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OBF Academy - Selfie badges in skills recognition

Lotta Pakanen from the Sivis Study Centre talks about selfie badges; how to use selfie badges in identifying and recognizing skills relevant in working life. The webinar takes a look at a web course during which participants create badges, add evidence and seek endorsements.

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OBF Academy - Selfie badges in skills recognition

  1. 1. Selfie badges in skill recognition Lotta Pakanen, specialist 16.2.2021
  2. 2. • Sivis Study Centre is an institute promoting non-formal adult education. Sivis is partly funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. • Sivis is maintained by the Association for Educational Activities (AEA). We organize education and training for our member organisations (76), which represent the fields of health, education and culture, citizens’ advice, the environment and other specific areas of activity. All of our member organisations are politically independent. What is Sivis
  3. 3. • ”First touch” in 2011 • First badges issued in 2013 • Currently facilitates badge creation and co- operation in NGO-field (e.g. volunteer work and working life skills) • Involved with three levels of badge creation: – Nation wide level – Organisation level – Individual level Sivis & badges
  4. 4. Our goal is to enhance the validation of prior learning (informal & nonformal) in formal education and working life. Career advancement validation Qualification validation
  5. 5. Turning tables around The traditional way - An organisation creates and issues a badge based on evaluation of skills - An individual can add evidence and seek for endorsement Evidence adding and endorsement rarely happen Skills must match the badge The new opportunity - An individual creates and issues a badge to herself/himself - An individual adds evidence and seeks for endorsement actively  Evidence and endorsements keep the badge up-to-date  Badges display unique skills and competences
  6. 6. What is a selfie badge? Why? To display unique skills and take over skill definition. To empower an individual. To highlight skills that one aquires in everyday life. To show skills when lacking a digital certificate. How and where? By creating and issuing a badge in Open Badge Passport + using Canva. Adding evidence. Seeking for endorsements.
  7. 7. Examples of selfie badges
  8. 8. #ShowYourSkills
  9. 9. Evidence & endorsements