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NearPod Presentation - Online Teaching Conference 2014

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This is how I use NearPod in my Visual Thinking classes, and some of the reasons I love it.

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NearPod Presentation - Online Teaching Conference 2014

  1. 1. Why I love using NearPod OTC 14 Michael Kieley • Loyola Marymount University
  2. 2. • to be brilliantly inspired • to find out more about a tech I might try • to be engaged by a presentation about engagement • to be out of here in 20 minutes • free ice cream what are you hoping to get out of this session?
  3. 3. Team Up Your chance for Questions #1 fill in the blank (think of a question you’d like to ask everyone in the room).
  4. 4. about NearPod
  5. 5. I can instantly learn what is on the minds of the people in the room.
  6. 6. What would you like to learn about NearPod? interactive: fill in the blank
  7. 7. NPP’s can eliminate ... (NearPod Presentations)
  8. 8. It is quiet I don’t need to summarize in words.
  9. 9. Shy students express themselves more freely Because responses are shared anonymously. (This can also result in outrageous answers by pranksters).
  10. 10. In a few seconds I can share what people are thinking in a VISUAL way.
  11. 11. It allows me to check in with everyone really quickly.
  12. 12. Presentation: VTintroSlides NP 5 Post SessionReport Presentation Slides Author Teacher Date Time VTintroSlides NP 5 46 Michael Kieley Michael Kieley 08/30 20:52 # of Students Student Participation Quizzes Correct Answers 12 76% 0% Student List # Nickname ID Correct # Nickname ID Correct 1 Brian 75% 2 Christina 75% 3 Clay 69% 4 Doug 75% 5 Geoff La Pointe 942000889 63% 6 George 75% 7 Haley 75% 8 Henry 75% 9 Lauren 75% 10 Maura 75% 11 Nico(paul) 75% 12 Thaddeus 75% 1/22 I can give quizzes, summarize the responses instantly, and review them several months later. with NearPod “Reports”
  13. 13. I can share content with online students, or people who missed a face-to-face class. with NearPod “Homework”
  14. 14. Mobile Learning with NearPod Student mode works on iPhone.
  15. 15. Team Up Your chance Question #2 ask a survey question Responses: 1) always 2) usually 3) sometimes 4) never
  16. 16. Team Up UR Questions #3 Ask people to draw something! (funny, perhaps)
  17. 17. Team Up Your Questions #4 brainstorm a bit, and then give us a good caption for this cartoon...
  18. 18. Jot down a buzz word about online learning you NEVER want to hear again! interactive: fill in the blank
  19. 19. from this list, where would you most like to go? • The Grand Canyon • Kauai • Barcelona • NYC interactive: web page
  20. 20. The correct answer is Barcelona. if your using an iPad / iPhone, please stand up for the next bit
  21. 21. What is the lamest excuse you ever heard from a student? interactive: fill in the blank
  22. 22. If you use NearPod, what do you like best? interactive: fill in the blank
  23. 23. Bored of Education 8 things teachers sometimes do which cause boredom... interactive: multiple choice
  24. 24. NearPod Started out as an iPOD app. Then the iPad arrived--perfect screen size. Runs on iPhone in Student Mode only. Android app now available. Works on PC/Mac computers.
  25. 25. THE NPP IS CREATED ON YOUR COMPUTER Browser based so it works on PC / Mac.
  28. 28. Is there anything else you’d like to know about NearPod? interactive: fill in the blank
  29. 29. OTC 14 Michael Kieley • Loyola Marymount University @visthinkteacher
  30. 30. OLé