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oneNS presentation ERDT - connector program


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oneNS presentation ERDT - connector program

  1. 1. Regional Enterprise Networks OneNS Coalition November 14, 2014
  2. 2. REN Background  6 RENs to be created, representing various geographic regions, replacing the 12 RDAs.  RENs will be independent entities guided by business based boards and core funded equally by Municipalities and the Province.  The impetus for the RENS was the withdrawal of federal funding and the Oct 2012 RDA Review panel report, “Renewing Regional Economic Development in Nova Scotia”.  The REN model was endorsed in the oneNS report 2
  3. 3. One NS Report: “Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action, for Nova Scotians” (February 2014) “The Regional Enterprise Network model provides a new and potentially powerful vehicle for coordinating the development efforts of different jurisdictions and generating greater cooperation and policy alignment across the province.” 3
  4. 4. “Valley REN” REN 1 REN 3 “Western REN” REN 2 “South Shore REN” REN 4 REN 6 REN 5 Current REN Boundaries Jul 2014
  5. 5. Vision  First Nations, municipal and provincial governments and businesses working together with a regional focus – a true partnership.  To guide and navigate regional economic development while providing support to businesses. 5 Mandate
  6. 6. REN Core Activities: 6 1. Develop /implement /monitor a regional economic development strategy. 2. Retention/expansion of businesses & attraction of new ones. 3. Inform partners and stakeholders about local business-climate conditions as well as regional challenges and opportunities
  7. 7. REN FACTS  Businesses are the clients, not governments  Led by boards with extensive private sector experience  Connectors among economic development partners  Provide regional leadership on economic development priorities  Joining a REN is by choice, not imposed. 7
  8. 8. Current Status of RENs  4 of 6 signed inter-municipal agreements • Western REN (May 29, 2014) • Valley REN (March 20, 2014) • South Shore REN (August 20, 2014) • Cape Breton REN (October 23, 2014)  The first two have boards in place, have incorporated and hired CEOs.  REN4 and REN5 are in active discussions. REN4 expected to sign before X-mas. 8
  9. 9. RENs and the GHP Halifax Connector Program  Is the Halifax Connector Program consistent with the REN mandate and core activities? • RENs are independent entities who develop their own unique Strategic Plan. The Province can suggest programs/tools but each REN decides on adoption. • Some RENs may adopt, others not. …depends on their identified priorities and whether or not the program would fit their regional situation. 9
  10. 10. Thank You Questions / Discussion 10

Notas del editor

  • Introductions
    Purpose – share information about RENs (what’s the opportunity)
    Understand benefits of joining a REN
    Learn how Mi’kmaq bands can get involved
    Seek advice on getting this information to all 13 Chiefs
    (Letter sent from Minister to Chiefs via KMKNO on Dec 11)
  • Co-location of economic development organizations whenever possible
    ERDT field staff will not be seconded; their activities will be aligned to the maximum extent possible and co-location will be encouraged.
    RENs will not allow scope creep to occur beyond the two core activities, as well as service delivery of business development activities.
    Establish economic development information and initial point of contact portal that covers the region.
    Work with existing organizations to identify a single organization that is the point of contact for businesses in the region that can navigate preliminary enquiries.
    Put in place the financial and human resources required, once this role is agreed upon
    Develop and implement strategies that facilitate entrepreneurism and start-ups of all types in the region
    Develop and implement strategies that foster innovation-based businesses, including manufacturing oriented enterprises and knowledge based service businesses
    Develop and implement strategies that foster business retention and expansion efforts building on the existing work of the RDAs.
    Develop and implement strategies that foster business investment and attraction, and a system for handling enquiries once received to assure appropriate follow up for the business.
    Develop a protocol via MOUs with existing economic development bodies in the region to define roles and responsibilities around various business development initiatives in the region. Regular meetings with the partners will ensure a collaborative and cohesive unit in a region.
    Identify service delivery gaps that may exist and who can best fill them with the economic development partners in the REN region.