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PEPY Wordpress workshop-01

  1. If… • You‟re tired with spending too much time on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube…
  2. If… • You have so many things to tell the world but feel blog is too old school
  3. If… • You just want to spend an hour to know something interesting…and wait for weekend‟s coming…
  4. This is the time for… WORKSHOP ~prepared by Wei
  5. Check out these cool sites first!!!
  6. My Dream Website is… • What‟s it about? • Why do you want it? • Who‟s your audience? • What‟s that gonna look like?
  7. It’s not rocket science!!! WE CAN DO IT!!!
  8. In this workshop*… • Wordpress ABC • Installation • Play around~ • Be a WP monster! * All the pictures are collected from Internet but I’m too lazy to add references…
  9. Only one rule… • If you have any question, please let everyone know!
  10. • Forget about fancy terms, WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. • It’s FREE and PRICELESS.
  11. History of WordPress • First released May 27, 2003 •  when he‟s 19!!! • Developed by thousands of volunteers all over the world • Used by over 13% of top 1,000,000 sites • Dominant content management system Matt Mullenweg • 2005 
  12. It’s a SOFTWARE, the focus of this workshop. It’s a for-profit BLOG HOST. Pros: Pros: • It’s COOL! • Free plan for beginners • It’s your site, it’s your call. • Zero technical skills required • Support Google Ads installation, updates, maintenance, backu • Highly customizable Plug-ins & Themes p, they help all (that’s the magical part!!) • Flexible VIP plan • A Wordpress community Cons: Cons: • Install, update, backup manually • Limited Customization • Software is free. But you have to pay for • Just blogs domain and web host. •  trust me, it’s not cool
  13. Ready to START?!!!
  14. 1. Buy your domain & Choose a host plan • Domain „‟, it‟s just a unique NAME of your site • Price: usually $9.99/year for a TLD (some .me domain costs only $1.99/year) • Always remember to check coupon before purchasing anything. (
  15. 1. Buy your domain & Choose a host plan • Host Where you put all your files in the Internet • Usually around $6/month (some sharing plan is only $3/month)
  16. 1. Buy your domain & Choose a host plan • Host requirement – PHP version 5.2.4 or greater – MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater – Remote control supported • Let‟s face it…most of the hosting services you can find definitely support WP
  17. 1. Buy your domain & Choose a host plan • Many services provide domain service and host plan together. You don‟t need to set up any thing to „link‟ them. • My personal choice: WpWebhost Rookie Plan (USD 39.99/Year, domain included)  not available to new users anymore
  18. 2. Installation • If you‟re using WpWebhost or, they will install the latest version of Wordpress for you. • If you choose HostGator, Bluehost and maybe other host service, „ONE-CLICK‟ installation is available. • If you just have to do it yourself, well, let‟s have a quick look at the famous 5-minute installation guideline! • A video about the 5-minute installation
  19. LET’S PLAY!!!
  20. Now you should know… • Post • Page • Media • And lots of basic settings
  22. Widgets/Sidebar • Most themes come with widgets • Sidebar functions include – Search – Custom Text – Links – Subscribe – Articles posted – Tag cloud – Slideshows – … • Most widgets needs plug-in support
  23. Themes!!! • Themes – They make your site beautiful! • Rich resource here: • How to modify layout a little CSS knowledge
  24. How to Choose a Theme • Navigation – Page display friendly? Drop-down menu? • Theme Options – Color change available? • Widget Ready – Well-set sidebar? • Source Files – Editable?
  25. Plug-ins • Plug-ins! You can‟t have them in! • Widgets-2,087 plugins • Posts- 2,586 • Admin- 1,090 • Sidebar- 1,059 • Comments- 806 • Images- 723 • Links- 613
  26. Plug-ins • General – WP Super Cache • Help you speed up your site – Google Analyticator • Track website traffic – Disqus/Intense Debate • Interactive commenting system – All-in-one SEO • Simple SEO tool then google can find you! – Akismet (already built in) • Preventing spam
  27. Plug-ins • Web 2.0 Optimization – Add this • Integrated Web – TweetMeme/Like • You know…twitter! – Facebook Likebox – Real-time tweets/facebook status (Plug-ins can help but simple coding works as well) • Video/Photo Optimization – WP Media Plugin – NextGen Gallery • A better media management tool – Photo EFX plug-ins • e.g. MonoSlideShow, lightbox – NextGen Flash Viewer
  29. • No need to always keep your Wordpress updated – You will lose a lot of useful plug-ins • Always Backup! – Use “BackUpWordPress” • Define a Favicon for your site – All In One Favicon • Enable Gravatars for visitors – Visitor‟s online identity • Set up News Feed for your readers – Feedburner • Use “Blog Protector” if you don‟t want anyone copy your content without telling you
  30. You want Google Love you • Customize Permalinks • Tags • SEO friendly images – have ALT and TITLE attributes defined – relevant title • SEO Plug-ins – All-in-on SEO + Scribe Service + Google XML Sitemap – + Related Posts • Meta description • Keyword placement – 20% rule – Headline + first and last paragraph • Linking strategy – External/Internal link: only link to valuable pages – Don‟t put too many sites in your sidebar • Don’t forget social media • Don’t use flash!
  31. In the next workshop… • Advanced skills of WP – How to customize your theme (We will learn CSS+HTML!!!) – Earn a little money from Google Adsense – More about SEO  – Web 2.0 Optimization – Multi-media optimization • Other things you want to know!!! • WHEN?

Notas del editor

  1. Be a web contributor
  3. -Short statement from everyone-Wei & Chhay’s sharing
  4. Built with open source php scripting language, uses mySQL database, and HTML/CSS for layout and style.
  5. Matt Mullenweg just turned 19 years old when he created the blogging platform is now used everywhere. He founded the WordPress blogging platform in 2005, and since then, the blogosphere began to evolve. People began to migrate from other danplatformMovableType to WordPress, because this new platform is easy to use and always updated and continues to increase. 
  6. is a hosted blogging service. Sites hosted at are located at URLs like “” and are largely used only for blogs. Overall, you have less control, can’t use any of the wide array of plug-in that makes the “real” WordPress great, and cannot deliver your own (the real WordPress) This “real” WordPress to which is dedicated, is where you download the latest version files, which you then upload to your website. (For most web hosting plans, this is also a one click process through your control panel – GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc). You (and us as a designer) have absolute and total control of your site, for use on your own servers, with no usage restrictions at all.
  7. MediaTemple, BlueHost, Laughing Squid
  8. HostGator3.96~7.16Virtual Private ServersShared hosting vs. VPS
  9. Wpwebhost Freedom Plan 7.95~13.95/month Personal Plan 19.95/month
  10. NavigationDo categories need to be prominently displayed? Are pages more important? Do you need a dropdown menu system? Is there room for you to build your own navigation if needed? Does it support the WordPress 3.0 menu system? Theme OptionsSome themes come equipped with theme options, literally an extra area of settings in the Admin area for customizing the theme. These options can range from simple, like altering colors, to complex, like integrating social media into your theme. Widget ReadyA widget-ready section in your theme enables you to quickly and easily customize its appearance and functionality. A commonly seen widget-ready area is the theme’s sidebar. In a widget-enabled theme, there is a special place in the Admin area where you can configure widgets without messing with any code. For example, you can drop in a mini-calendar, a chat feature, or some administrative links. Source Files