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NJ Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Salkin

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Andrew Salkin presentation.

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NJ Redevelopment Forum 2020 - Salkin

  1. 1. Catalytic change to help cities solve their most pressing challenges. Andrew Salkin |
  2. 2. Our Approach to Urban Resilience | Cities are a complex web of systems
  3. 3. 3 100RC Cities: Infrastructure focused initiatives help tackle a variety of shocks & stresses Social Climate Economic Health Leadership Lack of Social Cohesion Environmental Degradation Economic Inequality Inadequate Health Systems Uncontrolled Urban Development Urban Blight Flooding - Tidal & Storm Lack of Affordable Housing Water Insecurity Poor Regulatory Climate Ethnic Inequality Sea Level Rise/Coastal Erosion Inadequate Education Systems Energy Insecurity Insecure Municipal Finances Inadequate support for immigrants Extreme Heat Unemployment Traffic Injuries & Congestion Gender Inequality Earthquake Youth Disenfranchisement Poor Air Quality Crime/Violence Extreme Storm Homelessness & Poverty Food Insecurity Aging Population Fire Shifting Macroeconomic Trends Inadequate Health Systems Beyond Inadequate/Failure/Aging Infrastructure | Inadequate Transportation | Inadequate Investment | Inadequate Green Space
  4. 4. Levers I What’s in your sphere of influence? Government Money Government Assets “Things You Own” Other People’s Money: Government / Private Sector Intersection • Expense Budget • Capital Budget • Procurement – Built Environment • Procurement – Contracts • Franchising • Government Owned Property • Government Employees • Government Processes • Government Operations • Government Convening Power • Zoning / Land Use • Rules & Regulations • Enforcement • Tax Policy / Incentives • Licensing & Permits • NGO Funded work
  5. 5. Partnerships | Where government comes together with others An association of two or more people as partners: (words for partner in government speak) Laws Policy Rules Regulate Enforce Administer Procure Fees Fines Taxes