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How To Manage Your Brand Reputation

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Take control of your story: how to manage brand reputation in a digital world. Originally presented at Social Media for Corporate Communications Conference in NYC in June 2016.

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How To Manage Your Brand Reputation

  1. 1. Take Control Of Your Story: How to Manage Brand Reputation in A Digital World Nataliya Yakushev, Digital marketing and branding strategist
  2. 2. How to Manage Your Brand Reputation in A Digital World Agenda  Brand vs Reputation  What defines reputation? Reputation vs Brand  Anatomy of Google search results  Online Reputation Elements  Reputation for B2B  Reputation Management: Best assets forward  Build and protect
  3. 3. What does ‘Reputation’ really mean? What’s the different between Brand and Reputation?  Brand and reputation are tightly linked but not synonymous.  Brands generate desire, aspiration and differentiation and motivates buyers to pay more  Reputation is the sum total of your track record.  Build brands to get the most return from them, but protect reputation  Brands are proactive. Reputation is defensive.
  4. 4. Brand vs Reputation Reputation in the “pre-Internet” era… Remember these?
  5. 5. Reputation vs Brand
  6. 6. Reputation vs Brand What is Reputation now? What you heard and remembered about the brand
  7. 7. Reputation vs Brand • 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews • 88% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations
  8. 8. Anatomy of Google Search Results  The first top 10 links define your brand creating an impression Q: Best Place to hide a dead body? A: 2nd page of Google Results
  9. 9. Anatomy of Google Search Results What Customers Expect and WANT to See:  Mobile- Friendly Website  Social Media Assets  Overly positive ratings on review sites (star ratings are ultimate eye magnets)  Third party validations (positive press)  Transparency (easily available contact information)
  10. 10. Anatomy of Google Search Results What Customers DO NOT Want to See but will be looking for:  Negative Reviews  Negative Press  Negative Social Media Comments  Businesses lose as many as 22% of customers when just one negative article  2 negative articles: increases to 59.2%.  4 of more? You’re likely to lose 70% of potential customers.
  11. 11. Online Reputation Elements Reputation Website Social Media Forums Review Sites Press Ratings Wikis This is your “Stack”
  12. 12. Online Reputation Elements Social Media Assets  Make sure your social media accounts actually appear on Google Search  Few Brands take advantage of Google Graph Capabilities Structured Data Markup
  13. 13. Online Reputation Elements Press  There will always be a mix of positive/negative press  Understand and recognize the difference between “in news now” and “in Google results forever” - predict what will stick around and help positive links to stay Authority of domain # of social interactions # of comments
  14. 14. These news links most likely will disappear from the first page in 2- 3 weeks
  15. 15. Online Reputation Elements Addressing Negative Reviews  Can’t suppress review sites - they are search engines themselves  Create your own - Explore star rating plugins/widgets that will allow you to display star reviews next to your website  Respond to negative comments when possible.  Encourage happy customer reviews
  16. 16. Online Reputation Elements Addressing Negative Social Media Comments  Know when to seek professional help (negative comments vs full blown crisis) – crisis management firms can assist  Keep in mind that social media negativity has short shelf life  Separate official brand and support social accounts if possible
  17. 17. Online Reputation Elements Wikis  Your Wikipedia page will always rank #1  Some people only go to Wiki  Google results can be changed. Wiki’s cannot.  People go to Wiki for factual information.  If you can – avoid creating a Wiki page.  It becomes a permanent repository of bad news.
  18. 18. Online Reputation for B2B Companies Does Online Reputation Matter for B2B Companies?  55% of the B2B buyers search for information on social media* Biznology Report 2016  Potential B2B customers aren’t just looking for information, they’re looking for a solid brand identity / Trust.  B2B buyers also look for outside verification.  Is your business being covered by the top thought leaders in your industry?
  19. 19. Protecting Online Reputation Steps to take to protect your online reputation:  Monitor the first two pages of search results for a Google query of a company name or product.  Monitor and analyze the current sentiment of reviews on popular review sites related to your business.  Ensure that all of the positive press about your brand is properly promoted – on your own social media platforms and posted on your own site as a link – not as reprint or a PDF.  If negative press exists, there are solutions for improvement. Your brand may benefit by highlighting and/or generating positive press and reviews about the product or service through SEO and ORM efforts
  20. 20. Anatomy of Google Search Results  Describe Your Brand in 10 best Links  What should be on your first page? What is your “Dream Page” ?  Put Your Best Foot Forward - what are your company’s best digital assets?  Make a “mock up” of what you want your customers to see  Build up and optimize these digital assets to get them on the first page of Google  Invest in SEO
  21. 21. Key Take Away’s  Brand And Reputation are like Music and Lyric- one impacts the other.  Google is where digital Reputations are made or broken  Make Google your Reputation “Canvas”  Google never forgets – but it can be persuaded  Optimize all of your digital assets  Reviews will be good and bad – deal with it.  People listen to other people – not your sales pitch  First Page of Google is your “Store Front”
  22. 22. Nataliya Yakushev