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Recce of Location

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Recce of Location

  1. 1. Recce of Locations We as a team visited the filming site and checked to see if the site was safe and acceptable to film on. We took photos of the site and decided that the burn valley, the car park and the front of the college were good and safe places to shoot our film.
  2. 2. Scene 1 – The Path The Burn Valley, this path is where the whole film starts. As the victim walks down the path, the murderer watches wand waits. The bushes where the murderer is first seen, extreme close up of his knife as he moves the knife through his fingers. This is the angle of which we see the murderer and the victim in the same shot for the first time. This is an important shot as it builds tension.
  3. 3. Scene 2 – The Bridge For the second scene the victim walks towards a bridge. With the murderer closing in on the unaware victim the camera with a medium shot Crossing the Bridge. As the victim starts to cross the bridge he hears something behind him. The camera switches to POV perspective for the first time as the victim turns around to see if he’s alone.
  4. 4. Scene 3 – The Chase This is where things escalate quickly. The murderer chases after the victim whilst trying to kill him. The camera switches between POV perspective of both the victim and the murderer, In a fast passed chase scene. The chase just before the kill scene. The camera switching between POV perspectives; the camera switches to a tri-pod while the camera swings round for a 180° pan-shot.
  5. 5. Scene 4 – The Kill Room The Kill scene. The victim, running for his life past the Parked cars, accidentally trips on the curb as the murderer pulls out his knife and stabs the victim. Before the murderer walks away into the distance.