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Email marketing for non profits

Email Marketing for Non-Profits:

It seems that nonprofits are so afraid of looking too “business-like”, that they create messages and landing pages stocked with lots and lots of text. It’s about creating urgency and messaging that communicates the need.

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Email marketing for non profits

  1. 1. Email Marketing for Nonprofits by OmnePresent
  2. 2. ● We generally think of only companies or campaigns having value propositions ● For nonprofit companies, communicating the value proposition effectively is necessary for survival ● Why should people read your entire email or click through to a landing page? Introduction
  3. 3. Why Value Proposition? ● In the case of nonprofits, it seems this challenge is stronger, with no promise of a product at the end ● This value proposition of action for email marketing answers the question behind why customers should take a specific action when they get your email — click ● Once people land on your page, that’s when you give them the reason to take action
  4. 4. Conclusion ● To best serve both the charity and the donors, the marketing department needed to communicate the reason that the nonprofit existed and why it needed support, regardless of the number of words ● The clearer the message behind the value proposition and the transparency of the urgency in the donation can make a huge impact on the overall success of a campaign.
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