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20 tourist concerns

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20 tourist concerns

  1. 1. Tourist concerns
  2. 2. Four tourist travel stages Arrival Stay Departure Memories • Jet lag • Cultural shock • First impressions • Standing in line • Welcoming and greeting • Getting agreed upon services • Information provision • People skills • Misunder- standings • Satisfying complaints • Last impressions • Trip home • Word-of- mouth • Registering complaints for poor service
  3. 3. Traveler’s concerns and expectations
  4. 4. Traveler’s concerns and expectations
  5. 5. The ITINERARYITINERARY given by the Operator is a CONTRACTCONTRACT and liabilities may be the guide's if it is not followed, or if it is changed without consulting Tour Operator
  6. 6. The tourist guide always has a DUTY OF CAREDUTY OF CARE towards the visitor. But visitors must also be treated like the adults that they are
  7. 7. Transfer issues
  8. 8. Transfer issues
  9. 9. Transport issues  Coach does not turn up  Coach breakdown  No microphone  Diversions/Road Closed  Missed boat  Missed plane
  10. 10. Hotel/ restaurant issues  Over-bookings  Complaints  Poor standards  Special diet
  11. 11. Passenger issues  Lost Luggage  Lost Passports  Lost Passengers  Accidents  Illness  Death
  12. 12. Tour operator issues  Double booking  Tour Operator difficulties  Itinerary cannot be achieved  Attraction closed  Voucher rejected by Visitor Attraction
  13. 13. Personal issues  Sexual harassment  Personality clashes with driver or other colleagues  Complaints against the guide
  14. 14. What do you do if…? Transport Issues •Coach does not turn up •Coach breakdown •No microphone •Diversions/Road Closed •Missed boat •Missed plane Hotel/Restaurant Issues •Over-bookings •Complaints •Poor standards •Special diet Passenger Issues •Lost Luggage •Lost Passports •Lost Passengers •Accidents •Illness and Death Tour Operator Issues •Double booking •Tour Operator difficulties •Itinerary cannot be achieved •Attraction closed •Voucher rejected by Visitor Attraction Personal Issues •Sexual harassment •Personality clashes with driver or other colleagues •Complaints against the guide Catastrophic Issues •Storms, floods, power failure •Terrorism •Emergency
  15. 15. What do you do?  Anticipate Foresee problems. Arrive early. Contact coach and itinerary stops. Check accommodation. Have contact list with telephone numbers.
  16. 16. What do you do?  Resolve Minimise crisis. Consult relevant people. Consult Operator or Agent. Identify layers of responsibility and assign task accordingly
  17. 17. What do you do?  Report Write a report about the incident with names, times, outcomes. Write a short appraisal of the tour.
  18. 18. Catastrophe issues  Storms, floods, power failure  Terrorism  Emergency
  19. 19. Deal with a Shock For all crises or any problem with your group or tour Inform the tour operator as soon as possible and follow instructions