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The Big Ideas from Social Brand Forum 2014

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My closing talk from the Social Brand Forum featuring the big ideas from our speakers and how to unpack them back at your business.

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The Big Ideas from Social Brand Forum 2014

  1. 2014 CLOSING REMARKS The Big Ideas ... and How to Pack Them Up and Take Them Home nick westergaard | | fall 2014
  3. fo·rum ˈfôrəm/ noun 1. a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
  4. Created a Vessel Photo via Flickr user tillwe
  5. “– Becoming a BETTER WRITER means becoming a BETTER MARKETER.” ann handley @marketingprofs at #socialbrand14
  6. “– Use social for STORY.” ann handley @marketingprofs at #socialbrand14
  7. “ MEASURING ROI automatically puts you in the top half of the marketing profession.” – joe chernov @jchernov at #socialbrand14
  8. “– jason falls @jasonfalls at #socialbrand14 Without content you do NOT EXIST.”
  9. “– jason falls @jasonfalls at #socialbrand14 Measure for the FUTURE, not the PAST.”
  10. “ Believe in YOURSELF until everyone else understands why they should believe in you.” – chris brogan @chrisbrogan at #socialbrand14
  11. “– Be Clear. Be Confident. BE HUMAN.” amy schmittauer @schmittastic at #socialbrand14
  12. “– darin adams @darinspeaks at #socialbrand14 If you sell to everyone, you sell to NO ONE.”
  13. “ The value statements mean nothing if you don’t LIVE THEM.” – matt ridings @techguerilla at #socialbrand14
  14. “ The safest choice is to GET PERMISSION or CREATE your own.” – kerry o’shea gorgone @kerrygorgone at #socialbrand14
  15. “ It’s not storytelling. It’s telling a good STORY WELL.” – john jantsch @ducttape at #socialbrand14
  16. “– theodore roosevelt at #socialbrand14 DO WHAT YOU CAN with what you have, where you are.”
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