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Heat Pumps

  1. 1. Heat pumps An alternative heating source Terms and conditions apply and will be subject to a property survey. Your system is being provided by UKFM Renewables Ltd, you will need to enter into a contract directly with UKFM Renewables Ltd for its supply and installation. In such case, npower does not warranty or represent and is not responsible for the quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise of the heat pump system or its installation and any other equipment provided by UKFM Renewables Ltd, nor for the actions or omissions of UKFM Renewables Ltd or any installer used by UKFM Renewables Ltd npower is a registered trademark and the trading name of Npower Northern Limited (Registered in England and Wales No. 3432100) . Registered Office: Windmill Hill Business Park, Whitehill Way, Swindon SN5 6PB. npm10339/RF11973/10.12 npm10339 RF11973 Grand Designs Heat Pump Brochure 10 12.indd 1-2
  2. 2. Contents Introduction Introduction 3 Did you know that well over half the money - Benefits you spend on your fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water? With fossil How does a heat pump work? 4 fuels being consumed at a great pace, and ever rising fuel prices it’s important we all look for - Air source heat pump more sustainable ways to power and heat - Ground source heat pump our homes. Differences between air and ground source heat pumps 6 One way of doing that is utilising free and sustainable energy all around us. A heat pump ​​ heat incentive Renewable 7 uses natural resources such as the air, ground or - What is it? water to produce heat and hot water. - How can I benefit? A heat pump can absorb “low grade” heat Is your home suitable? 8 from the air or ground and compress that into - Maintenance higher, useful heat which can be used for hot - Planning permission water, radiators or underfloor heating. With a heat pump you could get 3kW of heat output Running costs and benefit comparisons 10 for every 1kW of energy input, so they can - Costs supply more energy than they consume. - Savings Often making them more efficient than a Benefits - Why choose npower and UKFM? standard boiler that is 90% efficient. • Save money on your energy bills • Reduce your carbon footprint What are the next steps? 11 • Provide heat using lower temperatures over much longer periods • longer have to rely on oil, LPG or No solid fuel deliveries • eligible for income through the Be Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Source: Energy Saving Trust, October 2012 2 3 npm10339 RF11973 Grand Designs Heat Pump Brochure 10 12.indd 2-3 04/10/2012 11:48
  3. 3. How does a heat pump work? A heat pump works like your fridge freezer in reverse. At the heart of both is something called Heat pump cycle refrigerant, a fluid that can be rapidly transferred from gas to liquid. To transfer heat, all you have to do is compresses the refrigerant to make it hotter and release the pressure to cool it. 2 Compressor Absorbing heat from the atmosphere is the starting point for the whole circuit, it does this by: High - pressure, High - temperature vapour Low - pressure, 1. Energy Source: 3. n the other side of the compressor, O Low - temperature vapour the hot and highly pressurised gas is Air source heat pumps Flow cooled in a condenser. The heat in Outside air is sucked across a the refrigerant is transferred to your heat exchanger in the heat pump. Environmental 3 Heating 5 heating system. energy Condenser energy Heat Exchanger The refrigerant will then absorb low grade heat from the air causing it 4. nce condensed, the refrigerant is now O Evaporator to boil. a high pressure, liquid. Pressure and 1 Return Low - pressure, temperature is lowered even further Low - temperature liquid High - pressure, Ground source heat pumps through the expansion valve allowing High - temperature liquid Heat is absorbed from the ground the cycle to repeat itself. through a water, brine or antifreeze 4 fluid that is circulated through ground 5. his is a closed loop which means only T Expansion valve loop. This heat is then transferred to the refrigerant passes through the heat the refrigerant via a heat exchanger in pump cycle. Once the refrigerant is the heat pump unit. hot and highly pressurised, your home is heated much the same way as a 2. n a gas state, the refrigerant is I conventional boiler. Heat from the pressurised and circulated through refrigerant passes over a heat exchanger 6 the system by a compressor. By that warms water in your central heating Hot water cylinder reducing the volume and increasing system circuit. pressure of the refrigerant, this leads to an increase in temperature. 6. his heated water is distributed through T your home and can be also used to provide domestic hot water through a hot water cylinder. Heat pump Under floor heating 4 5
  4. 4. Differences between air and ground source heat pumps Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is Air source heat pumps Ground source heat pumps a Government initiative that rewards How does the pump Energy is extracted Energy in the ground is extracted homeowners’ who use a renewable source produce heat? from the air via a fan through ground loops or a borehole of heat for their home. If you use the sun, wood or a heat pump to heat your home, How efficient Typically runs at Typically runs at up to then the government will pay you every year is a heat pump? 300% efficiency 400% efficiency for how much “clean heat” you use. The RHI starts next summer, but in the meantime this Can a heat pump Yes, it can provide all your heating Yes, it can provide all your heating is how you could benefit. provide all my heating and hot water requirements so no and hot water requirements so no and hot water needs? back up boiler is needed back up boiler is needed • your home is heated by oil, LPG, If How much space Usually situated on an outside The heat collectors and heat electricity or some form of solid fuel; does it take up? wall of the property with no inside pump unit are about the size of you will qualify for a cash rebate called space required a dishwasher. However the space needed for the ground work the Renewable Heat Premium Payment should be about twice the size of worth up to £1,250 your property • From next year the Renewable Heat Will it work at Efficiency levels will vary with A steadier level of efficiency occurs Incentive will reward you even further, low temperatures? outside air temperature due to under ground temperatures being more stable than air with cash payments every year depending how much renewable heat you generate. How noisy is a Around 45 decibels. As it is The internal unit operates at The scheme will be finalised in the New heat pump? located outside there is a planning 40 decibles Year, but it’s likely the payback of your requirement that noise levels must be below 45 decibels at 1m from heat pump system will be under 7 years* the nearest habitable window All npower heat pump installations could How long does a heat Up to 20 years The heat pump will last up to be eligible so enquire now to find out pump last? 20 years and the ground work up to 50 years if you could qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. Is the installation Air source pumps are quicker More intensive work is required disruptive? and less obtrusive to install for the heat collectors How much does Generally cheaper to install than a Installation cost will depend on it cost? ground source pump the space needed for the ground loop or borehole and geology your home sits on Source: Energy Saving Trust, October 2012 *Source: 6 7 npm10339 RF11973 Grand Designs Heat Pump Brochure 10 12.indd 6-7 04/10/2012 11:48
  5. 5. Things to consider if your home is suitable Do you use gas to heat your home? What level of Insulation do I need? How much space do I need for Do I need planning permission? A heat pump can replace any current heating Before you consider installing a heat pump, a ground source heat pump? Heat pump installations in Northern Ireland system; however, the greatest benefits will we always recommend that you look at There are two different types of pipe work and Wales do require planning permission. be to those homes that are not connected your insulation levels first. To qualify for the that can be used with a ground source heat In England and Scotland heat pumps come to mains gas. Replacing your LPG, oil and Renewable Heat Incentive your home must pump. A ground loop which is laid shallow under Permitted Development, and don’t direct electric heating will offer the greatest have 270mm of loft insulation and cavity wall and flat, or a bore hole which is drilled narrow usually require planning permission. reductions in running costs. insulation (where practical). and deep. Typically a ground loop will require However, some restrictions do apply, such as: If you have a gas boiler that is under 10 years From 2013, we’re able to see if any energy twice the area of your property, so if space is limited then a bore hole will be best. Bore • Listed buildings or buildings in a old, we wouldn’t recommend replacing it with efficiency measures would be suitable through holes will vary from 50-120 meters depending conservation area or buildings in an area a heat pump. With current gas prices the cost the Government’s new Green Deal scheme. on the size of your heat pump. Access will also of outstanding natural beauty may need savings of replacing an efficient, modern gas be required for drilling or digging equipment. permission from the local authority boiler with a heat pump would be nominal Can I check if my insulation is suitable? compared to other fuel types. If you’re looking There is a simple test you can carry out How often do they need to be serviced? • noise level should not exceed The to replace your gas boiler already, and you’re over winter; by turning your current heating 45dB at the nearest habitable room thinking about a renewable alternative, then system down to run at 45˚C this will give The heat pumps we recommend come speak to one of our advisers to see if a heat an indication of the approximate temperature with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. This is not a comprehensive list of criteria. pump is right for you. of a heat pump. A professionally maintained system is Therefore, npower recommends that anyone estimated to have a working life twice that If comfort levels inside the property are considering installing a heat pump contacts What type of radiators or heat of an ordinary boiler. However, to ensure maintained then this could show that the their local planning office prior to installation. distribution system do you have? optimal performance and validation of the property is insulated enough and will maintain Our recommended technical installer is able manufacturer’s warranty it is recommended Heat pumps work best when they are the correct heat levels in your home. to assist in this process. that heat pumps undergo an annual service. run constantly and at low temperatures, This maintenance package can be provided which is perfect for underfloor heating and How much space do I need for by our fully accredited installation partner. modern radiators. an air source heat pump? If you have an older central heating system Air source heat pumps should fit most with older radiators, it may be necessary to properties. All we require is some, install new, larger radiators to get the most unobstructed, outside ground space close to out of your heat pump. your home. At this stage it’s not possible for us to install heat pumps to flats or maisonettes. Source: Energy Saving Trust, October 2012 8 9 npm10339 RF11973 Grand Designs Heat Pump Brochure 10 12.indd 8-9 04/10/2012 11:48
  6. 6. Running costs and benefit comparisons What are the next steps? Costs Costs for installing a heat pump start at Why choose npower and UKFM? Step 1 Step 4 £6,000 for air source and £9,000 for ground npower is working with UKFM Renewable If you are interested in finding out if your If you’re happy with the quote, source. Costs can vary depending on a number Technologies Ltd, a specialist in providing property might be suitable for an air or ground UKFM installers will arrange a date to of factors - including the size of your home, micro renewable energy solutions, to the source heat pump please call our Home start the work. If there’s any ground how well insulated it is and what room social, domestic and commercial market Energy Solutions team on 0800 975 3199 or work required, this will be managed by a place. Together our main focus is on visit project manager assigned to your install. temperatures you are aiming to achieve. delivering the most suitable renewable Savings energy solution for each customer. How much you can save will also depend UKFM cover all aspects of heat pumps; Step 2 Step 5 on your home’s current heating system. from design and installation to planned and reactive maintenance. We’ll arrange for an MCS accredited After your installation UKFM will engineers to conduct a full site survey, provide you with all the details of your These are the savings you might make every and advise you on the most cost effective new heating system, who to contact if year when replacing an existing heating system Brands you can trust – A heat pump is a system for you. You’ll also be advised on you have any queries and your five year in an average three-bedroom semi-detached twenty year investment so you want an manufacturer’s warranty. any planning requirements there may be home with a typical installation: installer you can call on in years to come. and how to go about contacting your local All heat pumps installed by UKFM come planning office. with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Existing Annual savings for a heat heating pump performing at 300% There is always someone close by – system UKFM group offer national coverage through six regional offices in Glasgow, Step 3 Gas £130 Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, You’ll receive a full design and quotation to you based on the site survey. This will be For further information call Rotherham and London. Electric £610 Service you can trust – We only use dependent on your current heating system and any other requirements you discussed 0800 975 3199 Oil £310 during the site survey. You will also be products registered under the or visit provided with an estimate, inline with MCS Microgeneration Certification Scheme Solid £330 (MCS) from the most recognised guidelines, of the savings you could expect on your energy bill. manufacturers. Lines are open 8am - 8pm Mon to Fri and 9am - 5pm Sat Find out more about how we made these calculations, visit Phone calls: Calling us on a 0800 number is normally free when you call from a landline but charges may vary if you use a mobile. Calling us on a 0330 number will Source: Energy Saving Trust, October 2012 cost you no more than 01 or 02 numbers from landlines or mobiles. If you get ‘inclusive minutes’ with your package, calls on a 0330 number will be part of these. 10 11 npm10339 RF11973 Grand Designs Heat Pump Brochure 10 12.indd 10-11 04/10/2012 11:48