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S4 lme aspects of fitness

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S4 lme aspects of fitness

  1. 1. Local Muscular Endurance LME Definition of LME  The ability to use the same muscles or a group of muscles repeatedly without tiring.
  2. 2. Fitness Tests for LME Upper Body - Bent arm test - 1 min sit-up test Lower Body - 1 min step up test - 1 min sit up testNB Fitness tests must be carried out before a training programme then after 4-6 weeks the exact same test must be carried out again to establish if progress has been made.
  3. 3. Methods of training for LME Circuit training  Consists of working at different exercise stations that work different parts of the body. E.g. sit-up, step-up, bicep curl Weight Training  Lifting Free Weights or Weight Machines doing high repetitions with low sets. E.g. 2sets of 15repitions.
  4. 4. Applying F.I.D.A & S.P.O.R to aLME Training Programme Frequency – at least 3 x time Intensity – work at 50% of 1 repetition maximum Duration – 20minutes Activity - Circuit / Weight Training Specificity – specific to the activity, current fitness levels and the specific muscles that need to be improve (e.g. quadriceps for football)
  5. 5. Applying F.I.D.A & S.P.O.R to aLME Training Programme Progression / Overload – Need to apply greater demands on the body by steadily increasing the training programme. Need to increase either Frequency, Intensity or duration. Reversibility – Don’t use it you lose it!
  6. 6. Benefits of LME Allows repeated movements without fatigue setting in Keeps quality throughout activity Helps keep co-ordination Keeps balance Keeps skills consistent