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Ultrasonic Flow Meter ASIONIC 400S

• Cost effective and versatile
• High accuracy, better than 1.0% read
• Portable main unit, Compact enclosure, Portable case for all accessories.
• Wide flow measurement range, from 0.03 to 105 ft/s (0.01m/s-32m/s).
• Velocity, volumetric and totalized flow display
• Bi-directional, Totalized for net, positive and negative flow display.
• Wide pipe size range, from 3/4" to 240" (DN 20-6.00 mm).
• Suitable for all commonly used pipe materials.
• Rechargeable battery for 16 hours of operation.
• Self-explanatory user interface, easy to operate.
• Signal quality tracking and self-adjusting capabilities automatically match transducer to pipe material
• Ideal for both clean and opaque liquid flow, in fact, most any liquid containing less than 5% total suspended solids (TSS) or aeration.
• Clear, user-friendly menu selections make DMTFP simple and convenient to use.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter ASIONIC 400S

  1. 1. Ø Ultrasonic transit time measurement Ø Long Battery life Ø RF Connectivity Ø Meets OIML(R49) & MID standards Ø Bidirectional flow measurement ASIONIC 400S DOMESTIC AMR ULTRASONIC FLOW METER ASIONIC 400S battery powered water meter is designed to measure the velocity of a fluid in a sealed pipeline fitted with transducers.This enables calculation of flow and volume based on time of flight principle. ASIONIC 400S is a static water meter which has no moving parts to avoid wear and tear. The electronic unit having inbuilt LCD display to continuously indicate and log / record the following parameters: a. Flow rate b. Total volume ASIONIC 400S is an integral and hermetically closed static water meter intended for the registration of cold and hot water consumption. ASIONIC 400S is constructed as a vacuum chamber of moulded composite material. Thus, the electronics are fully protected against penetration of water. This means that the meter can be work without problems The meter can and must only be opened by Electronet’s authorised service center by means of special tools, if the meter has been opened, and seal have thus been broken, the meter is no longer valid for billing purpose. Furthermore, the factory guarantee no longer applies. The water meter is powered by an internal lithium battery with up to 10 years lifetime. the battery can be changed by one of the Electronet’s authorised service center / personnel. Page 1 of 3CAT/ASIONIC-400S-R2 Ø Ultra compact version of water meter in water submerged locations. c. Battery status d. Real time ELECTRONET
  2. 2. ALARM Battery Low Alarm Meter Tamper Alarm Testing Pressure : 16 Bar Nominal Pressure : 10 Bar Minimum Pressure : 0.1 Bar Pressure Loss : < 0.63 Bar Media Temperature : O 0.1 to 60 C Relative Humidity : 100% Ambient Temperature : O 70 C Max. mean temperature over 24 hours : O 55 C Remote Reading : Wireless M-Bus(incripted-protects personal data against unauthorised monitoring) Reprogramming / Downloading Store Data : Through Optical Port using proprietory a Water AMR software Data Storage Facility : Up to 10 Years Battery life : 10 Years RF Frequency : 868.0 MHz Meter Open Alarm Meter Dry Alarm Continuous Zero Flow Alarm Leak / Continuous Flow Alarm Available line sizes : 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 NB MOC : SS / ABS Page 2 of 3 ACCURACY O O The MPE for the upper flow rate zone (Q2≤Q≤ Q4) is ±2% for temperature from 0.1C to 30C, O and ± 3% for temperature grater than 30 C. The MPE for the lower flow rate zone (Q1≤Q≤ Q2) is ±5% regardless of the temperature range. * Process Connection : BSP Threading(Male) CAT/ASIONIC-400S-R2
  3. 3. NK Instruments Pvt. Ltd.B-501/504, 5th floor, Raunak Arcade, Near THC Hospital, Gokhale Road, Naupada, Thane(W) 400602. Maharashtra INDIA Telefax Nos.: 91-22-25301330 / 31 / 32 E-Mail: Web: Skype: nitinkelkarskype Gtalk: nkinstruments2006 Authorised Dealer ORDERING INFORMATION line size 15 NB 20 NB 25 NB 32 NB 40 NB *Due to our continuous product improvisations, Design, Specifications and Model Number are subject to change without prior notice. *Accuracy defined at lab conditions. X 130mm 160mm 160mm 180mm 200mm GA DRAWING Page 3 of 3CAT/ASIONIC-400S-R2 INSTALLATION DRAWING 01 02 ASIONIC 400S SERIES Line Size Communication Output ABS 02 01 01 B C01 01A SS 316 01 02 04 20 NB 32 NB 15 NB 25 NB 40 NB 03 05 Flow Tube MOC RF-100 mtrs. 09 None RF-2.5 Km Auto Shut Off Valve 02 01 D 01 Applicable Not Applicable ASIONIC 400S Flow InFlow Out 10D ASIONIC 400S 10D x