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Along the Neva (cruise)

A different view of the impressive buildings with a val and The Russian anthem as the second music

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Along the Neva (cruise)

  1. 1. Cruise Along the Neva Saint Petersburg University Pier and Kunstkammer (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) Palace Bridge (Dvortsovi Most) Winter Palace (Hermitage)
  2. 2. Resurrection of Christ Church called by the people “The Savior on Spilled Blood”
  3. 3. Neva River and Hermitage Palace at the left
  4. 4. Hermitage Palace, St. Isaac Cathedral
  5. 5. Hermitage Palace & Museum
  6. 6. St. Isaac Cathedral
  7. 7. Senate and Synod Building
  8. 8. Rostral Colum at left
  9. 9. Hermitage Palace & Museum
  10. 10. Closer view at Hermitage Palace & Museum
  11. 11. Peter & Paul Fortress & Cathedral
  12. 12. Peter & Paul Fortress & Cathedral
  13. 13. Palace Pier, where most of the great residences were built
  14. 14. Synod Building
  15. 15. Kunstkammer (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) Stock Exchange and the Rostral Columns
  16. 16. Peter & Paul Fortress & Cathedral (Петропавловский собор)
  17. 17. Trinity (Trotsky) Bridge at right
  18. 18. Last view, end of the cruise
  19. 19. By María Music: *Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker Suite p. 8 'Flower waltz' * Volker Hartung & Cologne New Philharmonic *Soviet Anthem (Red Army Choir) Views of: •Resurrection of Christ Church •Neva River •University Pier •Kunstkammer (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography) •Palace Bridge (Dvortsovi Most) •Winter Palace (Hermitage Museum) •St. Isaac Cathedral •Senate and Synod Building •Palace Pier •Peter & Paul Fortress & Cathedral (Петропавловский собор) •Rostral Columns •Trinity (Trotsky) BridgeBelow, link to my YT channel where there are two videos turned on the Neva