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Virtual Reality Hardware Market Q4 2014

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This is our Q4 2014 update showing companies developing hardware for the virtual reality market. We include head-mounted displays, hand/body controllers, treadmills and other input devices.

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Virtual Reality Hardware Market Q4 2014

  1. 1. VR Hardware Radar Q4 2014 Virtual Reality Devices: Headsets, Input Systems, Cameras
  2. 2. About KZero Consulting, Analytics, Insight
  3. 3. KZero services Sectors: Virtual worlds, virtual goods, virtual reality, social gaming, MMOs, augmented reality Start-ups / Pre-launch: Business planning, market sizing, financial modeling, strategic guidance, launch planning Operational companies: Marketing strategy, product development, user analysis, market entry planning, partnerships/busdev Brands: Media planning, campaign creation, virtual brand strategy For VC’s/Investors: Deal-flow, investment analysis, market sizing
  4. 4. KZero Clients
  5. 5. Media References
  6. 6. VR Hardware Radar Launch Stages of Virtual Reality Devices: Announced, In Development, Available
  7. 7. Launch Stages Announced / Pending Funding: A prototype has been announced but the company/inventor has not yet secured funding. In Development: A prototype has been publicly demonstrated and/or the company has funding. Pre-Order / Dev Kit Available: The product is in the latter stages of development, has made limited versions available to developers and/or is taking pre-orders. Consumer Version Available: The product is available for purchase by the general public.
  8. 8. Hardware Categories HMD: Integrated: A virtual reality head-mounted display with the screen integrated into the unit. HMD: With Mobile Device: A virtual reality head-mounted display using a third-party mobile device as the screen. Controller: Hand Device / Glove / Body Unit : An input device using hands and/or body movement for tracking. Controller: Treadmill / Foot Control: An input device that tracks leg/foot movements.
  9. 9. Hardware Categories Controller: Haptics: An input device for hands and body that also provides tactile feedback by force or vibration. 3D Camera: A video or image recording device that captures 3D stereoscopic views. End-to-End Platform: A company that provides HMD systems coupled with input devices and motion capture. Misc: Products not fitting into other categories.
  10. 10. Hardware Imagery Final Product Visualisations, Prototypes and Mockups
  11. 11. Integrated Head Mounted Displays Oculus Rift DK2 Project Morpheus VRELIA VREyePro ANTVR Totem Mark V Glyph CastAR
  12. 12. Head Mounted Displays with Mobile Device Durovis Dive Seebright VRELIA VREyeGo Cortex CMOAR Viewer vrAse Altergaze Vrizzmo
  13. 13. Controller: Hand Device / Glove / Body Unit Razer Hydra Leap Motion PrioVR Magic Wand Control VR STEM
  14. 14. Controller: Treadmill / Foot Control Infinadeck Virtuix Omni Virtualizer Stompz
  15. 15. Controller: Haptics Reactive Grip iMotion KOR-FX Gaming Vest Tesla Suit
  16. 16. Cameras: 3D Stereoscopic Jaunt Giroptic Matterport
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  18. 18. @KZeroWorldswide