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Kindly have patience, and read out all slides loudly, so that you can go thoroughly with the same..

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  1. 1. Law of Receiving..
  2. 2. The Power of Giving to Attract SuccessA very powerful action that someonecan do to attract success and create anabundant life is to realize andunderstand the power of giving, by wayof giving unconditionally. It is atremendously intense forcemagnetizing in you and your life; it willinstantaneously take place at themental, physical and spiritual platformof existence.The universal laws that are in controlover “giving and receiving” arespiritual as well as it is scientific. Whenyou give more, you achieve and attractmore in return.
  3. 3. Spiritual, that of whatever one will sow so thosewill he reap. Scientific, that of Isaac Newton’smotion theory which affirms that for eachaction there will always be an equal or oppositeresponse or reaction. Meaning to say, whenthese laws will be implemented into one’s dailylife, one attracts and creates the abundance orsuccess which he/she desires.Most individuals often associate giving, asabout offering money. Although donating interms of money comprises a greatcomponent, always know that the meaning ofgiving extends beyond money. When onethinks of giving in monetary terms, then onefalls to the sentiment of scarcity, with thethought of what he has to give. The very act ofsharing challenges directly one’s crookedbeliefs and perceptions about inadequacy.
  4. 4. Giving is a power which stems from a very selfless act, that of simplygiving from the heart. Wherein the act is not at all connected to anyspecial occasion, such as Christmas, a birthday or any holidaycelebration, rather it is “anytime”, primarily for one reason that wants toshare what it is that you have, showing your gratitude and showing howyou actually care. There must be no other reason behind it. Keep in mindthat you do not give because you expect nothing in return.
  5. 5. Giving from your heart signals positive reactions to the universe, ignitesyour inner powers and sends out positive energy that will be picked upby others; this message that you transmit results in positive reactionsthat you will also pick up in time.The response will be very overwhelming, often, as if thousands ofhelping hands come to offer help and stay with you in times when youneed help, even without asking. Things will definitely fall into theproper place, because those that willingly give will get back what theyhad given a thousand fold. This simple act of sharing unconditionally with full understanding and recognition that one has plenty and trust that he/she will continually have sufficient supply of all his needs produces a bond or connection between him and his higher power, universe, spirit, God or whoever one considers his higher supreme authority that is over him.
  6. 6. That connection is called trust in that higher power, which one declaresthat he, will always have plentiful, more than his needs and more to sharewith others, mainly because he trusts God.One will earn the love and respect of the recipients of his act. One isalways confident that there will always be someone who will protect andhelp him because of their gratitude, because humans will always havethat need and impulse to give back any act of compassion that one hasdemonstrated.Keep in mind though that, this does notimply that you should expect those that youhave helped to do something for you inreturn. Just share and do not worry aboutthe rewards. Give and share primarilybecause you feel a great source ofhappiness by doing it. The universe, that superior outside force will bringyou back so many blessings at the right time, in its unique way, beyondyour understanding.
  7. 7. The very act of sharing and giving will summon joy’s spirit to fill your heart. That feeling of overwhelming joy you experience when you have helped someone, when that someone thanked you, that itself is already true success.Likewise, giving is a very healthy habit. It can prolong life when onefeels that sense of inner accomplishment and peace.Let fear and selfishness not be your source for giving. Always give fromthe heart and be aware of the little miracles that will start to arriveinstantaneously.Giving is truly a part of one’s human nature. That is the reason whywhen one does it one finds fulfillment and joy, as well as attracting somuch blessings that can truly lead to success in all forms. N.K. Bajpai, Team Utkrishtha