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Butterfly effect of stories for children

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Small initiatives can make changes in society

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Butterfly effect of stories for children

  1. 1. future children are the
  2. 2. schools overcrowded
  3. 3. overworked children are
  4. 4. controlled over
  5. 5. pushedaround
  6. 6. depressed on the process many are
  7. 7. worn-out even
  8. 8. responsibility children are our great we cannot control every situation that a child may experience Pope Francis - Amoris Laetitia
  9. 9. hungry
  10. 10. worried child was lost
  11. 11. little childrencome to me
  12. 12. visionary family centric
  13. 13. children Mercyful like father rethink their methods and discover new resources Pope Francis (Amoris Laetitia Chapter 7 section 260)
  14. 14. natural
  15. 15. world
  16. 16. innovate | entertain | inform | interact experience
  17. 17. “Sometime reality is too complex. Stories give it form.”
  18. 18. Papa don’t preach
  19. 19. >>Faithlevel Reach out potential >> Prayer services Traditional catechism Storytelling Seed now
  20. 20. motivation adaptability Micro triggers trust Informal learning Active Unlearning
  21. 21. vision
  22. 22. preservepreserve goodness in kids
  23. 23. not just seeds forest
  24. 24. Reach out Storytelling is crucial to our individual, communal and cultural identity. It can mark a life, enrich individual emotional and cultural development and assist in making sense of our world. portable scalable digestableviral memorable collaborative entertaining dynamic inclusive cost effective subtle organic different secular
  25. 25. ark
  26. 26. drive
  27. 27. start strong
  28. 28. If there is good stories in the soul, there will be beauty in the children. if there is beauty in the children, there will be harmony in the house. if there is harmony in the house, There will be order in the community. if there is order in the community, there will be peace in the society. scope study strategic planning Research & collaboration design & development promotion delivery process “I’m committed to bringing ethical reflection to bear on important socio educational problems through research based storytelling and community engagement..” – Shaji Mathew New media evangelizer Media visionary User experience strategist Teaching Artist Performer optimization for transforming stories that lasts
  29. 29. Thank youShaji Mathew 9845172481