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Connect to the IoT with a lightweight protocol MQTT

Everything is connected in the Internet of Things. People, devices, machines, and more are all part of a network - sending and receiving data to and from other "things." What new opportunities can the IoT create for your business? The lightweight protocol MQTT can help connect to the Internet of Things.

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Connect to the IoT with a lightweight protocol MQTT

  1. 1. Connect to the IoT with a lightweight protocol: MQTT Kenneth Peeples Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat April 23, 2015
  2. 2. Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples Agenda ● Overview of MQTT for IoT ● Overview of MQTT with JBoss Fuse and A-MQ ● Demonstration with MQTT with Fuse on Openshift
  3. 3. Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples What is MQTT? ● Lightweight Message Transport Protocol ● Machine 2 Machine/Wireless Sensor Networks/Internet of Things Transport ● OASIS Standard – wg_abbrev=mqtt ● Growing Support ● Publish and Subscribe (PubSub) Model with Topics
  4. 4. Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples Why MQTT for IoT? ● Simple to implement ● PubSub for Sensor applications and devices ● Zero administration ● Lightweight and bandwidth efficient ● Last will and testament ● Data agnostic ● Quality of Service
  5. 5. Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples MQTT with Red Hat JBoss Fuse and A-MQ
  6. 6. Collect IoT Information Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples
  7. 7. Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples Demo Architecture
  8. 8. Resources: Red Hat | Kenneth Peeples ● ● ● ● ● ● mqtt.html