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Keyword Research Best Practice

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This is how you can do research for your potential keywords and estimated traffic. Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool has no match to make this work easy.

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Keyword Research Best Practice

  1. 1. Keyword Research Best Practice Account Optimized by Certified Professional
  2. 2. How to Research Keywords Google Adwords Keyword Planner has an ability to extract the relevant keyword to your web page. Just Add your keyword and it will suggest you some more relevant keywords. You can pick from the list of suggested keywords.
  3. 3. Keywords from Your Competitors Just add the url of your competitors’ websites. Google will suggest you the keywords. This will not be the exact data but you will get the idea.
  4. 4. Become the Perfectionist Keyword research is not a doodle. It’s a science. Follow these steps while researching: ◦ Check the targeted location ◦ Check the targeted language ◦ Check the timeline ◦ Check device specific volume ◦ Don’t ignore the keywords with ‘0’ search volume. Now your keyword research is almost complete (but not completely complete).
  5. 5. What Next Now you have list of potential keywords with approx monthly search number. Add them into your relevant ad groups. The main research starts after adding the keywords into ad groups Let the campaign run for at least for a week. If daily search volume is high, then you can run the campaign for 2-3
  6. 6. What Next After running the pilot campaign, you would have collected the bunch of data which even the Google’s Keyword Planner tool couldn’t offer. Go to Campaign >> Select Ad group >> You will be in “Keywords” tab >> Select some keywords >> Click on “Detail” tab >> Click on “Selected” Now you have the nectar of the search queries. This is called “Search Query Report” or “Search Term Report”.
  7. 7. Addition Source This is possible if your website has a good rank over search engine with your potential keywords Go to Google webmaster tool Check keywords there You can take Google Analytics data to complete your Keyword research. Other external tools are not recommended.
  8. 8. Thank You Author: Nitin Batra Twitter: Nitin Batra Facabook: Nitin Batra Call:+91-96432-33440