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Khp community service project

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Troy University-Phenix City Campus
KHP 2240 Personal and Community Health
Term IV 2014
Dr. Gayle Bush

Publicado en: Educación, Tecnología
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Khp community service project

  1. 1. History of the C.C.S.C Inc. Founded by the late Sergeant Lonnie Jackson in 1981. Currently operated by Lonya Jackson-Sarden, Executive Director. She stepped up to the plate to continue her fathers’ dream and work in the community.
  2. 2. Mrs. Tresa Hart-Williams and students of the C.C.S.C Program Tutorial Principal and Director, Executive Board Chair and Retired educator
  3. 3. The Goal of the Program A community-based nonprofit organization. The goal of the CCSC Inc. tutorial programs is to assist students in the Muscogee County School District to improve their basic academic skills, with an emphasis on reading and math. Volunteers include active and retired principals and teachers, paraprofessionals and other school staff, fraternities and sororities, college graduates, college students (from Columbus State University, Troy State, Chattahoochee Valley Community College, Columbus Technical College and community colleges), high school and middle school students, members of the business community, military personnel and wives, parents and other member of the community.
  4. 4. Live News Broadcast from Saturday Tutoring Tutor’s and students telling WRBL 3 how successful the program is. One student describes the program and learning math as being Perfect and fun. Call all volunteers and people who want to donate to keep the programs doors open. WRBL 3 News: C.C.S.C Tutorial Program
  5. 5. Ms. Henry’s Third Grade Class Working Hard on Their Math Skills at the C.C.S.C Program
  6. 6. Reading Makes A Difference
  7. 7. Hooked on Phonics is Changing Our Children's Lives
  8. 8. Tutor’s Hard at Work Teaching Their Second Grade Students.
  9. 9. I started volunteering for the C.C.S.C program during the summer of 2013 and I fell in love with not only the program and the staff, but the students. It was at this point that I realized that I wanted to change my profession to teaching.
  10. 10. What I learned and Felt Working directly with the students gave me the opportunity to appreciate teaching from a different prospective. Teaching is not an easy job, you have to have the desire and the passion to work with students from all different walks of culture, life and adversities. I learned that to become an effective educator, that it takes a village of educator’s who wants to impact, inspire, and change the lives of our youth; to empower and motive them to achieve their goals inside and outside of the classroom. I learned how to be patient because each student is unique and they all have their own learning styles and their own personalities. They taught me how to embrace the process of learning. Volunteering with my community program gives me a since of sense of enjoyment to give back to educate the new generation as I have been educated. I am honored to give back my time and my educational knowledge to my community. I love to help people, I feel it is my purpose and I feel empowered knowing that I am changing the lives of our young people.