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  1. 1. ANDREA DINTL and her Ibiza sparkly art
  2. 2. LET’S GET TO KNOW ANDREA • Andrea was born the 14th of June 1975 in Hallein a small town in Austria. • Her parents are Eva and Bernhard. Andrea’s mother was a textile designer before she had Andrea’s brother and her dad worked in a bank. • She has got a brother eight years older than her. His name is Wolfgang.
  3. 3. Can you find Austria in the map?
  4. 4. Her life in Hallein • In Hallein there isn’t a sea like in ibiza but there are a lot of lakes and mountains. • When she was little she liked hiking. • Nowadays she loves practising outdoors activities.
  5. 5. Her childhood • Andrea studied in Volkaschule Hallein school in Austria. • Children in Austria start school at the age of 6. • After school She went to Bundesgymnasium Hallein Where She graduated in Art. • When she was little she liked painting,hiking and dancing and also she liked playing with her friends. • When she was 4 she did ballet ,gymnastics and jazz dance.
  7. 7. Information about her life • Andrea has travelled around the world She has been in different continents: Africa,Australia, New Zealand and also in The south Pole in Ushuaia. • She speaks her mother language german, English, Spanish and a little bite of French and Italian. • She worked in a cruise where she met her husband Christian a very important chef in ibiza.
  8. 8. Information about her life • She got married and now She lives in ibiza in the countryside with her husband and her son Mateo. • Andrea loves the nature and likes going for a walk in the beach and she likes going on excursions.
  9. 9. Can you find the continents where Andrea has been?
  10. 10. The Artist• Andrea showed her interest for the painting when she was a little girl. • She participated in art contests Where She won prizes. One of the best prices that she won was a bicycle. • She has enrolled in painting courses like water colours.
  11. 11. • Andrea wanted to make something special to his son, then she decided to add to her pictures glitter and siquens, because she thought every little child would like something sparkly. • She continued painting for her friends’ children and after that, her Art become more popular, and she sold lots of pictures in a Christmas market. Her personal way of Art • She started painting at the age of three. • She has created a personal way of Art called “ibiza sparkly art”. • When she was pregnant of her little son Mateo, she drew a series of pictures with funny animals for decorating his bedroom.
  12. 12. Her personal way of art • In her first paints only we can see silver siquens but now she uses lots of different colours. • Also she has got a collection of paintings with mexican skulls. • One of the things that characterized her are the colorful of her art works. • Andrea uses bright colorful paints.
  13. 13. Her technique • Andrea uses canvases where first of all draw the design of the picture that comes to her imagination. • After that She paint the picture with different acrilic colours painting layers on the picture. • Once that the painting is dry She paste on the picture the sequins of bright colours using tweezers. • Also she uses glitter and when the picture is dry barnish it with spray. • The sensation is brightness and it gives the art work volume.
  14. 14. Andrea designes bags too.
  15. 15. ART ACTIVITIES 1. Draw one of Andrea’s animals on a cardboard surface. 2. Paint the picture , use paints of different colours. 3. Decorate the painting with glitter and siquens.
  16. 16. Let’s make a mexican skull 1. Draw a skull. 2. Paint it as you like. 3. Decorate the skull as you want with ornaments. 4. Add glitter and siquens.
  17. 17. Let’s make sculpture • Let’s make a turtle with the cardboard surface of a fruit box. • We will give shape of a turtle. • After that we will paint it. • And finally we will decorate de turtle like Andrea’s technique.