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The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood, Fractured Fairytale

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The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood, Fractured Fairytale

  1. 1. The Story of Little Red Riding Hood Once upon a time, a beautiful little gir.... " Okay okay! No! Stop right there! The names Jack, and I'LL read this story in MY way! So it was back in the day, let's see, 1957 when I was on my way to Fey's house to fix her uh, whatchamacallit, and I was interrupted by a wolf near the woods. I was walking along, then a wolf suddenly popped up and out of the bush. Now he didn't notice me so he crept along the dark brown,rocky path. It seems as though he too was going to Fey's house.As I know, Fey is DEATHLY afraid of wolves. I went further down the path when the wolf disappeared. I think because he saw me or heard me or somthin' like that.Time went by and soon enough, I appeared at the gas station near Fey's place.I went in to get my usual coke, when I saw something that reminded me of the wolf from earlier. It was a WANTED sign. I guess that ol' troublemaker was doin' some dirty deeds. It said that he had pretended to be someones mom, while the real mom was in the closet, and faked the son out, then, unfortunately, ate him. I told the clerk that I had seen him while on my way to Fey's.I said that he loked like he was going to Fey's too. Just then, it hit me. It was all coming together. the reason he was going to Fey's was because he too was gonna stuff he in a closet and eat her kids. But why? She didn't have any kids? She has grandkids but that's all. Well now I was confused. So I decided to head back to Fey's as soon as possible to see what he was up to.
  2. 2. I arrived sooner that later and looked at the house. Nothing was wrong. No one had broke in or anything. Was I wrong about him? Maybe he was just taking a stroll and it happened to be where I was too. Just then, I heard a scream coming from the house! I budged the door open and as I suspected, the wolf was dressed up like Fey. To my surprise, Fey's Grandaughter Little Red, was there. Ohhh so that's why the wolf came! He knew that Little Red was comin'.Unfortunately, all that thinking was delaying me from stopping the wolf so I She didn't even know it was the dumb wolf! I could tell that she was under his spell. He was saying his usual, which was, "Better to smell you with" and "Better to see you with" and "Better to eat you with!" So I jumped in between them and stopped the wolf. I saved the day, Little Red Riding Hood, and Fey. I did have some external injuries and as for the wolf, well, he was sent to the Zoo for the Insane, after he came back jail of course. Well I hope you've enjoyed the REAL story, instead of that dumb "Once upon a time" bogus.Well now, I actually have to fix Fey's whatchimacalit like I was supposed to at the beginning!! Well SEEYA!!! THE END