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Use time Overview - June 2016

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Use time Overview - June 2016

  1. 1. 1 Contents  About Use Time  The “Purposeful” Individual & Manager  Why should you engage with us?  The “HOPE” & Premier HOPE Programs  The CoRe Plus (Advanced Communication & Relationships) Skills Program  Organizational Change Management, Business, Executive & Leadership Coaching  The Coaches  Clients & Testimonials  Contact Details Please click on any of the hyperlinks above to go to that section; You may kindly click on the icon on any page to come back to this “Contents” page
  2. 2. 2 About Use Time India
  3. 3. 3 About Use Time Established in 1992 Coached over 80,000 persons till date on Performance and Productivity – HOPE & Premier HOPE programs Communications and Relationships Accelerated Reading And many more areas Helping Individuals and Organizations to: Enhance effectiveness and productivity Create enabling & empowering work environments Use methods that allow individuals and teams to contribute Achieve their full potential
  4. 4. 4 Why do we do what we do • You want to set and achieve your goals • You want to live your dreams – in all areas of life (Career, Family, Financial, Contribution…) • You are fulfilled / happiest when you live your dreams, and in line with your values and ethics. • And, it is possible to achieve all this in a systematic manner We believe that • You to achieve this as has been achieved by hundreds and thousands before • You to have the freedom to express yourself fully at work and in your personal life • To coach & mentor you to achieve this state of Success & Fulfilment, by design, and consistently and predictably. We want
  5. 5. 5 LowHighROI:ResultsOrientation&Implementation Low HighCoRe – Communication & Relationships Resigned or Pessimistic 30% Busy Or Tense Or Frenzied 40% Work Alone Or Aloof 20% Purposeful, Calm, Focused, Peaceful 10% The Frenzied: • 40% are distracted with myriad tasks. • Highly energetic, but very unfocused. • Appear frenzied, desperate & hasty. The Procrastinators: • 30% procrastinate on doing the work that really matters. • Lack both energy and focus. • Often feel insecure and fear failure. The Detached: • 20% are detached or disengaged. • Focused, but lack energy • Seem to be aloof, tense & apathetic. The Purposeful:  Only 10% get their job done; Highly focused and energetic.  Confident, reflective and calm among chaos.  Characterized by continuous change, activity, or progress:  Marked by intensity and vigor; inspiring. “Purposeful” Individuals are High on ROI and CoRe On Self Evaluation, 90% placed themselves in this quadrant! This applies not only to business executives; this applies in equal measure to people in all walks of life! While a person might be in 1 quadrant or the other in some areas of life, the real question to ask would be, “Am I Purposeful in all areas of MY life?”
  6. 6. 6 The “Purposeful Individual” • The “Purposeful Individual” has skills and attributes in all of the following 3 areas: • Personal & Organizational Skills • Attitudes & Behaviours • Tools & Techniques • Studies reveal that less than 10% of executives across the world, are truly “Purposeful Individuals” • Generally tend to be “more effective human beings at work and in personal life.” • “Purposeful” not just at work, and also in personal life!
  7. 7. 7 So, what are the reasons you should engage with us We help nurture and develop “Purposeful” Managers & Executives in a structured, planned and effective manner! We help individuals and organizations to learn How to Organize, Plan and Execute, effectively and efficiently We help individuals & teams to Focus on: - The most important goals - The activities that help achieve these goals - Tracking progress on a Daily Basis Enable individuals to have high energy at all times Equip & enable them to always act in a confident and composed manner Inspiring, Retaining and Developing individuals and teams
  8. 8. 8 How do we do all this We help you to achieve goals by design & have success & fulfilment by: • Giving you a step by step, best practices system that will allow you to achieve your goals and dreams. • With the Premier HOPE & CoRe Plus programs, and • Following up through periodic sessions (Web, Phone & in person) as needed. We enable companies to: • Increase the Organisation’s Productivity, Profitability and Performance • Increase Managers' Personal Productivity and Contribution • Help and have Managers and Employees build a balance between work and life • Have teams consistently "Achieve Goals, by DESIGN” • Help their employees to practice “inspiring communications” at all times
  9. 9. 9 What our Values, Vision & Goals are Values • We will practice the highest levels of honesty and integrity in all our actions • We will offer an on-going commitment to our clients and participants. • We will treat our Clients and participants with the highest levels of care and respect at all times. Vision • To provide inspiring training that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential • To empower participants, thereby helping our Clients achieve their corporate goals. • To work in partnership with our Clients ensuring that: • Courses are specifically designed and thoughtfully adapted • We take care to understand the most appropriate methods to deliver the training. Goals • To ensure that all training or developmental activity we deliver has a positive impact on the future performance of our Client's businesses and in the lives of all participants • To enable excellence in all spheres of organizational and personal productivity • To deliver highest value to participants and help them to live a life of Success and Fulfilment • To liberate individuals and enable them to achieve their highest goals
  10. 10. 10 What is our Design & Delivery methodology Understand your needs • What do you want to achieve? • What is important and why is it important to you? • How will you know you have achieved it? • Your organization's aspirations, goals and DNA Program Design & Development • Work consultatively with you to: • Find solutions most suited to your needs • Perfect fit of programs • Use judicious blend of standard and custom modules Program Delivery • > 70% training is on practical applications & practice • Works at the conscious & sub-conscious levels • Enables internalization of skills and easy use • Individualised focus - “real life” situations in exercises • Post training support for effective use FOCUS ON YOUR NEEDS
  11. 11. 11 What we are very good at Focused, individualized training delivered in groups! Creating specialized, tailored solutions Delivering highly interactive, experiential training Enhancing cognitive clarity and focus Post training support to ensure optimal use of skills Enabling adaptation at conscious & sub- conscious levels Enabling, enhancing team alignment Making every participant feel that the program was conducted ONLY for them
  12. 12. 12 The HOPE Program Series: HOPE & Premier HOPE How to Organise, Plan, Prioritise & Execute, Effectively & Achieve Goals, by Design
  13. 13. 13 The Successful Executive Executes with Clarity of Goals & Focus
  14. 14. 14 HOPE (How to Organize, Plan, Prioritise & Execute) for Results Enablers • Compass Success & Fulfillment System • Tools & Techniques Best Practices • High level of practicality built into the system • Incorporates best practices from experts & achievers • Enables following these best practices on a daily basis • Allows for customization to best suit individual needs Results • A highly practical system, easy to use, supports users be focused and to: • have greater engagement – Clarity & Focus to achieve Company’s most important goals • higher ability to achieve goals with greater ease & effectiveness • stop random action & start getting work done; experience a new sense of relaxed control • lead a life of Success & Fulfilment • Ensure higher productivity, lower costs and better use of resources for company
  15. 15. 15 Session Particulars Duration (minutes) What participants will learn and get Session 1 Foundation & Clarity (Where & Why) • Introduction • How am I using my time? • Setting up the ‘Compass’ Success & Fulfillment System • Methods for designing & setting challenging, stretch goals at all times • Clarity on 1 year work goals • Breaking down 1 year goals into 3 month goals 105-120 Theory:30 Practice:75-90 • Understand limitations of generic “to do” lists • Health check up with regard to how time is being used now! • Using a “best practices” based system; Ability to ensure clarity always • Set challenging, stretch goals – clarity on key 1 year goals; break down 1 year goal into 3 month goals for easier tracking • Adopt a measurement based, data driven approach to all goals Session 2 Focus (How) • Introduction to Focus • Time utilization effectiveness • Understanding different types of approaches to goals • Applying Focus and Pareto’s Law to key 1 year goals & identifying the most important areas to focus on 105-120 Theory:35 Practice:70-85 • Identify areas to be focused on to derive highest results for minimal effort • Dealing with both big picture and step by step process orientations • Identify focus areas for key 1 year goal • Ability to apply these to all goals Session 3 Planning (What) • Importance of planning and forecasting • Planning the detailed activities that are to be completed to achieve key 1 year goals • Introduction to Time Estimation – key to scheduling tasks • Task breakdown techniques to complete tasks effectively 105-120 Theory:25 Practice:80-95 • Listing of tasks to be completed to achieve goals • Steps and techniques to ensure proper planning at task level; ensure that all tasks are recorded at an appropriate location to enable scheduling & execution • Time estimation & prioritizing tasks – and the need therefor • Ability and methods for chunking down tasks and ensuring easier and effective execution, without procrastination Session 4 Scheduling & Execution (When) • Using the ‘Compass’ Success & Fulfillment System daily • Daily 80/20 Planning • Questions and Answers • Role Plays • Customization / inputs for specific uses 105-120 Theory:25 Practice:80-95 • Daily planning & prioritized scheduling for execution of “High Priority Items” to ensure consistent movement on growth goals • Using the Compass Success & Fulfillment system as an all- inclusive data bank • Control over & delivering on all tasks effectively & consistently • Adequate buffer to handle ad hoc and emergency tasks Program Structure: HOPE- 1 Day O V E R 7 0 % I N P R A C T I C E
  16. 16. 16 Session Particulars Duration (Minutes) What the participants will learn & get Day 2 Session 1 Recap & Introduction to Long Term Planning • Session 1 – Recap of Day 1 & Introduction to Premier HOPE • Recap / Clarifications on use of the Compass Success & Fulfillment System • Introduction to Premier HOPE • Introduction to Effective Delegation Duration:100 Theory:45 Practice:55 • Need for Effective Long term planning • How not to delegate • Requirements for effective delegation • When to and when not to delegate Day 2 Session 2 Delegation • How to delegate effectively • Exercises to ensure clarity while delegating • The need for follow up while delegating • Using Compass Success & Fulfillment System delegate effectively Duration:100 Theory:35 Practice:65 • Clarity on how to delegate effectively • Ensuring clarity in all situations, without being rude or offensive, especially when dealing with client s • Integrating the Compass Success & Fulfillment System to ensure effective delegation, follow up and completion of all delegated tasks and projects Day 2 Session 3 Long Term Planning • Need for Long Term Planning • Clarity on Long Term (15 year) goals • Clarity on Medium Term (3-5 Years) Goals • Identification of Values & Ethics • Integrating Medium & Long Term Goals in the Compass Success & Fulfillment System Duration:100 Theory:25 Practice:75 • Clarity on Long Term Life, Career, Personal Goals and aspirations • Clear identification of personal values and ethics • Integrate, monitor Medium & Long Term goals using the Compass Success & Fulfillment System Day 2 Session 4 Completion • Using the Compass Success & Fulfillment System daily holistically • Questions and Answers • Role Plays • Customization / inputs for specific uses Duration:100 Theory:15 Practice:85 • Using the Compass Success & Fulfillment System to ensure work life balance and moving towards all goals • Customizing the Premier HOPE framework and Compass Success & Fulfillment System to suit individual needs • Control over tasks & delivering on all tasks in all spheres of life Program Structure: Day 2 Premier HOPE (Optional) O V E R 7 0 % I N P R A C T I C E
  17. 17. 17 Power Implementation Sessions: Periodic updates on tips, tools and techniques Scheduled group conference calls Email & Phone support Access to Coaches and SMEs Adapt / Customize to specific needs Post workshop implementation support – customisable
  18. 18. 18 Every participant gets one Compass SF System tool. A productivity tool to plan, monitor and evaluate performance. The HOPE Program ensures that participants use the Compass SF System to enhance Performance and Results. Designed for following up, monitoring & completion of Goals. Enables daily tracking of performance to goals. Single integrated tool - organizing all areas in one productivity tool, you'll always have what you need. Is an “always with you” tool - fully prepared to refer to information, take decisions & implement action Easy customization to individual needs. The Compass SF System Tool
  19. 19. 19 The CoRe Plus (Advanced Communication & Relationship) Skills Program Inspire – Retain – Develop Enhancing Communication , Relationship & Negotiation Skills
  20. 20. 20 Inspire – Retain - Develop Develop Retain Inspire Help individuals manage their emotional self appropriately and hence communicate in an inspired manner always! Help get over upsets and ensure that communication is productive and useful at all times Help individuals communicate with managers, peers & subordinates, in an inspired manner at all times thereby enhancing team work & productivity; always have win- win negotiations! Reduce friction amongst co- workers & ensure individuals “choose“ to stay with the company Prevent normal situations of employees leaving because of their Manager or the work environment Help create a work environment where all feel safe to speak and to contribute to the growth of the company Foster Team work and ensure that everyone plays to their respective strengths Help individuals be open and willing to learn and to ask for help Educate and enable development of “Dynamic” managers, practicing inspired communications & help company grow!
  21. 21. 21 Advanced Communication & Relationship Skills Program Enable & empower individuals to always communicate in an inspiring manner with all Enhance emotional balance, to communicate in a responsible manner in all situations Empower them to have win-win negotiations as a norm Establish rapport and relationships easily Ensure higher retention by inspiring better communication, greater teamwork & mutual respect Educate and develop into “dynamic” managers who practice inspiring communication
  22. 22. 22 What the CoRe Plus program delivers This program helps individuals to learn the following: – Negotiation skills –internal & external customers, clients, vendors etc. – Communicate such that others understand them clearly & easily. – Be politely direct & ensure that relevant information is conveyed inspiringly. – How to “develop” Emotional Power, understanding attitudes, behaviors, fears, doubts, beliefs, insecurities & desires affect the quality of the emotions one feels. – How to recover quickly from situations that are annoying and upsetting. – Learn the techniques of being a better listener. – Give feedback in an inspiring manner and accepted by others. – Understand other people in their lives (Managers, Peers, Subordinates, clients, vendors) better. – How to deal with difficult people and difficult personalities. – Conflict resolution techniques to bring about harmonious relationships at work.
  23. 23. 23 Key benefits to participants – Greater energy in their approach to work. – A change in behaviors that are not useful. – A better understanding of the customer’s needs. – Greater patience in situations they would normally get angry, resulting in Inspired Communication. – Ability to handle day to day annoyances and irritations much faster. – Ability to manage stress and pressure. – Ability to listen empathically to others. – Ability to listen to other peoples points of views. – A greater self-worth and trust in one’s own abilities. – Improved communication and relationships with people.
  24. 24. 24 CoRe Plus (2 day program) Program Structure: Day 1 Session Particulars Duration What participants will learn and get Session 1 Foundation; Where am I now? WHERE ARE WE NOW WITH RESPECT TO OURSELVES • Where we are today • What is our current system of learning • What upsets us emotionally 90 - 105 minutes • Present system of learning; • Introduction to how the brain works and interprets various situations and circumstances • Understand clearly what upsets self and others • Learn how to manage emotional self appropriately • Learn to overcome upsets, stressful situations etc. Session 2 Where am I now (Contd.) • Techniques to recover from emotional upsets (Upset to Set up) 90 – 105 minutes LUNCH BREAK (60 minutes) Session 3 Communicate to Inspire, have better Relationships SKILLS FOR BETTER RAPPORT, COMMUNICATION & NEGOTIATION • What is our current basis of communication • How do we communicate to inspire the other person? 90 - 105 minutes • Exercises in using methods of communication to generate results • Putting all aspects together to enhance communication and have better relationships • Ability to listen in an inspiring manner • Using techniques and tools from Day 1 in real life situationsSession 4 Communicate to Inspire, have better Relationships (Contd.) • Exercises for inspiring communication • Listening exercises • Field work to implement Day 1 learning in practice and to prepare for Day 2 90 - 105 minutes End of Day 1
  25. 25. 25 CoRe Plus (2 day program) Program Structure: Day 2 Session Particulars Duration What participants will learn and get Session 1 Recap of Day 1 & Feedback about Field Work • Sharing from participants • New perspectives from sharing of others 90 - 105 minutes • Ability to experience life from different perspectives • Ability to appreciate and realize potential in themselves to handle situations (conflicts, differences, friction, disputes etc.) appropriately Session 2 Negotiation Skills • Communication to generate action and commitment • Exercises in generating Action and Commitment 90 - 105 minutes • Understand multiple perspectives before communicating • Ensuring SMART Communication to ensure clarity & results • Use physiology and tonality to communicate and negotiate better • Ability to get out of break downs quickly LUNCH BREAK (60 minutes) Session 3 Negotiation Skills • Three perspective model & Exercises • Exercises on impact of tonality in communications & relationships • Handling breakdowns 90 - 105 minutes Session 4 Communicate to Inspire, have better Relationships • Learn how to make full use of the learning and to instill new habits that foster communication & relationships • Q&A, Conclusion 90 - 105 minutes • Putting all aspects together to enhance communication and have better relationships • Using all techniques and tools in real life situations • Replacing habits that are not useful with new enabling, empowering & positive habits
  26. 26. 26 Organizational Change Management, Business, Executive & Leadership Coaching Enabling organization wide change; One to one Executive & Leadership Coaching Business Coaching – Coaching for Teams
  27. 27. 27 Organizational Change Management • Enabling organization wide change • Identifying underlying causes and implementing solutions to enhance productivity, revenues and profitability • Enabling team alignment & cohesiveness • Enabling and enhancing areas such as: Mutual respect, Trust, Shared values, Compelling team goals, Openness in communications, Energy, Cooperation and Alignment • Help creation of United, Aligned, Co-operative, Empowered TEAM Unit
  28. 28. 28 Competitive Scenario, Common Situations in business today Competitive Business Environment Professional dynamics; challenge of true trust and respect Putting up facades, not asking for or taking help Inadequate support to one another within teams Poor identification of members’ core strengths, specialty and competence Challenge of alignment with Company goals – self preservation needs
  29. 29. 29 Individual traits that are most likely to be present today Individual team members’ personal situations and past experiences – the individuals’ experiences & resultant “Map of the world” Inherent fear of looking small, or inadequate / incompetent, foolish, in general Specific fear of exposing oneself and one’s weaknesses amongst colleagues; Self Preservation Resultant facade / mask worn to appear equal to, or better than others The organizational dynamics, structure and prevalent “politics” (if any), and resultant “one- upmanship” Present situation, existing team dynamics; Professional posturing
  30. 30. 30 Organizational Change Management: Approach • Work closely with key stakeholders • Taking stock of and arriving at “As is” situation • Identify clearly the “to be” • Identify the interventions most appropriate, choosing from various methods, tools and techniques • Judicious mix of psychometric, behavioural and other assessment tools to identify: • Each individual’s behavioural, motivational & working traits • Underlying group dynamics • Working with individuals and in teams to bring about lasting change at the conscious and unconscious levels
  31. 31. 31 Business Coaching • Focused on creating a successful business for the client • Includes executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching • Of special use to SMEs, Entrepreneur driven companies • Coach business owners through guidance, support, accountability and encouragement • Coaching Senior Management Teams • Business strategy identification • Senior management alignment • Profit optimization • Identifying appropriate review mechanisms • SMART Executive reviews • Follow up and completion • Accountability partner
  32. 32. 32 One to one Executive & Leadership Coaching • Work with each individual to: • Clearly identify coaching needs • Attitudinal, Skills and Behavioural areas to work upon • Clarity in terms of goals from coaching • 360º feedback and inputs, as appropriate to measure effectiveness of coaching • Periodic inputs, progress evaluation and corrective action • Work with individuals in all spheres – Professional & Personal to bring about lasting positive change
  33. 33. 33 The Coaches
  34. 34. 34 The Coaches: “Kichu” Krishnan Kichu Krishnan has been coaching people since 1979. In the last 3 decades, he has coached over 60,000 people through his programs conducted in India, USA, Italy, Nigeria, Australia, Nepal, Bhutan and Muscat. His commitment is to have people to discover and experience their potential on an on-going basis, to “have ordinary people perform extraordinarily in their lives”. His experience with Centers Network and Landmark USA in conducting workshops all over the world has added to his ability to work cross culturally. He has been sought after by organizations to conduct training programs that bring forth the spirit of the core values of organizations. The spectrum of people he has worked with includes CEO’s, Managing Directors, senior executives and workers of large organizations, students, rural development workers, destitute children from remand homes and street children. Kichu is a first generation entrepreneur with more than 25 years of extensive experience in various Businesses. He is the Managing Director of Sirius Controls Pvt. Ltd and Use Time India Pvt. Ltd. He has been the Official Representative in India for LEM DynAmp Inc. USA and P G Drives Technology, UK. He is the Managing Partner of Sri Krishna Kafe (A chain of Ethnic restaurants in Bangalore). He is also a Board Member of MAYA (An NGO for eradication of child labor). He brings this extensive experience into his training added to his intense commitment to people and a unique disarming sense of humor.
  35. 35. 35 Cheenu has been in the area of business operations and management since 1984/85. Cheenu brings close to 30 years of entrepreneurial, operations, management and mentor-ship experience. He also founded one of the very first BPO companies in India, servicing well known Fortune 500 companies and other leading companies in various verticals. He also has had many other firsts to his credit in his career. He has always been passionate about the development of people and all who have worked with Cheenu have gone on to become managers of their respective business / operations units. Cheenu is passionate about developing people, enhancing their skills and aligning their beliefs to achieving their potential. He brings his blend of business management, entrepreneurial and leadership experience, insights and, above all, the mission of transforming people to truly utilizing their true potential. He is extremely good at aligning teams and ensuring that they work as one towards a common goal. Cheenu is a Certified coach with a focus on Executive, Life and Performance coaching. He is a very committed to guide people to shift their beliefs and enhancing their skills, to achieve goals that they themselves did not think possible. He is certified as a practitioner in many disciplines including NLP, LAB (Language and Behaviour) Profiling, NLP-K, Healing Corrections and Integral Eye Movement Therapy. Cheenu is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in Senior Business Leadership positions with companies like Aditya Birla Minacs (COO-KPO), Genisys Software (VP, Head BPO) Scandent Group (now Xchanging), ATS Services, Professional Management Consultants and Citibank. The Coaches: “Cheenu” Srinivasan
  36. 36. 36 Clients & Testimonials
  37. 37. 37 Some of our clients Aside of these indicative corporate clients, over 5.000 employees from various other well known organizations have attended our public workshops and programs.
  38. 38. 38 Extracts from feedback - overall experience with HOPE
  39. 39. 39 Some Testimonials “I recommend this to people who wish to change their lives as it did mine” S V Nathan, Director Talent, Deloitte, Hyderabad "Having an opportunity to manage operations of one of the world's largest internet companies practically 24 X 7, I realize how the work smart program becomes a part of you, be it goal setting , tracking or strategizing - for sure not a passing phenomenon in my case since I have been with it since 1995. Over simplifying the program in a line - I knew how to set goals then ( house, job, finances, etc .) HOPE helped me track and achieve with a lot of ease and grace - also glad that I could have the program rolled out to all my direct managers recently " Unni Aravindakshan, Director, Service Engineering, Yahoo “I attended the HOPE session on 24th & 25th Nov '08 at Avaya Pune. It also left a positive impact on my professional and personal life forever. However, It was with the methodical approach, that I learnt through HOPE, I could harness my own abilities and power(s) effectively. After attending that session, I had then made 9 work related and personal goals and kept following the S & F system religiously. I was able to achieve 7 of those 9 goals in a span of next 12 months . I would personally recommend to try it honestly and see that using a planned approach for your life can redefine newer height and greater satisfaction for your life.” Amit Shrivastava, Senior Business Analyst-GSS Avaya India Pvt. Ltd: “In our company, the HOPE program gets a consistent 4.8/5 in the feedback. Use Time Workshop Leaders understands the challenges that Managers face.” HR Manager, IT Company that has had more the 10 workshops I have been using the tools and techniques of the HOPE session for almost 1 year. I have become much more conscious around the prioritization of work nowadays. I am also planning & time-boxing every activity & trying to achieve it. However, the biggest benefit has been to plan & work on the long-term goals which I never did before. Those are always on my radar everyday in addition to business-as-usual activities. I can say that I am much well-planned and well-managed these days compared to what I was a year back. Thanks a lot Use Time! Project Manager, Cognizant I have had a great learning experience from the HOPE Program. These are principles that we need to apply even in our daily life. This program has helped me appreciate others and my own time better. It has immensely helped me manage my personal tasks which usually get relegated as an “unimportant” task. Today, I am able to better manage both Official and Personal tasks, helping me to have a less stressful life. Use Time workshops leaders are amongst the finest coaches / trainers I have met. They make the sessions so lively and interactive. Lead, Global Compensation Service Centre (GCSC - Bangalore), Accenture Business Services (formerly GSCO) Some Samples of feedback from past participants
  40. 40. 40 Samples of Feedback • I have increased my sales by 45 % by focusing on high values customers • I have exceeded by targets and also have time for my family • I complete my work and have time to think of long term strategy • I thought work life balance was a theory. A year of HOPE principles and I have done it. • I complete my projects ahead of time so that I have time for review. Much less stress. • I am getting more done (am more organised) with less stress • I am a Senior Manager. I now actually plan my day and complete 80-90 % of my 80/20 tasks. Never done this before. • Very simple. I plan the day and execute my plan • People find it funny that I have the SF system planner with me all the time. Who cares, I have got the Best Performer award for three years running now • I now have two new clients who account for 40 % of my business.
  41. 41. 41 Contact “Cheenu” G. Srinivasan / “Kichu” M. Krishnan USE TIME (I) PVT LTD 425, 1st Floor, 10th Cross, 18th Main, JP Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore 560078. Tel: +91-94490-15004 (Cheenu) +91-98802-04530 (Kichu) Email: URL:
  42. 42. 42 Thank You!