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Mastering SOLIDWORKS BOMs in OpenBOM - Part IV (Webinar #27 - )

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The final part of OpenBOM Mastering for SOLIDWORKS speaks about how to manage changes and updates in BOMs created from Solidworks. It includes changes in design, revisions, and FFF principles.

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Mastering SOLIDWORKS BOMs in OpenBOM - Part IV (Webinar #27 - )

  1. 1. In OpenBOM Part IV Maintaining your BOM Steve Hess Director of User Experience, OpenBOM August 26, 2020 © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Mastering SolidWorks BOMs
  2. 2. Webinar basics You are all muted Please type questions in the chat window or send to We will publish a recording following the event I will share this deck with the playback. This is meant to be a casual event….. And maximise use of time © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  3. 3. About Mastering Solidworks BOMs in OpenBOM There are several “Episodes” as follows: Webinar #24: New BOMs, Settings, Properties, Update OpenBOM, Save Item Webinar #25: Part Classifications (Catalogs), Templates, Bi-Directional properties Webinar #26: SolidWorks Configurations Webinar #27: SWX BOM Maintenance (last in the Solidworks series) © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  4. 4. Webinar #27 (today) in particular Quick Review of “BOM” Command does We are asked to incorporate a longer aerial Creating the Rev 2 of the BOM © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  5. 5. Definitions: Purchased Assembly: An Item like a pump, PCB, Cable or other Solidwork assembly which has been modeled with all the levels and sublevels but you buy it as a single line item. Configuration: The Solidworks “configuration” - specifically. Assembly or Part Catalog: A list of Items used by your company to make your products. Often called a Classification or Inventory or an Item Master, this is a list of parts and sub-assemblies and associated information needed to put your final product together. © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  6. 6. OpenBOM for SolidWorks Basics ● OpenBOM requires the installation of an addin to create BOMs from Solidworks ○ ● BOMs are created from SWX Assemblies only ● Individual SWX Parts may be saved to OpenBOM using Save Item Command ● OpenBOM for Solidworks integration requires a license ○ Free Trial or Professional User or above. ○ Or, You may be a member of your Team or Company ● SolidWorks 2016 or later although some functionality works with earlier swx versions ● Solidworks PDM and Windows File Explorer addins are supported but not covered here ● Upload from Folders, Excel, other CAD also supported in other webinars © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  7. 7. Lessons Lesson #1 - (2 minute review) Of the existing W26 BOM, Order BOM, PO Lesson #2 - Brining in the Rev 2 of the Aerial to Solidworks model. Lesson #3 - Updating the item(s) in OpenBOM Lesson #4 - Creating a new Order BOM and PO © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  8. 8. Live session….Lesson #1 Two minute review 1. Review the solidworks wireless router model 2. Open Wireless Router BOM 3. Review the BOM, Order OBM, POs 4. Create Rev 1 5. Release Order BOM 6. Goto Solidworks 7. Review Settings 8. Lesson #2 Lengthen the aerial. Coworker send us the Rev 2 of the Aerial Body 1. In Solidworks, Open Wireless Router from W26 2. Open Aerial-W26.sldasm 3. RMB Aerial Cover-W26 and Replace with -W27 4. Since we are buying the aerial assy as a purchased assy we Set the Revision of Aerial-W26.SLDASM to 2 5. Open properties, set Revision to 2 6. Save the Aerial-W26.sldasm Solidworks assy 7. OpenBOM -> Save Item to update the OpenBOM aerial item 8. So now, the longer aerial as Rev 2 is in OpenBOM, this is a FFF change so we are not changing the part number. (watch the webinar on Form Fit and Function) © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  9. 9. Live session….Lesson #3 Rev up the BOM 1. Go to the BOM and expand to Aerial 2. See the Aerial Assy is Rev 2 3. Open Composed Of for PCB-2234 4. Save a Revision of the PCB BOM 5. Close PCB-2234 6. Back to Top Level 7. SIngle Level 8. Save Revision 9. So i've rolled the rev all the way up to the top level 10. Expand down too see the aerial is at Rev 2 Lesson #4 New Order BOM and POs, Release order to Prod 1. From the Top Level 2. Click Order BOM 3. Create order for 12 Units 4. Create POs 5. Release Order BOM to production 6. Notice how QOH updates © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  10. 10. Do’s and Don’ts ● Do always use unique part numbers. If you have Door.sldasm containing Door.sldprt OpenBOM will give each PN=”Door”. So use one of the methods described in earlier webinars to set uniques part number. ● Don’t rely on File Name. Consider non-intelligent part numbers. ● Do be mindful of your “Default Catalog” when Creating BOM (Solidworks Items) ● Do read the messages, they say what is going to happen ● Do Use “BOM” (one click BOM & Catalog) and “Save Item” (for updating a catalog) ● Don’t use the “Catalog” command. It is being deprecated. ● If you use configurations spend time to understand this. Webinar #26 ● Be sure each configuration has it’s own part number OR is derived. ● Watch for duplicate BOMs for configurations!!! Flatten Quantities will be double! ● → Stick to Default when possible
  11. 11. References Solidworks first 3 minutes: OpenBOM Webinars (see #24,25 & #26) OpenBOM Basics OpenBOM Help - a great place to start © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  12. 12. Questions / comments ? Please send to or use the Support feature in OpenBOM © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)