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A brief introduction to network mapping tools and potential uses.

  • Ethan,
    That's a really interesting question and probably requires a much more detailed answer than this....

    I think that social networks are an early form of the type of network that exists behind an ecosystem. Up until the 'human' factor, ecosystems developed over millennia and the interdependencies of species with each other together with key 'nodal' points became highly effective. Interestingly, the 'human' factor is now similar to the example in the slide show - we're effectively severing the links of an efficient network when we do our 'human thing'. Like the network funding example with the US that ceases to give, the ecosystem network re-adjusts to our human activities but it can only do so by so much. In certain areas our effect is too great and the network can't compensate - the result being a collapse.
    You could certainly use this tool to develop an ecosystem network which would highlight the effect of severing links between nodes. e.g. what would happen if we lost a species of plant that happened to be a nodal point for a species of insect that pollenated another flower (was a link between nodes) from another part of the ecosystem?

    You could certainly apply the technique to draw up a network for the area you're working in that might help illustrate the importance of inter-dependencies.

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  • Great intro to systems thinking & networks! Do networks follow the same rules in social systems as ecosystems?
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  1. 1. Network Mapping Using relationships to improve understanding and impact - an overview Jason Norman Founder ! C12 Solutions
  2. 2. In many situations, a network of relationships exist between various entities A group of ...exist in a network people... of interaction ! C12 Solutions
  3. 3. By mapping the network, we can begin to explore the properties of certain relationships Map colored by gender Note where gender is concentrated ! C12 Solutions
  4. 4. Further insight can be obtained by examining ʻconnectivityʼ The size of the circle denotes the individual nodes of connectivity ! C12 Solutions
  5. 5. The network can be used to identify ʻegoʼ and ʻfactionʼ groups... Michaelʼs Three factions within the ego network entire network (identified by color) ! C12 Solutions
  6. 6. So how might you use this information? Steve may be at risk Hollyʼs and Russʼs of being inundated commitment might be key by otherʼs requests if communicating or (depending on his instigating change role) There may be benefit in having Gery and Pat work or receive training together in order to develop a stronger link ! C12 Solutions
  7. 7. The technique can be used in more complex networks... ! C12 Solutions
  8. 8. Letʼs assume that this network map depicts a certain type of humanitarian aid... We can use the map to explore different scenarios or identify risk Example: What if a country Node size denotes level of ceased to provide aid? ʻconnectivenessʼ ! C12 Solutions
  9. 9. Examining different scenarios... With US aid US ceases aid The ʻaidʼ network is redistributed and other nations become more important ! C12 Solutions
  10. 10. Network mapping has been used in a number of different areas... ‣ Team building ‣ Locating expertise ‣ Network vulnerability assessment ‣ Workforce diversity ‣ Community economic development ‣ Organization design ‣ Discovering communities of practice ‣ Inter-network design ‣ Analyzing protein interaction ‣ Diffusion of innovations networks ‣ Post-merger integration ‣ Mapping and measuring information ‣ Investigative journalism flow ‣ Knowledge management ‣ Uncloaking corruption and indirect ‣ Leadership development quid pro quo ‣ Mapping terrorist networks ‣ Contact tracing in contagious disease ‣ Industry ecosystem analysis ‣ Discovering key opinion leaders ...and can provide valuable insight to complex situations if used correctly ! C12 Solutions
  11. 11. Jason Norman 201-889-3244 ! C12 Solutions