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Taking Your Website Mobile


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Taking Your Website Mobile

  1. 1. Taking Your Websites Mobile A Practical Guide for Marketers & Business
  2. 2. Presentation Overview
  3. 3. Featured Presenters Greg Zapar Senior Digital Strategist, Digitaria John Van Spyk GM, Digitaria Sports, Digitaria John Field Moderator, Product Marketing Manager, Sitecore
  4. 4. • Leading provider of enterprise-class .NET web content management, portal and marketing automation software for mid-to-large organizations • Presence • Amsterdam, Boston, Brisbane, Copenhagen, London, Munich, Melbourne, Tokyo, San Francisco , Stockholm, Sydney, etc. • Stability • Profitable since inception in 1999, same owners, same vision and same technology (.NET) • Customers • Over 24,000 web sites in 50 countries • Recognized • Gartner Magic Quadrant 2010 – only .Net application in ―Leaders Quadrant‖ • Gartner Magic Quadrant, 2009 – leading visionary quadrant with ―most complete vision ― • Gartner Cool Vendor 2008 Content Management • Supported • Sitecore tech support centers in various regions; more than 700 certified partners worldwide
  5. 5. Over 2,400 customers
  6. 6. About Digitaria Acquired by renowned global agency JWT (a WPP company), Digitaria has undergone exceptional growth to become one of the country‘s leading full- service digital agencies. As a whole-owned subsidiary of JWT, and part of the WPP network, Digitaria‘s brings its reputation as a digital leader and industry innovator to a wide spectrum of industries and organizations around the world. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  8. 8. Mobile Overview LET’S DISCUSS The Mobile Opportunity: Why mobile? Features of Interest: What are users doing? The Mobile Ecosystem: What does the environment look like? Client Mobile Strategy: Where do we begin? A Case Study: How it all fits together CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  9. 9. The Mobile Opportunity Did You Know? According to data from IDC, smartphone manufacturers MOBILE IS THE NEW MARKETING CHANNEL shipped 100.9 million units in Q410, compared to 92.1 million units of PCs shipped worldwide. • Accessibility: Anytime, anywhere content —StreetInsider/IDC distribution & access • User Targeting: Geo-targeting, by device, social, interest, etc. • Relevance: Personal and‘s always with you and always on • Measurement: Mobile analytics provide excellent user insight • Deliverability: Phone numbers change much less frequently than email addresses • SoLoMo: Social, Local and Mobile CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  10. 10. Features of Interest MOBILE MEDIA CONSUMPTION Mobile phones are the #1 most used technology device 87% of US owning a mobile phone; 25% have ditched landlines 2010 US Smartphone Growth US: 16.8%-->27% Spain: 27.6%--> 38% 47% (+7.6%) of US mobile subscribers are mobile media consumers; 37% for EU (+7%) What is driving the growth?: •Features, media, apps and mobile websites *Information provided by comScore Networks •Larger [touch] screens improved the UX for content •Lower cost chipsets and OS options have offered greater affordability and accessibility •Unlimited data plans a key driver in US/EU differences (33% of US vs. 8% EU) CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. Features of Interest CONTENT IS KING Social Networking, Classifieds and Retail Publications are extending themselves in the space and iPad/tablet growth has helped Retail: Japan is one of the most sophisticated markets and have quickly adopted m-commerce *Information provided by Vibes Media and comScore CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. Features of Interest Did You Know? •72% send/receive texts (664 per month SMS STILL LEADS vs. 176 phone calls) •99% of every text message is read Text CTR and conversion: •90% of text messages read in first 3 •Text message: 14.06%; 8.22% minutes •Email: 6.64%; 1.73% --Forrester Research •Internet: 4.43%; .73% Teens top all mobile users with 3,339 texts per month •Early Boomers (45-54) are at 272 per month Texting is currently the #1 way to receive coupons •200,000 mobile coupons in 2009 •70 million mobile coupons worth 2.4 billion in 2013 •Small business still lags in mobile; citing lack of time for new technology (44%), expense (30%) and lack of knowledge (30%) *Information provided by Vibes Media and comScore CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  13. 13. Features of Interest LOCATION-BASED MARKETING • Virtually 0 in 2009, $6 billion in 2015 • Food vendors seeing 65% coupon redemption via geo- fencing/push ads • Facebook Places location features allow retailers and other merchants to offer coupons and special deals through mobile app • See a yellow icon indicating that a redeemable deal or coupon is available nearby. • Use the application to “check in” at the retail location and show their phone screen to an employee to claim the deal. • Individual Deals--Free Rewards--Friend Deals--Loyalty deals--Charity % CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  14. 14. The Mobile Ecosystem It‘s not getting simpler…it‘s getting more complex. Both Android and Apple had a stellar 2010 and the ecosystem is important to smartphone buyers….store, features, identity, price, ease-of-use, etc. Dozens of manufacturers and many handsets • 60+ browsers • Multiple OS and versions • Multiple handsets, manufacturers and form factors (touch) Android passed Apple in install base; Verizon important element for Apple along with iPhone 5/iPad2 Both are gaining ground on RIM and Symbian; Microsoft seeks growth with Windows Phone7 and Nokia partnership CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  15. 15. The Mobile Ecosystem APPLE HIGHLIGHTS | 225,000+ APPS iPhone Sales Estimates • July-Sept: 14.1m • Oct-Dec: 20m • 2011 EOY: 100m (PC World) iPad Sales Estimates • 2010: XXX-->15 million • 2011: 43 million • 2012: 63 million Corporate orders: Medtronic 4,500; MicroStrategy 1200 CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  16. 16. The Mobile Ecosystem ANDROID GROWTH Traffic from the Android platform has grown 29% month-over-month since May 2009 • One in three US smartphones sold are Android devices • 70,000+ Applications in the Android App Market. Amazon app store is imminent • May 2010 the 2.2 Frozen Yogurt (Froyo) SDK was released with Adobe Flash 10.1 Support Froyo: Enhanced UI. Flash 10.1 support. USB tethering. Wi-Fi Hotspot. 5X faster than Eclair. World’s fastest web browser. No synching required for OTA apps/music. Exchange support. Web- based Android market. App auto update. Gingerbread is next (faster, battery life, app mgmt, UI, NFC). Honeycomb for 3.0 (tablets). CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  17. 17. The Mobile Ecosystem WHAT‘S IN STORE FOR 2011? M-Commerce • Mobile payment • Real-time pricing and research • Bar-code scanning • Retail integration (offline->online) • QR Codes • Real-time rewards Mobile Marketing • Banners • SMS • Push notifications CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  18. 18. The Mobile Ecosystem WHAT‘S IN STORE FOR 2011? Second Screen (TV) and cross-platform content efforts: Shazam, GetGlue Tablet Market Continues Rapid Growth Micro-payments & virtual goods Lowered costs for handsets & plans <?> Anywhere access and storage via the Cloud Gamification attracts users Near Field Communication (NFC) for payment/offers/content CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  19. 19. Client Mobile Strategy THE INITIAL MOBILE DISCUSSION “App”: Something that works on a phone “Android” and “Droid”: Not Apple. Interchangeable with products from Motorola and HTC. “Mobile Site”: Don‘t use flash Step 1: Mobile is an initiative…not a project. You must understand the brand and value to begin defining the content strategy, digital strategy and technical architecture to seamlessly integrate mobile as a digital touchpoint...this is not a standalone effort or “project”. A project by definition has a fixed beginning and is an ongoing effort. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  20. 20. Client Mobile Strategy THE DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM Websites… centers…ecommerce…Facebook…kiosks…software/apps…tw itter…chat…self-service…displays. These efforts can be isolated initiatives with compartmentalized agendas and variable support. Don‘t create [unsustainable] projects without strategic oversight, thought and planning…it will affect you later. Map the entire customer journey and assimilate a mobile experience that meets the needs, goals and desires of actual users. Tip! Vision>Value>Experience; look at the User Experience Honeycomb from Semantic Studios: p) CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  21. 21. Client Mobile Strategy WHAT INFORMATIONAL NEEDS, GOALS & DESIRES DRIVE USERS? Location Who are they? Mood What are their behaviors and Device beliefs? When What are their real needs, Accessibility goals and desires? Distractions Time allocation What type of content? Voice and tone? Layered content? How does this address need? What to keep? What to toss? While we can’t control all factors or address all audiences, we can seek an optimized balance. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  22. 22. Client Mobile Strategy INITIAL DISCUSSION • Has a mobile strategy been defined or discussed? What is the roadmap? • Who is the core audience? Do the analytics and reporting validate this? What insights and user needs can be gleaned from analytics? • Invest in the user experience, not the corporate experience • What is typically handled in-house or with 3rd parties? What level of team integration is envisioned for development? • What timeline(s) are driving the solution? • Budget…and with that…who‘s calling the shots? • Social dictates a dialogue with users...not a monologue. How do you support this? CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  24. 24. Client Mobile Strategy Did You Know? 20% of users return to use the app the first day after THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT???? they download it, at 30 days it approaches 0%. Overview --[Pinch Media] • Apps are designed for specific platforms and devices (Apple, Android, Blackberry) and are typically store-centric • You MUST offer utility and value as defined by users Pros • Enhanced user experience for complex interactions, deeper experience, brand loyalists & premium experience ....extensions of existing digital touchpoints • Hardware feature access - GPS, camera, “shake”, text/notifications, email. • Customer loyalty - someone who purchases a premium product/service or is a brand loyalist may be more inclined to utilize it (ex: Netflix, Pandora, Directv) • Offline usage potential Cons • You MUST provide a good experience and value to users. Great supplement to existing service platforms. What do the users want? Check the analytics! • Who’s paying for this app? Users? Ads? Marketing? • Platform x Platform development if not handset specific development efforts, takes longer to develop and are typically more expensive • Discoverability within store environments requires a dedicated campaign...225K+ apps within the iTunes App Store CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  25. 25. Client Mobile Strategy USERS GENERALLY PREFER MOBILE OPTIMIZED SITES VS. APPS Games, music and social media were the only categories in which users would rather use a downloaded app than browse the mobile web. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  26. 26. Client Mobile Strategy MOBILE OPTIMIZED WEBSITES Overview • Similar to traditional website but optimized for mobile browsing • Accessing the existing website via mobile browser is NOT a mobile optimized site • Think about the 80/20 rule...20% of what you have is probably sufficient for 80% of your users; less is more if well executed; registration and onboarding are great examples of this Pros • Generally quicker to develop and cheaper • Accessible on most any device with a mobile browser • Users that are not heavily involved in your brand are more likely to go to a website, but might not want to download an app • CMS integration like Sitecore Cons • Limited functionality and geared towards simpler experiences, ex: registration and onboarding • Loss of connectivity=no access • Customer Satisfaction – loyal advocates may demand more • UX across mobile browsers is difficult to consistently manage • Discuss simple HTML rendering (older phones) vs. WebKit (smartphone) needs • Testing is critical CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  27. 27. The Mobile Ecosystem TIP! ADOBE AIR CAN HELP Android Froyo 2.2 Air for Android Singularly leveraged code base to target released Oct. 2010 multiple platforms: • Android devices with Android 2.2+ • Desktop Air application • iOS Packaged App*
*still will not work in browser Benefits Adobe Air-Mac & PC • Ability to scale across handsets and Easy install devices Native on many Intel • Singular code base=lowered products development costs • 360 opportunity to target customers and keep the brand in front of eyes iOS Packaged App iPhone 4.02+ CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  28. 28. Client Mobile Strategy STRUCTURE AND DEFINE YOUR DELIVERABLES STRATEGY Research & Analysis • User Research • Persona Development • App vs. Optimized site • Platform support CONCEPT AND DEVELOPMENT • Concept Development • Storyboard (Executive Sell-in) • UX and UI (Interaction Designs) • IA (Content Architecture &Hierarchy) • Wireframes (Solution Design) • Development • Testing • Deployment • Iterate CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  29. 29. Client Mobile Strategy If All Else Fails… Overview: • Focus on experience outcomes and users...not specs & tech! Did you know? • I strongly recommend a discovery period be included within an RFP or project initiative. 69% agree that if a brand name • Focus on What, Why…think about How later. mobile app is not useful, helpful, or easy-to-use, it results in a • Tip! Your internal dev team, agency or tech partner needs to be willing to work with you on modifications so you can adapt to mobile user needs. negative perception of the Define and map the experience, sketch storyboards, wireframes and brand…and 32% will tell **then** develop the mobile application. others.—Harris Interactive • Focus on navigation by user need…not corporate structure. • It‘s not just about making things smaller…make things simple and effective. • If you are starting mobile and full-site…have you thought about starting with mobile? • Start small and iterate…you can‘t afford bad ratings and word-of-mouth. • What is the compelling reason for using this feature on a mobile device? • Plan for frequent updates, ongoing support…and take advantage of each opportunity you are given in front of users. • Use fixes as an opportunity to re-message value to users with a new feature. • UI differences can manifest even within a brand…ex: touch Blackberry vs. roller ball. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  30. 30. Client Mobile Strategy If All Else Fails… Overview: • Apple upholds rigid app development guidelines and approval process with Did you know? iTunes/App Store distributing. Consider submission approval times (2-3 weeks) when planning. You may be able to leverage internal Apple resources to help When test participants used sites expedite and even promote! designed specifically for mobile • Will this feature actually work effectively? Differentiate between technical devices, success rate averaged accomplishments and real-world experience successes. 64%, which is substantially • Just because you can do something, doesn‗t mean you have to...or that users will higher than the 53% recorded for see value in it. using "full" sites — that is, the • Are there existing services or products you can integrate? Ex: Registration, same sites that desktop users check-ins, social, etc. see.—Jacob Nielsen, • Pay close attention to rotation requirements for apps/tablets. Is it necessary? • Aggressive auto-completion or anything else that will save typing. • Copy is design…and less is more. • Watch timeline and adequately address risk…100% bug-free is often elusive. • Engage in effective risk management. Always have a Plan B. • Test…Test…Test. Early, often and with anyone that will participate. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  32. 32. Client Mobile Strategy MOBILE SEO 1. Mobile Web User Requirements are Different Phones are not used like PC‘s 2. Mobile Search Engine Behaviors are Different Just as mobile web users are different, most mobile- specific search engines (such as Google Mobile, Jumptap, Medio, Taptu) are also built in different ways. 3. Mobile Web User Activity is Different Early industry benchmarks show that mobile users conduct their searches using a disproportionately high volume of brand names and more obviously, location or activity-based phrase categories Key Points Understand the mobile-specific search phrases and categories that your mobile audience is using and optimize your content around these terms. Tip! Take the lessons you learned in traditional SEO and begin establishing a stronghold in the Submit your site to all of the most relevant portals, emerging mobile search market share. directories and business listings services as these places are also extremely important sources of mobile traffic. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  34. 34. ATP World Tour Always Connected Mobile and App Overview CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  35. 35. The Task The ATP launched a new Digital Platform in 2009 on Sitecore with Digitaria. The goal was to engage users on almost all devices by implementing a more efficient Content Management System that distributed content to all their current and future channels. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  37. 37. Leveraging a proven model, Digitaria created a Mobile version of the ATP web site that will allow almost all mobile users to view the ATP site, player stats, video and other content in a mobile optimized environment. This will display properly on all smartphones and a good majority of non-smart phones distributed in the last 3 years. We ensure the following mandatories are also met for a delivery a mobile experience: • The ever-changing technology landscape doesn't result in investments becoming redundant. • The existing infrastructure can be leveraged to provide mobile solutions. • Mobilization doesn't affect the performance of existing critical digital properties and integrations. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  38. 38. Adobe Air Digitaria partnered with Adobe to build an AIR application for the ATP promoting next generation Flash technology. ATP World Tour Live Connection can now easily port to popular operating systems in smartphones, tablets and Internet enabled TVs using Adobe AIR technology. Through these multiple devices, the ATP brand can continue to expand across the world and support the growing fan base and organization alike. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  39. 39. Preinstalled App On Intel Notebook Free Download at the AppUp Store by Intel CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  40. 40. Leveraging Sitecore Smart App Development CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  41. 41. Leveraging Sitecore CMS Within the administrative portal of, the ATP can update key areas of content for the PlayBook and Notebook independently to connect with the fan base and increase sponsorship opportunities. CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  42. 42. Multiple Channel Publishing CONFIDENTIAL - COPYRIGHT 2010, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  43. 43. Q&A Session Give us your feedback on this webinar! Visit to take a quick survey. Additional info can be found at: UPCOMING SITECORE WEBINAR: Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs HEROes to Reach and Engage Customers Follow-up & connect: Free Webinar presented by Josh Bernoff, Greg Zapar, Sr. Digital Strategist best-selling author of Groundswell and Empowered John VanSpyk, GM Sports North America: March 24, 2:00 PM ET Europe: April 6, 15:00 CET Register at: