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Webinar #21 - Formulas and Calculations 2.0

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This is a slide deck for the OpenBOM webinar about formulas and calculations. It focuses on new features in OpenBOM June 2020 release - catalog formulas, automatic formulas, and more...

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Webinar #21 - Formulas and Calculations 2.0

  1. 1. More about OpenBOM Formulas, Totals and Rollups - Part II (June 2020) Steve Hess Director of User Experience, OpenBOM © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  2. 2. Webinar basics You are all muted Please type questions in the chat window There should be a [] button in the upper right to go full screen If anyone is having trouble we will be publishing a recording and this slide desk following the event This is the inaugural use of a new webinar tool so asking for your patience © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  3. 3. Definitions: Totals: A setting that when enabled, displays column sum in the bottom row of the Single Level BOM screen Formula: a mathematical function created by the Formula Builder in a single cell. May be applied to all rows, even sub-levels when defined as “Rollup” Rollup: A feature of a formula. When a formula is defined as a “Rollup” OpenBOM will look down all sub-levels, SUM that property (often Cost) and return the SUM up one level. Multi Level BOMs only. © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  4. 4. Lessons → Formulas in Catalogs, Add A Disposal Fee to your Item Base Cost → Display Totals, See the total Cost of your Inventory! → Creating and editing a Formula → Using the Rollup option in the Formula editor (always use Quantity) → Define a Cost Rollup for a multi-level BOM, get the total cost of your BOM © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  5. 5. Live session…. ● Open Global Electronics Catalog ● Show values contributing to Cost ● Define a formulas for Disposal Fee ● Define Formula for Cost ● Set Fee to Zero for Labor ● Add COGS ● Set COGS formula ● Show Totals in Catalog - get the total cost of your inventory ● Cost will be reported to BOMs ● OK, let's move over to the BOM ● See how Cost comes from Catalog to BOM for Cap ● Add Extended Cost ● Demonstrate how extended cost changes with quantity ● Switch to Multi Level ● Expand the LED MOD ● Change Silicone White value using Item Master ● © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  6. 6. SUM (Calc cost) Total Value X X X Cost * Quantity © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.) Rollup mechanics!
  7. 7. Troubleshooting #ERR is an indication that you have a problem with your formula. Hover over the cell to see more information about what is wrong. Should be a red triangle. Formulas support one set of parens ( ). Rollups must have only two values: Ex. Cost * Quantity Up to two property rollups or Totals per BOM (ex. Mass and Cost) Reload browser can clear many issues Unresponsive formula? Edit Formula and “Apply to all”, click OK Supported operator are: +,-,*,/ () © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  8. 8. References Using Formulas to determine “units”and “box purchase cost” - OpenBOM Basics OpenBOM Help - a great place to start Working with Rollups © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)
  9. 9. Questions / comments ? Please send to or use the Support feature in OpenBOM Webinar video will be shared to our youtube channel soon. © OpenBOM, 2020 (Newman Cloud Inc.)