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Siena meeting TAT - minutes

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This document has been drafted within the framework of the European project Talking about taboos.The project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The document reflects the view only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Siena meeting TAT - minutes

  1. 1. Talking About Taboos International Meeting in Siena (Italy) February 17th -18th , 2014 17th February 2014 - First day 10.00 > Opening of the meeting – Metrica Giulio Iannis presented the meeting and Metrica. 10.15 > Project introduction – ELAN Presentation of participants Giulio Iannis: Difficulty for people to find a job. find strategies to solve these problems. Help the people to have a different point of view. This is my idea to give my contribution. Pluriversum and Metrice are also improving the technologies for the education and career guidance. 10.45 > First part - Review of needs assessment phase results Metrica: Respect the official target: adults. Target would be teachers, immigrants, tutors, mentors. Focus groups with teachers/collect questionnaires/ Groups for improving methodologies/activities for dissemination. Involve other communities. Create e-learning environment. A platform. Create during the project a training package, to share in the platform. Involving Accademia Europea, because they have training packages too. Target groups for local actions: 1) Teachers 2) Trainers 3) Early school leavers. Special group of immigrants leaving the school. Elan Interculturel: not focused on discrimination people really suffer, but on the discrimination they produce. We have the impression to have not enough resources to give to trainers the tool to solve these situations. They usually don’t react. We want to continue the research about contents of stereotypes. Give the defense to people both outside or inside groups. Discussion on identity and stereotypes. 12.00 > Second part - Review of needs assessment phase results Questionnaire or focus group/or both. Deadline: 6 June present first result during Poland Meeting.
  2. 2. 15 people in focus group. Simple version: summary template with information of method of collection. Domains: books and tests Everyone is responsible of its own group, and also will be open to discussion. Sports: UK Symbolic: Poland Psycho background, social: France Teacher/classroom context: Italy Deadline: 26 may: Open platform just to show, internal area to share Proposal roles Coordination: Elan Interculturel Online platform: Everls Needs assesments: Metrica. Make sure templates come back in time, resource collection. Interviews/focus groups: Metrica Good practice: Onno. Promo/ dissemination: Beata and Onno - conference at the end - UK Evaluation: Beata and Onno. Local actions: Elan 14.00 > Design of local actions, evaluation system and tools Discussion on TAT logo - Black and white: color of prejudice. cheap to produce, a part ideological reasons, feeling of contrast everywhere. - Keep black and white 14.45 > Identification of good practice criteria and measurable goals of project and of local actions Dissemination
  3. 3. 16.30 > Presentation of the on line platform and discussion about updating activities and promotion Platform not ready yet, will be on line soon. 18 th February 2014 - Second day 9.15 > Presentations of Metrica: – Presentation of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation in the employment services in the Province of Siena - Tinka Preci (see slides) Presentation of Metrica: activities and experiences with young dropouts and disadvantaged people – Minna Kannisto/Stefania Milani (see slides) 11.00 > Workshop: experiences and resources for intercultural training – Silvia Volpi Silvia presented some resources for intercultural training in the form of two identity games (see description). 1) Geometrical Images (see the annex) 2) Take a step forward (See this link: 12.30 >Sharing of the workplan: next steps and new proposals Short check up of the calendar of the activities and the workplan by Vera: next steps to be realized. Each partner should bring ideas about the local activities for the Poland meeting and confirm who is going to participate (2-3 permanent members of the staff for the project should be confirmed). Website will be ready soon and partners are invited to provide contents. Vera also reminded about the common codes to be used in the communication: every time someone adds a file in dropbox it should be notified by mail in google group (ANTK=all need to know, ANTR=all need to respond and so on). Afternoon session 14.00 >Talking about Taboos in education and training: sharing feedbacks and ideas New projects/ideas for Erasmus+ program Vera for Elan Intercultural presented some of their upcoming trainings available for the Erasmus+ call for mobility of individuals 17th March.  Project to prevent early school leaving through forum theatre as a method. 5 days Training for trainers (Barcelona o Budapest)  Training about Body, culture, gender, sexuality. Cultural diversity.  Art as a method of adaption in an other country  Conference in Florence in novembre 2014  Storytelling and the use of its techniques as an educational strategy and a pedagogical tool in adult education
  4. 4. 14.45 > Discussion on final products of the project and which format (book, e-book, platform, video, ecc.) → during next meeting 16.30 > Evaluation of the meeting Short verbal evaluation: everyone expressed some positive and negative points of the meeting.