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3 fresh ideas for online businesses how to empower credit card payments

  1. How to empower your business with card payments? Jana Golubeva Ecommerce Project Development Manager 00371 26 337305
  2. 2
  3. Key to business success – complex process! Increase client base Keep clients loyal Increase value Shareholders Happy Set new profit records 3
  4. Returning visits Repeat purchases “Customer service” importance 4
  5. What is common to these businesses? Food store, meal ordering Digital goods, e-books, movies, music Pre-paid telecom, parking, mob. app Transport & Event tickets, Discount coupons 5
  6. How 1-click payment works? Sign in, choose e-book Add your details Confirm payment Enter & Save Card data Get your e-book or 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Confirm Name* Card Number Jana Save this Card Mark as default Riga Address* 6
  7. Sport, fitness clubs Newspapers, magazines Service providers internet, security, utilities Courses, webinars, e-learning Renting apartments, transport, equipment What is common to these businesses? 7
  8. How does it work? Recurring payment One-click payment Client enters card data First data generates reference ID E-shop initiates payment, sends transaction with reference ID First Data sends ID, card authorisation details to eshop Returning client presses “1 click pay”, initiates payment First Data gets transaction request with reference ID 1. 2. 3. 4. 2.1. First data identifies card, process transaction 5. 3. 8
  9. And a few more businesses Health and Beauty, Vitamins Dog food SocksContact lenses Daily usage products 9
  10. What is common when you sell these products and services? Furniture Travel Construction materials, fabrics Heating systems 10
  11. What does the sales process look like? E-shop contacts client, reconfirms order E-shop sends confirmation and invoice E-shop checks bank statement Client rethinks, makes wire transfer or cancels order Client gets digital invoice to email or SMS, presses “pay by card’’ When money received, proceeds with delivery 1. 1. 3. 2. 2. 3. 4. 5. 11
  12. And a few more businesses Any catalogue business Any service Company Telemarketers 12
  13. Who is going to use these payment options? No. of smartphone users in Baltic countries No. of payment cards issued in Baltic countries 13 2,3M 1,8M 3,4M Europeon System of Central Banks (ESCB), 2015
  14. Importance of managing change 264 million people in Europe are eShoppers* 73.4% of users access the web via a mobile device* 94 million customers buy cross-border and this figure is growing* *eCommerce Europe: European B2C eCommerce Report 2014 14
  15. Multi-channel payment solutions Customer Mobile Self Checkout Mobile POS eCommerce Point of Sale (POS) Unattended Terminal 15
  16. Thank you! Tallinn, Estonia Vilnius, Lithuania Riga, Latvia (Head Office) Zurich,Switzerland Moscow, Russia St. Petersburg, Russia Minsk, Belarus Almaty, Kazakhstan Kiev, Ukraine +371 26 337305 +370 52664611 16