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HuongTT: Happyness or Happiness

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Nội dung trong Workshop 10-10: Happyness.Work

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HuongTT: Happyness or Happiness

  1. 1. Happiness Happyness OR
  2. 2. At MediaZ, Happyness is: • Name of a Department which works with main duties on Human Resources and Administration but especially focuses on how to make staffs happy. • Its target is “Happyness at Work” and its philosophy is “Work to be Happy and Happy to work” • " Happyness at Work" is also the goal that those who build this system toward and try to pursue. We aim to transform the working environment into a family atmosphere, which means being able to work hard for what they do, not to regret, join with integrities and efforts, leave with memories and love.
  3. 3. Why Do We Replace I by Y?
  4. 4. Wrong writing but Meaningful Based on the true story and the movie named “The Pursuit of Happyness” Includes the word HAPPY