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How marketing automation boost sales and increases retention: ecommerce case studies.

  1. How Marketing Automation Boost Sales and Increases Retention: Ecommerce Case Studies Bartosz Kotulski Head of International Sales
  2. About SALESmanago First in Poland and one of the first Marketing Automation system in Europe Chosen by over 4000 customers in B2B, B2C and eCommerce across 40 countries Customers include global corporations and small & medium companies SALESmanago is among TOP 7 Marketing Automation platforms in Global Datanyze ranking Our solution was described by leading top US technology portals: TechCrunch & VentureBeat
  3. Source: VentureBeat
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  6. John Wanamaker (1838 – 1932) – pioneer of modern marketing. Invented Money back guarantee „Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is I do not know which half.”
  7. eCommerce problems Treating all contacts the exact same Ignoring the customer after the purchase One channel communication No real segmentation Non-behavioral data Improper time of contact
  8. Consumer Behavior is shifting • The buyer controls up to 70% of the buying process Today’s buyer doesn’t need a direct contact with a company or it’s sales rep to make a rational buying decision. Company’s sales and marketing departments have no control over the decision making process of the customer • 80% of customers make an online research before buying Today’s Customer makes a lot of online Research before buying and gets the information from multiple sources.
  9. Knowledge about customers Automatic processes building value Accumulation of knowledge Marketing & Sales Alignment Analysis and optimization
  10. How does it work • SALESmanago identifies people and companies visiting your website then monitors and analyzes their online behavior. • The system based on this data performs automatic segmentation and automatic marketing actions in all marketing channels: E-Mail Marketing & Newsletters o (dynamic content emails and offers) o Dynamic personalized website content (banners, text, contact forms) o Mobile Channel (SMS, VMS, Mobile Apps) o Remarketing (Google, Facebook, RTB) o Call Center & Direct Sales • Additionally, all the transactional data from your CRM/ERP can be used in the automation processes.
  11. Real-Time website monitoring Identify and monitor your website users. Monitor the interest of anonymous users that are visiting the site.
  12. Customer Behavioral Profiles On the dashboard you can see all the identified contacts that visited your website along with detailed overviews for each individual visit.
  13. eCommerce NextGen SALESmanago Next Gen module is a complete solution for every online store. It provides analytics to gather information about which products and categories interests each particular user. Analytics is divided into four sections:  TOP 5 viewed products,  TOP 5 clicked products,  TOP 5 viewed categories,  TOP 5 clicked categories.
  14. The module collects data:  For individual users and for the whole base,  For particular products and for categories,  Per day, per week and per month. Automated analysis delivers the following results:  Recognizing most often watched and clicked products and categories (both for individual contact and for the whole base),  Identifying which products are viewed together (and clicked together), so for each product we can match ones that often go along with it (are viewed, clicked or bought with it). Customer behaviour and interest analysis
  15. Recommendations and Next Best Offer Engine NextGen for E-commerce module allows designing dynamic messages and banners with recommendations with easy drag&drop creator. Advanced product retargeting:  Product last clicked by the user  Product last viewed by the user  Product most clicked by the user  Product most viewed by the user. Advanced “Next Best Offer” recommendation based on last viewed and clicked product:  Similar product most often clicked by other users  Similar product most often viewed by other users.
  16. Dynamic e-mail  multiple best products on search & product pages, · products selected both based on category and price and on browser history (viewed and clicked),  suggested products in the email,
  17. Abandoned cart e-mail • Sent after the visit and resent if there's no conversion • Up-sell/Cross-sell possibilities • Ability to add special coupons
  18. Recommendation frame · Ability to handle marketing offers using realtime browser behavior · Products viewed / clicked by user during the visit · Next best offer option
  19. Dynamic pop-ups · Both text and graphics are dedicated for customer profile · Contact form build based on current website visit · Lead generation possibilities
  20. Dynamic website content · Ability to handle marketing offers using realtime browser behavior · Decision made on search query · A/B/X tests possibilities
  21. Personalized remarketing • Matching adverts to specific client profile • Campaings for specific users basing on data collected • Reaching a much larger group of users
  22. Anonymous Marketing Automation • Personalized e-mails even without having recipient’s address • Tracking unidentified visitors’ behavior and combines this with the data in Remintrex system
  23. Mobile channel • One-to-one sms sent after the visit based on the segmentation • SMS reminders • SMS follow-up possibilities
  24. Beacons for offline tracking • Automatic response after customer's visit in the offline shop • Personalization of website content based on clients offline behavior inside the shop • Automatic SMS or push notifications with offer tailored to behavioral and purchase profile
  25. Mobile Marketing Automation (APPmanago) • • Monitoring of user’s behaviour in mobile application • Automated, 1-to-1 push and in- app notifications and e-mails • Real-time app users segmentation and analytics
  27. Case 1: Rainbow Tours
  28. Case 1: Rainbow Tours
  29. Case 1: Rainbow Tours
  30. Case 1: Rainbow Tours
  31. Case 1: Rainbow Tours
  32. Case 1: Rainbow Tours
  33. Case 2: C21 Be Brave
  34. Case 2: C21 Be Brave
  35. Case 2: C21 Be Brave
  36. Case 2: C21 Be Brave
  37. Case 2: C21 Be Brave
  38. Case 2: C21 Be Brave
  39. Case 3: Meble VOX
  40. Case 3: Meble VOX
  41. Case 3: Meble VOX
  42. Case 3: Meble VOX
  43. Case 3: Meble VOX
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