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Choosing an Ignite Topic
A visual guide
Choosing a strong Ignite topic is the foundation for your project. Here are four s...
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Choosing an Ignite Presentation Topic

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One of the toughest tasks when tackling a rapid-fire presentation such as PechaKucha or Ignite is landing on a unique and original topic. I created this infographic to assist students in brainstorming and choosing an Ignite presenation topic.

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Choosing an Ignite Presentation Topic

  1. 1. Choosing an Ignite Topic A visual guide Choosing a strong Ignite topic is the foundation for your project. Here are four surefire ways to choose a strong topic. Engage in divergent 1.and convergent thinking. It’s now time to collect and create information. resist the temptation during this initial phase to sit down with presentation software; it’s not quite time for that yet. --Nancy Duarte “ ” Generate as many ideas as possible. (Wild idea) Divergent Convergent Narrow it down to the best ideas Consider the working memory system to be a bit like a glass of water.... If too much water is added too quickly, the glass overflows. Christopher Craft, Palmetto Learning, LLC Avoid topics that are 2.overdone & old hat. Hint: if it’s on a speech topics website, it’s overdone. Narrow your 3.topic & Focus. All of climate change (too broad) Setting Thermostat (too narrow) successful speech topics.Learn the secret of choosing4. What do I know? What do I love? What matters to the audience? 1 2 4 3 5 Topic description Zone 1 Fix? 1. Perfect Speech Topic You know about it, you care about it, your audience cares about it. Stop! You’ve found it! 2. Great Topic, No Passion You know about it, and your audience is interested. Too bad you don’t care. Rediscover your passion. 3. Great Topic, Wrong Audience You know about it, and you care about it, but it’s not the right audience. Find common ground with your audience. 4. Fascinating Topic, No Personal Knowledge You are fascinated by it, and your audience is interested, but you know nothing about it. Grow your knowledge. Or, turn your presentation into an informal discussion. 5. It’s a Hobby, But is it a Topic? You like it and it interests your audience, but you don’t know very much about it. Use passion to fuel your research and audience analysis. References: Dlugan, A. (2010, October 25). “The Secret of Choosing Successful Speech Topics”. Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Blog. Retrieved February 24, 2013, from http:// Duarte, N. (2010). Resonate: present visual stories that transform audiences. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley. Duarte, N. (2012). HBR guide to persuasive presentations. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business Review Press. Reynolds, G. (2011). The naked presenter: delivering powerful presentations with, or without, slides. Berkeley, CA: New Riders. Water Drop Vector Image: by Fernando Vasconcelos via the Noun Project Typefaces: Edmondsans by james Edmonson and Ostrich by Tyler Finck Word Cloud by Tagxedo 3 ways to Go Green at Home (just right) Off Limits/Overdone:Off Limits/Overdone: eating healthy & exercising PC/Mac social media marketing abortion/death penalty smoking cigarettes legalizing marijuana violent video games save the world/go green be successful/follow your dreams music is too commercial