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OU Player APG Meeting 2012

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Slides on the Media Player project from an Accessibility Practitioner's Group meeting at The Open University, March 2012. Relates to "Securing Greater Accessibility" / SeGA.

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OU Player APG Meeting 2012

  1. 1. OU Media PlayerA joint IET, KMi, LTS, DSS, OMU project January 2011-June 2012 N.D.Freear, SeGA 3 April 2012 The Open University
  2. 2. The problem● Lots of OU web assets - OUVLE, OpenLearn, Study at OU, OU-Drupal, Platform, research blogs, Cloudworks...● Each site/ developer finds their own solution● Different user experiences, branding, levels of accessibility...● Plus, a support/ maintenance problem...● HTML5 anyone?
  3. 3. The good... Easy YouTube 2008
  4. 4. Who else is doing this?● Easy YouTube, 2008 Flash● ../video-captioning-made-easy- with-the-youtu..● 2009 Flash,● Universal subtitles,● ...● YouTube HTML5,● ODI player, 2011 Flash*● Nomensa, 2011-12 Flash* ..-open-source- accessible-media-..● 2012 Flash*● ...(New to me, )
  5. 5. ..the odd... ODI player 2011
  6. 6. Who else? part 2Questions:● * Why Flash-only in 2011/12?● Start from scratch?● Is it flexible? (ODI)● Are they open-source? Can we/ others build upon?● Or, HTML5 media libraries - the same mistakes again?
  7. 7. Our approach● Dont "start from scratch"● Build on existing components, including open source● Hopefully, contribute back to the community - code/ patches/ knowledge...
  8. 8. The solution● A common, embeddable player● *Easy to embed● OU podcast infrastructure (+YouTube...)● Service/iframe-based embeds● oEmbed● HTML5 + Flash + Javascript + CSS● OU brand● Variants (3): OU Podcast/public, OUVLE, OpenLearn● ...
  9. 9. The solution, part deux● Unobtrusive accessibility● Mobile/ tablet support● Themable● Internationalized● Performance● ...● Maintenance - only 1 player needs upgrading
  10. 10. January-July 2011● "Attempt 1"● Based on Flowplayer - open source Flash libraries● Flash falling back to HTML5● Two "chunky" designs● Senior management "surprised" - too big for the VLE● Bugs in design/ CSS● No fullscreen (there is a "popout" player)Used in Cloudworks
  11. 11. 2011 ouice dark
  12. 12. 2011 ouice light
  13. 13. January-June 2012● "Version 2" - deployment plan● Based on Mediaelement.js● HTML5 falling back to Flash● But, Flash is not "2nd-class" citizen● Compact, less obtrusive design● With Fullscreen - yay!
  14. 14. ...and the pretty OU player light 2012
  15. 15. Where do I fit in?● The player will be easy for content authors to use - we hope!● No change to authoring practice in SA/ VLE● Player fairly easy for developers to integrate● Accessibility practitioners - communicate the philosophy● APs - help close the feedback loop● APs - translation contacts● ..?● Watch this space!
  16. 16. Roadmap● Mid-April 2012 - technical test● May - accessibility/ user-test● June - OUVLE release● June/July - OpenLearn, OU-Drupal...● June/July - documentation● June/July - hand over to LTS...● June/July - Mediaelement.js patches...
  17. 17. Questions● Open source - if, when?● Stable versus innovative - how?● LTS support + IET contributions - how?● WebM encoding - when?
  18. 18. Challenges● Many stakeholders● Many contexts● Audio + video● Mobile debugging● First impressions count!● Tech. test, Access. test, test, test...● Finding time to communicate, as well as code
  19. 19. Links● OU player prototype, ../oup/test.html● Blogs, ../ou-media-player-project●● Watch this space!