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Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP) - Technical Overview

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Overview of Nuxeo EP (Nuxeo Enterprise Platform). ECM platform for content applications. Slide deck reviews the technology stack, common use cases, high level roadmap for 2010.

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Nuxeo Enterprise Platform (Nuxeo EP) - Technical Overview

  1. 1. Nuxeo EP Introduction to Nuxeo Enterprise Platform November 2010 Thierry Delprat
  2. 2. Agenda <ul><li>Nuxeo EP - Platform for ECM
  3. 3. Feature overview
  4. 4. Nuxeo EP Use Cases
  5. 5. Architecture Overview
  6. 6. Focus on Document Repository
  7. 7. Nuxeo Performance
  8. 8. Nuxeo Studio
  9. 9. API and connectors
  10. 10. 2010+ Roadmap </li></ul>
  11. 11. Nuxeo EP A platform for ECM applications Thierry Delprat
  12. 12. Nuxeo Enterprise Platform <ul><li>Nuxeo EP provides : </li><ul><li>Extensible and configurable ECM services (Document storage, workflow, indexing, security, relationship management, …)
  13. 13. UI building blocks and frameworks (Web, RIA, Rich client …)
  14. 14. Ready to use pre-packaged applications (Nuxeo DM, Nuxeo DAM, Nuxeo Case Management Framework ...) </li></ul></ul>
  15. 15. Nuxeo Enterprise Platform <ul><li>Analyst Review of Nuxeo EP: </li></ul>Nuxeo EP will help organizations to build ECM applications to enable them to manage growing volumes of content and ensure that they are compliant. This solution will benefit organizations that have a need for transactional or content-centric processes. Ovum – Technology Audit of Nuxeo EP - 2010
  16. 16. Nuxeo Enterprise Platform <ul><li>Nuxeo EP is flagship content management platform </li><ul><li>Developed and maintained by Nuxeo and community
  17. 17. Fully Supported with Connect Subscription
  18. 18. Consulting and Training from Nuxeo and Galaxy Partners </li></ul><li>Nuxeo EP is the foundation for content apps </li><ul><li>All Nuxeo distributions based on Nuxeo EP
  19. 19. All components and services reside within Nuxeo EP </li></ul></ul>
  20. 20. Nuxeo EP assemblies Core Services UI frameworks Features Nuxeo EP JSF WebEngine GWT Flex RCP DM DAM CMF
  21. 21. Nuxeo EP use cases <ul><li>Turn-key ECM applications (DM, DAM ...) </li><ul><li>Pre-packaged bundles + configuration services (Nuxeo Studio) </li></ul><li>Dedicated business ECM application </li><ul><li>Extension and configuration of Nuxeo platform
  22. 22. OEM or SI integration </li></ul><li>Embedding Nuxeo Services in third party apps </li><ul><li>Configuration and Nuxeo service stack usage
  23. 23. OEM or ISV providers </li></ul></ul>
  24. 24. Build on a Distribution Standard Nuxeo Distribution Project specific configuration ( + custom plugin) Nuxeo DM Project plugin Project plugin Project plugin Custom types Custom workflows Custom UI and theme Users/Groups config
  25. 25. Custom Distribution Custom Nuxeo EP Distribution Project specific configuration ( + custom plugin) Nuxeo Core bundles Project plugin Project plugin Project Plugins Custom Types Custom Workflows Custom UI and Theme Users/Group Config Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo UI Bundles Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo Feature Bundles Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo Core Bundles Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo Core bundles Nuxeo Services Bundles
  26. 26. Full Integration Your App Nuxeo Java local or RMI Nuxeo Your App Nuxeo Http / WebService Your App Embed your application inside Nuxeo server Use Nuxeo's service from your java application Use Nuxeo's service via WebService Embed Nuxeo's services inside your application nuxeo-client nuxeo-services nuxeo-services Your App nuxeo-services nuxeo-services nuxeo-client
  27. 27. Nuxeo Distributions <ul><li>Nuxeo DM </li><ul><li>Document Management and Collaboration </li></ul><li>Nuxeo DAM </li><ul><li>Digital Asset Management </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Case Management </li><ul><li>Information Management and Correspondence control </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Correspondence Management
  28. 28. Your custom distribution... </li></ul>
  29. 29. Nuxeo EP Feature Overview Thierry Delprat
  30. 30. Nuxeo EP Features <ul><li>Document Management </li><ul><li>Document and meta-data model,
  31. 31. Versioning, security, forms, relationships
  32. 32. Multiple navigations: content tree view, metadata, tags, faceted search … </li></ul><li>Indexing </li><ul><li>Full-text indexing
  33. 33. Complete query system </li></ul></ul>
  34. 34. Nuxeo EP Features <ul><li>Rendition management </li><ul><li>PDF, HTML preview, web-view …
  35. 35. Pluggable transformers </li></ul><li>Annotation management </li><ul><li>Annotate images, documents and videos </li></ul><li>Process management </li><ul><li>Lifecycles, workflows, routing service, page-flows, listeners </li></ul></ul>
  36. 36. Nuxeo EP Features <ul><li>Mail management </li><ul><li>Inject or send mails
  37. 37. Manage inbox and distribution </li></ul><li>Feed management </li><ul><li>Generate feeds
  38. 38. Collect and store feeds </li></ul></ul>
  39. 39. Nuxeo EP Features <ul><li>Collaboration </li><ul><li>Notifications, locking, tasks, comments …
  40. 40. OpenSocial: widgets rendering, user preferences
  41. 41. Roadmap for activity stream, user networks </li></ul><li>Publishing, Synchronization </li><ul><li>Synchronization services between two Nuxeo EP instances
  42. 42. Abstract tree publishing service </li></ul><li>Digital Asset Management </li><ul><li>Pictures, photos, tiling, metadata, video </li></ul></ul>
  43. 43. Nuxeo EP Features <ul><li>Simple portal </li><ul><li>UWA widgets and Google Gadgets OpenSocial container </li></ul><li>Web tools </li><ul><li>Wiki , blogs , websites
  44. 44. Micro-blogging (late 2010) </li></ul><li>Referential management </li><ul><li>Users, groups, virtual groups, vocabularies </li></ul></ul>
  45. 45. Nuxeo EP Typical Implementation Examples Thierry Delprat
  46. 46. Document Management Highly customizable back office (JSF technology)
  47. 47. Case Management
  48. 48. Digital Asset Management Ajax Web UI (JSF based)
  49. 49. Web Sites Build web front-ends with Nuxeo WebEngine
  50. 50. Public-Facing Applications Flex-based Dedicated UIs
  51. 51. Dedicated Business Applications Publish Customers Content Nuxeo CWS Nuxeo MMD Nuxeo PF Use RCP for high-production applications Feed Service Editorial Service Package Factory Collect, Store and Produce Feeds Produce Stories Deliver Collections to Customer
  52. 52. Rich Internet Applications Use GWT for Rich Internet Applications
  53. 53. Admin & Development Console <ul><li>Designed for technical users </li><ul><li>administration
  54. 54. mass import
  55. 55. testing </li></ul><li>Pluggable commands </li><ul><li>via java
  56. 56. via scripting </li></ul></ul>
  57. 57. Nuxeo EP Architecture Overview Thierry Delprat
  58. 58. Nuxeo EP: Technology Overview <ul><li>100% Java based: Java 6
  59. 59. Can run as POJO or JEE components </li><ul><li>Bare Java, Servlet container or JEE App server </li></ul><li>OSGi-inspired Bundle and Component system </li><ul><li>Use and extend OSGi model </li></ul><li>Integrate strong Open Source solutions </li><ul><li>JBPM, Shindig, Jena RDF, JackRabbit (optional), ... </li></ul></ul>
  60. 60. Nuxeo EP Architecture Goals <ul><li>Powerful and clean extension points </li></ul><ul><li>Agility to deploy and integrate in complex environments </li></ul>
  61. 61. 10 000 foot view <ul><li>Nuxeo Runtime: component and deployment model </li><ul><li>OSGi component model
  62. 62. Extension points for configuration and contribution </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Core: document storage services </li><ul><li>embeddable document repository </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Services: extensible set of ECM services </li><ul><li>Generic and configurable services </li></ul><li>Nuxeo client technologies: UI building blocks </li></ul>
  63. 63. 10 000 foot view Components and Service model Document storage ECM Services UI building block Nuxeo Runtime Nuxeo Core Nuxeo Services Nuxeo UI Nuxeo UI Nuxeo UI
  64. 64. 3 Layer Architecture Presentation Services Storage Nuxeo Runtime Nuxeo Core Audit service Workflow service Conversion service Comment service ... ... ... Relation service Tag service Annotation service JSF/Seam Framework WebEngine Framework AMF Connector
  65. 65. Database and File System Nuxeo EP distribution Java container
  66. 66. Layered Feature Sets Views and Actions for the target UI framework Service APIs and DTOs Provide JEE integration (Security, Transactions, EJB, Remoting ...) POJO implementation (Components, Services) Contributions to the Repository (Document types, lifecycles, listeners ...) One feature API Bundle Facade Bundle Core Bundle Core-Contrib Bundle UI Bundles UI Bundles
  67. 67. Extension Points <ul><li>Extension points are used </li><ul><li>To configure services and components (XML contribution)
  68. 68. To extend services and components (contribute Java code or scripting) </li></ul><li>Nuxeo EP uses extension points consistently across the platform </li></ul><ul><ul><li>One model for development </li></ul></ul>
  69. 69. Extension Points XP A1 XP A2 Bundle A Bundle B Configuration via XML contribution Contribute Java Extension Component A Component B XML XML Java
  70. 70. Extension Points Nuxeo Runtime Nuxeo Core Nuxeo Services Nuxeo UI Nuxeo UI Nuxeo UI Doc types Nuxeo UI Security policy Version policy Workflow Relations Connector Look Navigation actions Plug Plug Plug
  71. 71. Customization Possibilities <ul><li>Nuxeo EP easily configurable </li><ul><li>Almost all services are configurable (Extension Points)
  72. 72. Default Nuxeo DM distribution is very modular (Extension Points, Theme Manager, Views …) </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Clean customizations that can be upgraded
  73. 73. Nuxeo Studio </li></ul><ul><ul><li>to save time in your implementation projects </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>to do quick prototyping </li></ul></ul>
  74. 74. Customization Examples <ul><li>Custom doc types, forms and life-cycles (Nuxeo Studio)
  75. 75. Workflows (Nuxeo Studio partial support)
  76. 76. Enforce policies </li><ul><li>Listeners, content automation (Nuxeo Studio)
  77. 77. Custom security policies </li></ul><li>Provide new UIs </li><ul><li>Use Themes Manager
  78. 78. Custom tabs, buttons, links, views … (Nuxeo Studio) </li></ul></ul>
  79. 79. Easy, Elegant Integration Model <ul><li>Nuxeo EP provides </li><ul><li>APIs (remote or local)
  80. 80. Choice of integration paths </li></ul><li>Nuxeo EP is based on standards </li><ul><li>Java, OSGi, JTA, JAAS, JMS, EJB3, JAX-RS, JAX-WS … </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Studio and Content Automation is powerful </li><ul><li>Easy to define business logic </li></ul></ul><ul><li>No need to touch source code
  81. 81. Quick and efficient implementation of business requirements </li></ul>
  82. 82. Integration Examples <ul><li>Integrate with existing security system or SSO </li><ul><li>Nuxeo Authentication stack is completely pluggable </li><ul><li>Basic auth, 3 rd party portal auth, CAS SSO, Clearstream SSO, ... </li></ul></ul><li>Fetch documents from Nuxeo </li><ul><li>Automation client, Java API, WebServices, REST, CMIS … </li></ul><li>Integrate external services providers </li><ul><li>Content Automation, Actions, Listeners </li></ul><li>Use Nuxeo as a service stack
  83. 83. Integrate into portal </li></ul>
  84. 84. Agile Deployment <ul><li>Only deploy the needed services </li><ul><li>Make your own distribution </li></ul><li>Deploy on multiple servers </li><ul><li>Use clusters for scale-out / availability
  85. 85. Split in layers for optimizations or security </li></ul><li>Deployment transparency </li><ul><li>Server side : JBoss / Jetty / Tomcat / Standalone
  86. 86. Client side : Eclipse RCP, OSGi runtime ... </li></ul></ul>
  87. 87. Agile Deployment Examples JBoss AS Tomcat jetty RCP Production WebSite Development Offline mode Standalone Cluster Farm Cloud jetty Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo Nuxeo
  88. 88. Nuxeo Clients Content apps & WebSites Productivity-focused business apps Administration Business Application General public Application WebEngine Flex / Air Eclipse RCP NXShell JSF GWT Dedicated RIA Automation clients Third party app integration Nuxeo Platform
  89. 89. Nuxeo EP Nuxeo Core: Document Repository Thierry Delprat
  90. 90. Documents in Nuxeo <ul><li>“Document” is not a simple file </li><ul><li>One document = a set of fields (String, Date, File, Complex types ...)
  91. 91. Defined by XSD schemas </li></ul><li>Document types </li><ul><li>A document type is defined by XSD schemas
  92. 92. Inheritance is supported </li></ul><li>Life-cycle </li><ul><li>Document type is associated with a Life-cycle </li></ul></ul>
  93. 93. Security <ul><li>Security always activated
  94. 94. ACL based default security policy </li><ul><li>multiple-ACL support
  95. 95. ordered ACL support
  96. 96. grant / deny support
  97. 97. ACL inheritance </li></ul><li>Additional pluggable security policy </li><ul><li>implement custom security (example: metadata based) </li></ul></ul>
  98. 98. Other Nuxeo Core features <ul><li>Query system </li><ul><li>NXQL : SQL-like query support </li><ul><li>Keyword search
  99. 99. Full-text search
  100. 100. Content views </li></ul><li>CMISQL support </li></ul><li>Can use BIRT for BI reporting </li></ul><ul><li>Versioning in Nuxeo EP </li><ul><li>configurable versioning policy
  101. 101. configurable versioning storage </li></ul></ul>
  102. 102. Repository Backend <ul><li>JCR Connector </li><ul><li>Standardized JSR-170 storage (Apache JackRabbit)
  103. 103. SQL and/or file system based storage </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Visible Content Store </li><ul><li>Dedicated native SQL storage
  104. 104. Provides clean SQL mapping (ie: usable by a DBA or a BI tool)
  105. 105. Multiple databases supported (PostGreSQL, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, H2, Derby) </li></ul></ul>
  106. 106. Advanced Features <ul><li>Built for performance </li><ul><li>Lazy-loading, pre-fetching, cache, blob streaming ... </li></ul><li>Transaction Management </li><ul><li>Exposes JCA connector
  107. 107. Support for operations and manual transaction management </li></ul><li>Pluggable event system
  108. 108. Efficient storage </li><ul><li>Snapshots, automatic deduplication ... </li></ul></ul>
  109. 109. Nuxeo EP Performance and scalability Thierry Delprat
  110. 110. Sample Use Cases <ul><li>The Press Association of France </li><ul><li>Millions of documents, 24/7 support. </li></ul><li>Ministry of Defense </li><ul><li>(Multimedia Document Management System, more than 10 million documents, benchmark with 100 million done) </li></ul></ul>
  111. 111. Benchmark Tools <ul><li>Real user activity scripts with Funkload </li><ul><li>Nuxeo's in-house, popular benchmark framework </li></ul><li>Memory and processor monitoring
  112. 112. Reporting on request </li><ul><li>discover bottlenecks and reasons
  113. 113. resource monitoring </li></ul></ul>
  114. 114. Scalability Solutions <ul><li>For Users and Documents at Large Volume
  115. 115. Clustering
  116. 116. Fragmentation (multi-repository management)
  117. 117. Different configurations for different use-cases </li><ul><li>ACL management optimization
  118. 118. Override queryMaker </li></ul></ul>
  119. 119. Nuxeo EP Using Nuxeo Studio – Hosted Design and Customization Environment Thierry Delprat
  120. 120. About Nuxeo Studio <ul><li>Nuxeo Studio is a visual tool for configuring Nuxeo EP distributions
  121. 121. Nuxeo Studio is available as an online service (SaaS)
  122. 122. Nuxeo Studio enables you to configure and adapt your distribution, from document typology to business rules enforcement without any technical (development) skills
  123. 123. Nuxeo Studio saves time, money and ensures long-term maintenance of applications. </li></ul>
  124. 124. Nuxeo Studio Features <ul><li>Nuxeo Studio 1.4 </li><ul><li>Document types, widgets, layouts and lifecycle
  125. 125. Content-Template
  126. 126. User actions, views, tabs
  127. 127. Content Automation
  128. 128. Vocabularies
  129. 129. Listeners
  130. 130. Permissions
  131. 131. Virtual Navigation, search screen
  132. 132. Workflows </li></ul></ul>
  133. 133. Nuxeo Studio Screenshots
  134. 134. Nuxeo Studio <ul><li>Next Releases (Studio 1.5, 1.6) </li><ul><li>Configuration components management
  135. 135. Faceted search configuration
  136. 136. Content views
  137. 137. Support for Nuxeo DAM and Nuxeo CMF </li></ul><li>Try it:
  138. 138. </li></ul>
  139. 139. Nuxeo EP API, Connectors and Integration Thierry Delprat
  140. 140. APIs to Access Nuxeo EP Nuxeo Platform WSS JAX-WS CMIS JAX-RS Webdav CMIS API WebServices API REST API WSS API WebDav API Nuxeo Core Flex /Flash API AMF Java API (POJO / RMI) CMIS API Automation client Autom.
  141. 141. CMIS <ul><li>Standard protocol for ECM repository access </li><ul><li>Multiple vendors supporting this Oasis standard
  142. 142. Technology neutral </li></ul><li>Nuxeo integration via Chemistry </li><ul><li>Core contributor in Apache project
  143. 143. Nuxeo backend for Chemistry </li></ul><li>Reasons for supporting CMIS </li><ul><li>Open standards support essential
  144. 144. Allow other applications use the Nuxeo repository </li></ul></ul>
  145. 145. Windows Sharepoint Services <ul><li>Windows Sharepoint Services </li><ul><li>Set of protocols to communicate with MS Sharepoint
  146. 146. Used by MS Explorer and MS Office </li></ul><li>Nuxeo WSS connector </li><ul><li>Generic connector (may be contributed)
  147. 147. Nuxeo backend </li></ul><li>Reasons for supporting WSS </li><ul><li>Allow users to access Nuxeo from Microsoft tools </li></ul></ul>
  148. 148. WebServices <ul><li>Support several standards for WS stacks </li><ul><li>JAX-WS: standard SOAP based WebService
  149. 149. JAX-RS: standard REST API binding </li></ul><li>Provide the needed tools </li><ul><li>Auth, Transactions, WebEngine, Seam integration … </li></ul><li>Expose some default services </li><ul><li>Browse, Export, History, Feeds … </li></ul><li>Operations and Content-Automation exposed in roadmap </li></ul>
  150. 150. Events <ul><li>Events are triggered for each operation </li><ul><li>Can be extended for business specific events
  151. 151. Events can be relayed on JMS Topic </li></ul><li>EventHandlers </li><ul><li>Synchronous / PostCommit / Asynchronous
  152. 152. Easily contributed (Java / Script / MDB)
  153. 153. Great solution for </li><ul><li>enforcing business rules (synchronous inline)
  154. 154. pushing / getting data to/from external systems </li></ul></ul></ul>
  155. 155. Nuxeo Event Bus Nuxeo Enterprise Platform Synchronous Listener Asynchronous Listener Nuxeo Event Bus JMS Bridge Call Notify External Application External Application External Application JMS
  156. 156. Accessing Nuxeo EP Data <ul><li>Direct access to data auditing (SQL)
  157. 157. Repository data (ie: Documents) </li><ul><li>JCR (JSR-170) when using JackRabbit backend
  158. 158. Direct SQL access when using Visible Content Store </li></ul><li>XML Import/Export service </li><ul><li>Documents
  159. 159. Audit data
  160. 160. Relations </li></ul></ul>
  161. 161. Importing Data into Nuxeo EP <ul><li>Rest API </li><ul><li>Simple POST
  162. 162. Drag & Drop via browser
  163. 163. Automation client </li></ul><li>Batch import framework </li><ul><li>Manage all technical details
  164. 164. Many samples </li></ul><li>Low level SQL batch insert </li></ul>
  165. 165. External Indexers <ul><li>Nuxeo has already been integrated with several external indexing servers </li><ul><li>Exalead (WebService)
  166. 166. Sinequa (WebService)
  167. 167. Antidot (Rest)
  168. 168. Arisem (WebService) </li></ul><li>Standard configurable WebService available </li></ul>
  169. 169. Integrating Nuxeo Services <ul><li>Can use Nuxeo-Client to access Java services </li></ul><ul><li>Use JAX-RS or JAX-WS to use Nuxeo WebServices </li></ul>Your APP Nuxeo Java local or RMI Your APP Nuxeo Http / WebService nuxeo-services nuxeo-client nuxeo-services
  170. 170. Integrate into Nuxeo EP <ul><li>Package a new application as a Nuxeo bundle </li><ul><li>Declare OSGi bundle
  171. 171. Use nuxeo-deployer configuration </li></ul><li>New bundle can include web resources (servlets, filters ....) </li></ul>Nuxeo nuxeo-services Your APP
  172. 172. Connectors <ul><li>Pre-built connectors </li><ul><li>Directories </li><ul><li>LDAP and SQL Data access </li></ul><li>Publish in WCM / Portal / FS ... </li><ul><li>publisher service </li></ul><li>Authentication
  173. 173. Search and Indexing
  174. 174. Importers
  175. 175. Exporters </li></ul></ul>
  176. 176. Nuxeo EP 2010 Roadmap Thierry Delprat
  177. 177. 2010 Roadmap for Nuxeo EP <ul><li>2010 focus is to make Nuxeo EP more accessible </li><ul><li>For end-users </li><ul><li>Provide more distributions of NXP </li></ul><li>For power users and integrators </li><ul><li>Make setup even easier
  178. 178. Extend Nuxeo Studio capabilities </li></ul><li>For Java developers </li><ul><li>improve tools and documentation for developers </li></ul></ul><li>Customer projects can impact the Roadmap </li></ul>
  179. 179. Platform Improvements <ul><li>Semantic extensions (will be available for download in Nuxeo Marketplace – November 2010) </li><ul><li>Automatic categorization </li><ul><li>for text content and pictures </li></ul><li>Language detection
  180. 180. Named entities recognition and annotations </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Better Windows desktop integration </li><ul><li>Extend LiveEdit and WSS integration
  181. 181. MS Outlook integration (can be demoed now) </li></ul></ul>
  182. 182. Platform Improvements <ul><li>CMIS connector </li><ul><li>finalize compliance with 1.0 ratified OASIS spec
  183. 183. Merged Chemistry and OpenCMIS
  184. 184. Provide extensions to access Nuxeo services </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Rules and workflows </li><ul><li>Integrate Drools Rule Engine (available in sandbox)
  185. 185. Improve workflow toolbox </li></ul></ul>
  186. 186. Platform Improvements <ul><li>Reporting engine integration </li><ul><li>Package Nuxeo / Birt integration </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Extend UI tool box </li><ul><li>Widgets and Layouts
  187. 187. JSF components </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Windows Server integration </li></ul>
  188. 188. Developer Experience <ul><li>Extend Nuxeo Studio capabilities </li><ul><li>Use Studio UI to add custom business logic
  189. 189. Extend configuration of the default back office UI
  190. 190. Better support for complex form management </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Developer Edition </li><ul><li>Better Eclipse IDE integration
  191. 191. Fast startup </li></ul><li>Extend Extension points hot reload support </li></ul>
  192. 192. Nuxeo Distributions <ul><li>Distribution system has significant improvements </li><ul><li>Many new features have been added to Nuxeo EP </li><ul><li>but are not part of any distribution (so not visible) </li></ul></ul><li>We will improve this </li><ul><li>to package and release several new distributions
  193. 193. to provide a package wizard for custom distributions </li></ul></ul>
  194. 194. Nuxeo Distributions <ul><li>Nuxeo DM </li><ul><li>Improve collaboration tools </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Nuxeo DAM </li><ul><li>Continue to extend video support </li></ul></ul>
  195. 195. Nuxeo Distributions <ul><li>Nuxeo Case Management (available) </li><ul><li>Extract Case Management logic from projects </li></ul><li>Nuxeo RM (2011) </li><ul><li>DOD standard compliant Record Management engine </li></ul></ul>
  196. 196. Nuxeo Distributions <ul><li>Nuxeo Content Aggregator </li><ul><li>FeedServer + Data Harvesters + Content repository
  197. 197. Grid integration </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Core Server (already available) </li><ul><li>Repository Server (CMIS, WSS , Rest, RMI) </li></ul></ul>
  198. 198. Nuxeo Distributions <ul><li>Nuxeo Core Light-Server (available) </li><ul><li>Headless and lightweight Nuxeo server </li></ul><li>Nuxeo Desktop edition </li><ul><li>Packaged Offline Nuxeo DM client </li></ul></ul>
  199. 199. Thank You Links to Learn More About Nuxeo EP Product Site Nuxeo Studio and Connect Support Services Documentation Center Discussion Forums