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Pam Hardy Intro ppt

  1. If you’re ready to hire one person with many skills…
  2. … this versatile business professional fits all the pieces together. MARKETING WRITING OFFICE SKILLS PROMOTION
  3. Exceptional creativity… expert writing skills… project management experience…
  4. interacting professionally with customers, suppliers and coworkers… competent graphic design and desktop publishing… proven ability to cut costs and optimize limited budgets.
  5. This versatile writer and marketing specialist offers solid marketing communications, technical writing, public relations, sales promotion and administrative support experience in several business sectors. A reliable team player, Pam’s motivation, proven skills and quality commitment will add immediate value to your organization. Capable, conscientious, creative marketing/PR/office support Westlake, Ohio [email_address] See profile & presentation at www.linkedincom Meet Pam Hardy
  6. Pam’s Professional Experience
  7. Pam has solid experience with… Sales Materials, Brochures, Newsletters Electronic Sales Promotion Event Promotion, Advertising
  8. MARKETING PROMOTION CONSULTANT Independent projects (2002 - Present) • Correspondent for Sun Newspapers, other free-lance magazine writing and editing assignments • Marketing consulting for e-Ventus, Cleveland lean/ERP software solutions provider • Event promotion, proposals and advertising for Western Enterprises/Western Innovation/WestWinds (Westlake, OH), manufacturer and distributor of gas handling equipment • Marketing projects for Old Stone Church (Cleveland) • Sales brochures for national BusinessWeek Magazine special sections
  9. MARKETING SPECIALIST Q-Lab Corporation, Westlake, OH Manufacturer and service provider in the product durability testing field. Products sold internationally include metal test substrates, exposure racks, and laboratory weathering/light stability/corrosion testers. Services include accredited outdoor and laboratory testing, as well as calibration.
  10. Marketing Specialist Responsibilities at Q-Lab Corporation • Design, copywriting, production management for company literature (in several languages) • Editing newsletters for print and electronic publication • Technical writing, editorial projects and publicity/press relations • Company and competitive advertising/publicity monitoring and reporting • Advertising, trade show/conference promotion • Managing media, supplier and branch office relationships Skills Development at Q-Lab Corporation • Extensive training in weathering/light stability science • Training and experience with Adobe Creative Suite • Print and electronic direct marketing and web content experience • Working with multiple authors to meet editorial requirements • Working with international branch offices, distributors, media and suppliers • Generating monthly/quarterly advertising and publicity reports in Excel
  11. MARKETING MANAGER Penton Media, Inc., Cleveland, OH www. penton .com Global, diversified business-to-business media company producing advertising- and sponsorship-supported publications, directories, conferences and trade shows, custom media services, websites, online events and directories (formerly Penton Publishing).
  12. Marketing planning and project management Designing and producing sales materials Marketing communications, branding and identity management Events coordination and promotion Directory management Customer service Special projects, product introductions Competitive analysis Marketing Manager Functions at Penton Media
  13. • Generating internal and external marketing communications to build brands, support customer relationships and increase sales. • Multi-level project management, simultaneously balancing on-going assignments from several publishers and directors. • Understanding operational aspects of the printing/publishing, trade show/conference and electronic media business. • Managing people and projects effectively in order to meet deadlines and control costs. • Incorporating new technologies and implementing process improvements to increase efficiency and deliver better customer service. • Developing expertise in Word, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Quark Xpress and Internet research. Skills Development at Penton Media Managed multiple component and multimedia campaigns over several months
  14. OTHER PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Barnes, Wendling, Cook & O’Connor (now Barnes Wendling CPAs), Cleveland, OH Communications Manager for regional CPA firm, a new position responsible for marketing materials, client education and firm advertising/publicity • Created firm identity and customer communications program including logo, business stationery, newsletter, advertising, and award-winning company capabilities brochure • Promoted and coordinated client education seminars • Developed and maintained customer mailing list Greater Cleveland advertising and PR agencies Public relations, advertising and administrative positions for industrial, retail, commercial, health/medical, social service, professional, educational and cultural organization accounts. • Placed classified advertising nationwide, wrote print and broadcast advertising copy • Produced local and national PR campaigns • Generated extensive NE Ohio publicity for non-profit health and services organizations
  15. Pam’s Project Management Case Studies
  16. “ 3-in-1” Impact Cuts Cost in New Magazine Launch OBJECTIVES Create sales materials to build awareness and sell ads in a new magazine introduced at a trade show. Support exhibit sales at the trade show, for which our group had promotional responsibility. CHALLENGES Company management closely watched the success of this launch due to substantial corporate investment in the new magazine development and the trade show. Need for many copies of a prototype showing the new dimensions and editorial style of the magazine (prior to large format digital printing option). Support a consistent family look with marketing materials already produced by an outside design firm. Promote sales at a trade show just re-named and moved to a new location. SOLUTION Produced a media kit in the same size and style of the magazine, with sample editorial screened in the background and sales information included on each page, wrapped with a ‘belly band’ introductory brochure. Promoted the trade show in an ad on the back of the media kit, showing the larger ad size in the new publication. RESULTS The prototype and show promotion ad (designed in-house) required only one printed piece, saving printing and production costs. These materials maintained the family look of the media kit brochure and presentation designed in conjunction with the outside firm.
  17. New Directions for the Millennium OBJECTIVES Position a 40-year-old publication as a dynamic, contemporary marketing vehicle in the new millennium. Keep customers well-informed about changes and supplied with updated information during the year. CHALLENGES Make a mature title attractive to advertisers in comparison with its popular new sister publication, Supply Chain Technology News , and relevant in a time of concern about potential Y2K problems (Fall 1999). Maximize the investment in the media kit (done by an outside design firm) by adapting the look to other materials. SOLUTION Worked with a performance-proven outside agency to design an all-in-one media kit and folder with distinctive and contemporary graphics. Minimal copy called out reader testimonials about the value of the publication. Used graphic elements from the main brochure in the calendar and quarterly update sheets (produced in-house). RESULTS Combining the main brochure with the media folder in one piece cut printing costs, mailing weight, and gave the media kit a unique appearance. Using the same graphic elements in other pieces provided a unified look while allowing for periodic customer updates. This media kit won a 2000 Cleveland Advertising Association ADDY Award Certificate of Merit.
  18. Customer Communications Evolve with Changing Technologies OBJECTIVES Provide customers with updated media kit information without reprinting the media kit (no online option then available). Replace monthly promotional mailings with less-expensive and faster alternatives for getting information to customers. Take advantage of current technologies to cut costs and assist busy sales staff. SOLUTION Developed brief “quick guides” with basic media kit info for faxing or emailing at customers’ request. Marketing newsletters of 8-12 pages (mailing quarterly) replaced monthly mailings; followed by 2-page newsletters faxed monthly; replaced by email and online marketing newsletters when this became feasible in 2003. Consistently reduced production and delivery costs as technology made new options available; maintained database with mailed customer surveys to update contact information and determine their communications preferences. RESULTS Printing and mailing costs for promotion were cut dramatically. Improved customer service (requests for media information could be fulfilled immediately with the quick guides). Customers received more information with less frequency, respecting their busy schedules.
  19. Updating Communications to Build Global Brand CHALLENGES Management preferred maintaining 2-color print format and procedures used for at least 15 years. Major competitor (foreign-owned) had well-developed online newsletter in several languages. SOLUTION Redesigned format to match other branded materials; sourced supplier to print 4-color at less cost than 2-color. Sourced reliable domestic and European translation firms for foreign language editions; applied desktop publishing skills to quickly place translated Word documents into English-language newsletter template. Collaborated with internationally-known consultant on writing a technical series for the newsletter. Incorporated multiple format response options in print and email versions. Spearheaded placement of the newsletters on the company website. RESULTS Customers used our newsletter’s case histories on their websites, increasing exposure. Domestic and international sales team gained an important sales and customer education tool. Increased electronic subscription requests and inquiries via the website. OBJECTIVES Update customer/prospect newsletter to provide more in-depth information and enhance company’s image. Support branding efforts (recent company name and logo changes). Facilitate translations of the newsletter into multiple languages, supporting international sales. Improve the product and inquiry response, without increasing costs.
  20. Adding Personality to Customer Relations OBJECTIVES Introduce customers to integrated marketing options expanded from two magazines in 1997 to five product segments in 1998. Reassure customers that good products and services would continue with the expansion, because of our talented and committed staff. CHALLENGES Extremely competitive environment with three major competitors in the field. New staff members, plus a change of publisher right before prime selling season. SOLUTION Designed a striking media kit with a 5-Star theme (reflecting the five product segments) with inside pages presented in a distinctive format. Targeted promotional mailing to major customers included a 5-Star Feast chef’s apron, mailed with a special booklet explaining the integrated media selections and the people behind the products. This booklet featured short bios and the favorite personal recipes of 23 staff members from the main and field offices, a customer service response form, and an insert introducing the new publisher. RESULTS Costs were low because much of the work was done in-house. The 5-Star theme was used throughout the marketing year in newsletters, advertising and promotion pieces, creating a unified promotional message. Salespeople reported positive customer feedback on the aprons and the recipes’ personal touch.
  21. EDUCATION AND TRAINING Continuing education credits for business seminars; completed Cleveland Advertising Association/DMA Direct Marketing course; completed Power Selling course; professional development seminars and conferences through Cleveland Federation for Community Planning, Cleveland State University, Baldwin-Wallace College and the Public Relations Society of America Completed computer training in Adobe Creative Suite, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Quark Xpress and Lotus Notes B.A., The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH Allegheny College, Meadville, PA
  22. ASSOCIATIONS Publicity manager for Berea Grindstone Players theater group Marketing, advertising, music fund-raising, committee work for The Old Stone Church, Cleveland, OH. Developed employment networking website. Promotion and publicity for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northeastern Ohio Chapter Former member and chairperson of the Women’s Roundtable of the Public Relations Society of America, Cleveland Chapter Former member of the City Club of Cleveland
  23. Why Pam Hardy stands out from the crowd Marketing, sales support, advertising, public relations, admin expertise -- all in one package. Professionalism, poise and good customer service skills gained from an exceptional range of experience. There are ‘divas’, and there are ‘doers’. Pam knows the difference and can put a ‘hands-on’ attitude to work for you.
  24. Pam Hardy is ready, willing and able to fill your business office position competently – and learn new skills to be an even more valuable contributor to your success. • Marketing promotion • Marketing communications/PR • Content or technical writer • Sales support • Account service • Administrative/executive assistant Let’s talk soon! Email me at [email_address]