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Fulfilling Your Every Wish - A Meaningful Story (Eng & Chi).pptx

  1. ~ 实现你的每一个愿望 - 一个有意义的故事
  2. Once upon a time a man went to a Zen Master and cried out to him, “Oh wise one! I have come to you to seek a solution to many problems in my life. It seems that whenever I find a solution to one problem, another one arises in my life. Please help me understand the nature of problems and their answers to help me in my life. 从前,一个人去找一位禅师,对他喊道:“哦,聪明人! 我来找你是为了寻求解决 我生活中许多问题的方法。似乎每当我找到一个问题的解决方案时,另一个问题就会 出现在我的生活中。 请帮助我了解问题的本质及其答案,以帮助我的生活。 实现你的每一个愿望 - 一个有意义的故事 ~
  3. The Zen Master said, “I will tell you a story. Listen carefully.” Then the Zen Master started to narrate a story to the man and the story goes like this: ‘Once upon a time, a man was walking up a mountain. While walking along, he accidentally entered Paradise. 禅师说:“我给你讲个故事。 仔细听。” 然后禅师开始给这个人讲一个故事, 故事是这样的:“从前,一个人走上山。 走着走着,一不小心进入了乐园。
  4. In Paradise there was a divine wish-fulfilling tree which was called Kalpavriksha. Kalpavriksha is a special tree indeed. If you just sit under the tree and wish for anything, immediately that wish would be fulfilled. The man was tired after walking for a long time. When he saw the Kalpavriksha, he thought of having some rest under the tree. 天堂里有一棵神圣的如意树,叫做 Kalpavriksha。 Kalpavriksha 确实 是一棵特殊的树。 如果你只是坐在树下许愿什么,那个愿望马上就会实 现。 走了很久,男人累了。 当他看到 Kalpavriksha 时,他想在树下休 息一下。
  5. As he lay under the tree, he fell asleep. After sometime he woke up. He was feeling very hungry. He thought in his mind, “How I wish I could get some delicious food from somewhere.” As the thought went through his mind, immediately some delicious food appeared out of nowhere. 他躺在树下,睡着了。 过了一会儿,他醒了。 他感到非常饥饿。 他心 里想:“我多么希望我能从哪里得到一些美味的食物。” 念头一转,顿 时一道美味的食物凭空出现。
  6. The man was so hungry that he did not give any thought as to where the food had come from. He immediately started eating the food. The food was so delicious that he finished the food within minutes. Now after eating food, he felt very satisfied. Then another thought arose in his mind. He thought, “How nice it would be to have some delicious drinks to drink!” No sooner had he thought such thoughts in his mind, precious wine and delicious drinks appeared from nowhere. 这个人太饿了,他根本没有想过食物是从哪里来的。 他立即开始吃食物。 食物 太美味了,他在几分钟内就吃完了。 现在吃完饭,他觉得很满足。 紧接着,他 的脑海中又升起了一个念头。 他想:“要是能喝点好喝的饮料该多好啊!” 他 的脑海里刚刚冒出这样的念头,宝酒美酒不知从哪里冒了出来。
  7. Seeing this, he became very happy and started drinking the delicious drinks. As he was drinking the wine in the cool shade of the divine tree, with the cool breeze of Paradise caressing his face, he started wondering, “What is happening? Why is my every wish getting fulfilled?” He thought, “There must be a ghost around here who is playing tricks on me.” 见状,他高兴极了,开始喝起美味的饮品。 他在神木阴凉处饮酒,天国 的凉风拂面,不禁疑惑道:“这是怎么回事? 为什么我的每一个愿望都 得到了满足?” 他想:“这附近肯定有鬼在捉弄我。”
  8. As soon as he pictured the horrifying ghost in his mind, the ghost appeared. The ghost was ferocious, horrifying and terrifying. The man started to tremble with fear and thought, “Now the ghost will surely kill me.” And as the thought went through his mind, the ghost killed him on the spot. He dropped on to the ground dead.’ 脑海中刚刚浮现出那个恐怖的鬼影,那个鬼影就出现了。 那鬼魂狰狞可 怖,令人毛骨悚然。 那人吓得浑身发抖,心想:“现在鬼一定要杀了 我。” 念头一闪,鬼魂当场杀了他。 他倒在地上死了。
  9. After narrating the story, the Zen Master looked at the confused face of the man and said “My dear friend, this story portrays your whole life. Kalpavriksha is none other than your own mind. Whatever you think sooner or later it is fulfilled. Sometime the time lapse is so long that you forgot that you have desired it. Sometimes the time lapse is very many years. The time lapse can even be over lifetimes. Therefore always be careful about the desires and thoughts that arise in your mind because it is your thoughts that are creating your life.” 说完这个故事,禅师看着那人一脸的迷茫,说道:“亲爱的朋友,这个故事就是你一 生的写照。 Kalpavriksha 就是你自己的头脑。 你想的迟早会实现。有时时间流逝太 长以至于你忘记了你想要它。有时时间流逝是很多年。 时间流逝甚至可以跨越一生 。 因此,要时刻注意心中升起的欲望和念头,因为正是你的念头在创造你的生活。 ”
  10. LIFE LESSONS From The Story 故事中的人生教训 If we reflect on our lives, then we will find that this Kalpavriksha is none other than our own mind. Your thoughts create your hell. Your thoughts create your heaven. They create your misery, they create your blessings. Your thoughts are the ones responsible for creating the negatives in your life and your thoughts are the ones responsible for creating the positives in your life. 如果我们反思我们的生活,那么我们会发现这个 Kalpavriksha 就是我们自 己的心。你的想法创造了你的地狱。 你的思想创造你的天堂。 他们制造你 的痛苦,他们制造你的祝福。您的想法是造成生活中消极因素的原因,而 您的想法是造成生活中积极因素的原因。 头脑是它自己的地方 ,它本身可以制造地 狱中的天堂,天堂中 的地狱。
  11. 11 If you think bad you will be bad or meet with bad and if you think you are good you will be good. If you consider yourself worthy then you are worthy and if you consider yourself unworthy you will be really unworthy. If you believe that your future is bright then your future will be bright and if you believe that your future is dark then your future will be dark. 如果你认为自己不好,你就会变坏或遇到坏人;如果你认为自己很好, 你就会很好。 如果你认为自己有价值,那么你就是有价值的,如果你认 为自己不值得,那么你将真的不值得。 如果你相信你的未来是光明的, 那么你的未来就会是光明的;如果你相信你的未来是黑暗的,那么你的 未来就会是黑暗的。 你今天创造你的未来
  12. 12 You can have whatever you want with your mind. You are a magician spinning and giving “magical words” around yourself. You are then caught in your own web. There is no one torturing you except yourself. Your whole life is your own work, your own creation. 你可以随心所欲地拥有任何你想要的东西。 你是一个魔术师,在自己周 围旋转并给出“魔术词”。 然后你就陷入了自己的网中。 除了你自己, 没有人折磨你。 你的整个生命都是你自己的作品,你自己的创造。
  13. Reflection on Dhammapada Verse 1 法句经第 1 节的反思 The mind is the forerunner of all things, the mind is their leader, they are created by the mind. If one speaks or acts with impure thoughts, suffering caused by them follows, as the wheel follows the hoof of the ox. 心为万物之先导,心为万物之 首,万物为心所造。 如果一个 人以不净的思想说话或行动, 那么由它们引起的痛苦就会随 之而来,就像车轮跟随牛蹄一 样。
  14. Reflection on Dhammapada Verse 2 法句经第 2 节的反思 The mind is the forerunner of all things, the mind is their leader, they were created by the mind. If one speaks or acts with pure thoughts, happiness caused by it follows, like one's shadow that never leaves him. 心为万物之先导,心为万物之 首,万物为心所造。 如果一个 人以清净的念头说话或做事, 由此产生的快乐就会随之而来 ,就像一个人的影子永远不会 离开他。
  15. May You Be Well and Peaceful. 愿你安好平安 With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin 愿我们消除贪婪、 仇恨和头脑中的妄想。 届时我们将获得解放, 获得崇高的真理。