possible way, It used to set alarms, clock and stopwatch Synchronize playlist & playmusic Complete detailson fitness&calories Our developmentteam ishappy to assist