The future of learning

Education writer, Programme Manager at Nesta en Nesta, Oliver Quinlan
24 de Jun de 2014

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The future of learning

  1. The future of learning and your place in it Oliver Quinlan @oliverquinlan
  2. Where are we now?
  3. Industrial Education CC BY SA ND Envinacco
  4. CC BY SA Steve Paine The Future?
  5. CC BY SA Kelly Short
  7. Preparation for the future
  8. CC BY NC SA Tom Ellefson
  9. CC BY NC Patrick
  10. CC BY ND Emma LB ‘The Intergenerational Contract’Facer
  11. Information Photo: BostonTx on Flickr
  12. Digital Information Photo:Ammon Beckstrom on Flickr
  13. Web 1.0
  14. Web 2.0 Image: hkalant on Flickr Wikipedia
  15. Web 2.0
  16. ‘Participation culture’ Ewan Mcintosh
  17. “More than 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute” Youtube FAQ
  18. The Remix
  19. Image:
  20. Digital Literacies
  21. CC Doug Belshaw
  22. Photo:Tayrawr Fortune on Flickr
  23. Wood, C, Jackson, E., Plester, B. & Wilde, L. Children’s use of mobile phone text messaging and its impact on literacy development in primary school. (no date). Available at: (Accessed 2nd September 2012) “on every measure the children who were given mobile phones were found to outperform the children who were in the control condition”
  24. Photo: Eric Newth on Flickr
  25. Photo: David Goehring on Flickr
  26. Photo: David Goehring on Flickr
  27. Photo: John Blyberg on Flickr
  28. “Universal education through schooling is not feasible...”
  29. “Learning Webs”Illich (1971)
  30. Image: Google Maps, via
  31. ‘Shared awareness’ Ewan McIntosh
  32. Digital footprints
  33. Hannah Shelton ! 1st year undergraduate !
  34. “we have already made a Pecha Kucha presentation featuring software packages for teaching ICT in the classroom”
  35. “As a result five of my year 3 children are presenting at the Derby Pecha Kucha Night tonight”
  36. PechaKucha  images:     mpbroadhurst  on  Instagram  
  37. Filter bubbles
  38. Learning analytics
  39. Openness
  40. Napster or ebay..?
  41. “What’s the business model?”
  42. Learning Webs
  43. Oliver Quinlan @oliverquinlan