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5 Subjects for Frequent Recollection

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A PowerPoint Presentation of an important Buddhist Spiritual Practice - To contemplate on the facts of Conditioned Existence such as Impermanence, Ageing, Sickness, Death, Kamma ...
This frequent contemplation will help one to grow in spiritual qualities like kindness, compassion, non-attachment, letting go, wisdom ...
Texts in English and Chinese. Pics and Images from Google Image Search
For the Video with Reading in English, please check it out at the link:

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5 Subjects for Frequent Recollection

  2. 2. 2 I am subject to aging, have not gone beyond aging. I am subject to illness, have not gone beyond illness. I am subject to death, have not gone beyond death. I will grow different, separate from all that is dear and appealing to me. 我必会老, 我尚未超越老; 我必会病, 我尚未超越病; 我必会死, 我尚未超越死; 我亲爱的人或物, 终必会消失或离开我。
  3. 3. 3 Do Good, Avoid Evil, Purify the Mind I am the owner of my actions; I am born of my actions; I am related to my actions; I am supported by my actions; Any thoughts, words or deeds I do, good or evil, those I will inherit. These are the five facts that one should reflect on often. 我是业的拥有者,我是业的 继承者,业是我的根源, 业与我关系密切,业是我的 依归,无论善业或恶业, 我都要承受其果报。 这人生五件事, 我们都应经常省察。
  4. 4. 4 Before long, alas! This body will be laid on the earth, discarded, devoid of consciousness, and useless like a log of wood. 观 色 身 无 常, 败 坏 弃 地 上 神 识 空 无 有, 犹 如 废 焦 木
  5. 5. 5 Transient alas, are all conditioned things, subject are they to impermanence, birth and then decay; having gained birth to death, the life flux swings - bliss truly dawns when unrest dies away. 诸 行 实 无 常,是 生 灭 之 法 生 已 即 坏 灭,其 寂 止 为 乐
  6. 6. 6 Sooner or later we will all face death All kinds of beings surely will come to death; they have always died, will always die. In the same way I shall surely die; doubt about this does not exist in me. 诸 有 情 会 死,已 死 和 将 死 如 是 我 将 死,对 此 我 不 疑
  7. 7. 7 Worldlings subject to illness, old age, and death, get disgusted seeing others with such afflictions. If I were to become disgusted seeing beings with these natural afflictions, that would not be proper since I too must age, be sick and die. 凡夫厌恶老者、病者、死者, 殊不知,人人皆会老、会病、会死。 我若与凡夫一样,那是不恰当的,也非修行者的所为。
  8. 8. 8 While I was contemplating on this, having known the state of letting go, I overcame all intoxicants - intoxication with health, with youth, and with life - having seen security in renunciation. 如是省察与修习,了知无依,战胜一切骄傲,对健康、 年青与生命已无依恋,因为, 已见到舍离(出家)的安稳啊!
  9. 9. 9 Zeal then arose in me as I clearly saw Nibbāna. Now I am incapable of indulging in sensual pleasures. Completely devoted to the spiritual life, never will I turn back. 亲 证 涅 盘 後, 内 心 坚 忍 不 拔, 於 诸 欲 无 染, 梵 行 已 立, 不会退转。
  10. 10. 10 The End Brothers and Sisters in the Dhamma “Contemplating most constantly on The 5 Subjects for Frequent Recollection, may we strive on diligently in the Dhamma for Peace, Bliss and Liberation.” With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin