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Achieve Your Best Body

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Learn more about 5 revolutionary body enhancement procedures available from NuBody Concepts here!

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Achieve Your Best Body

  1. 1. Achieve Your Best Body: 5 Revolutionary Body Enhancements NuBody Concepts
  2. 2. Aqualipo leaves patients more highly satisfied than other liposuction techniques because it leaves the treated area smooth, rather than bumpy (as is sometimes the case with more aggressive approaches to liposuction). Aqualipo® Liposuction Aqualipo® liposuction is an innovative departure from traditional liposuction, and is rapidly growing in popularity. Why do men and women prefer Aqualipo® compared to traditional liposuction procedures? • Aqualipo uses water-jet technology to flush, rather than suction, fat deposits from areas of the body. This means that patients experience a far less invasive and aggressive procedure. • Patients also experience less bruising, scarring, and swelling, and are at less risk for damaging surrounding tissue. • Those who receive Aqualipo benefit from much shorter downtimes. Aqualipo can typically be performed in less than an hour, and patients can resume their typical activities shortly after leaving the office.
  3. 3. Individuals are strong candidates for Smartlipo if they’ve continually struggled to eliminate areas of fat despite a regimen of diet and exercise. Candidates will also be in good overall health and maintain a normal body weight. Smartlipo® Liposuction Smartlipo® liposuction is an equally innovative approach to helping patients achieve a fit and toned physique. • Smartlipo doesn’t require the use of any suction. Instead, it uses a laser to heat and stimulate fat cells in the area of treatment. These heated cells then become easy to drain from the body. • Smartlipo doesn’t require the use of general anesthesia; rather, it can be performed by numbing the target area. This means that patients are awake throughout their procedure and are at less risk for complications. • The use of a laser also helps tighten and tone the skin. Rather than just eliminating fat, Smartlipo ensures that what’s left behind is firm and tight.
  4. 4. The QuickTuck tummy tuck comes at a lower cost to patients thanks to the use of local anesthesia rather than general anesthesia, as well as reliance on fewer instruments and equipment. QuickTuck™ Tummy Tuck Have you been struggling to remove folds of fat or loose skin since losing weight or giving birth? A tummy tuck may offer the solution you’re looking for. Unlike traditional tummy tucks, the QuickTuck tummy tuck we offer at NuBody Concepts is minimally invasive. The QuickTuck tummy tuck: • Removes fat with incisions that are smaller than those made with traditional abdominoplasty. • Removes a greater amount of fat than traditional abdominoplasty. • Doesn’t require the use of general anesthesia. • Affords faster recovery times and fewer side effects. • Does not result in any loss of blood.
  5. 5. WaveSculpt body sculpting is able to treat both the dermis and the hypodermis, two layers that rest beneath the surface of the skin. This intensive treatment helps better stimulate collagen and eliminate fat cells. WaveSculpt™ Body Sculpting WaveSculpt body sculpting is a world-renown body shaping procedure that helps men and women achieve an all-around toned physique. WaveSculpt body sculpting: • Uses the power of TriPolar radio frequencies to shape various areas of the body, including the face, neck, arms, stomach and legs. • Is a completely noninvasive procedure given that it relies exclusively on radio waves. • Provides results that are immediately visible and long-lasting. • Is a uniquely relaxing experience conducted in the NuBody Concepts Tranquility Room. Patients do not experience discomfort or pain during the procedure.
  6. 6. The Brazilian Butt Lift does not require any stitching or general anesthesia. Brazilian Butt Lift Lifting, toning, shaping…all are easily accomplished with the Brazilian Butt Lift, one of the most popular and revolutionizing body enhancements in the last decade. At NuBody Concepts, we’ve integrated the NaturalFill® technique into the traditional Brazilian Butt Lift procedure to afford patients optimal results. The Brazilian Butt Lift with Natural Fill: • Collects fat from other areas of the body using our Aqualipo® liposuction technique, and uses these natural fat deposits to add shape and volume to the butt. This harvesting technique affords patients both a more comfortable experience and decreases stress exposure to fat cells. • Relies on a closed system of transfer that further protects the health of the fat cells. • Allows patients to have more authority over their results, as shape is not determined by a pre-formed synthetic implant but by natural fat harvests.
  7. 7. Find more information about each of these revolutionary body enhancement procedures available from NuBody Concepts by visiting us online! NuBody Concepts