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Rhetorical Situation

  1. What is a Rhetorical Situation?
  2. The various parts that make up a piece of writing.
  3. A tool you can use to better prepare your writing or study the writing of others.
  4. Text/Medium Author Audience Purposes Setting Parts of a Rhetorical Situation
  5. Text Any form of medium humans use to communicate GDS Infographicsericmay
  6. Medium (what it was created in) Tools (what was used to create it) Cyphers (how it is understood) Text
  7. Author Background affects how something is written Audience Background affects how something is understood
  8. “Purposes “It is the varied purposes of a rhetorical situation that determine how an author communicates a text and how audiences receive a text” (Purdue OWL)
  9. Author Purpose Audience Purpose Informative Persuasive to inform to persuade to describe to convince to define to influence to review to argue to instruct to change to advise to advocate to illustrate to support Passive Active to feel reassured to gain evidence to be entertained to make informed decisions to learn to be engaged to enjoy to interpret to be advised to judge to review to crticize to understand to disprove
  10. Setting
  11. Community/ConversationGroups involved with the issue who discuss/communicate PlaceWhere writing and reading happen TimeSpecific moment in history
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