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Optio Solutions: Your Collections Solution

Optio Solutions, LLC. is an accounts receivable management and debt collection agency offering diplomatic, customized, effective and flexible services designed to optimize pre-collections and collections.

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Optio Solutions: Your Collections Solution

  1. 1. Your Collections SolutionAffordable. Effective. Diplomatic.
  2. 2. A Diplomatic Debt Collection AgencyOptio Solutions, LLC. is an accounts receivablemanagement and debt collection agencyoffering diplomatic, customized, effective andflexible services designed to optimize pre-collections and collections.
  3. 3. Collection Ethics Makes the DifferenceIn our blog, Ethics in Collection Means Walking the Talk, we stated"It is our mission at Optio Solutions to treat customers, consumersand associates with respect, integrity and in a professional andethical manner at all times. A diplomatic and respectful collectionapproach is highly effective in both getting your delinquent A/Rcollected and preserving your valuable customer relationships."Let us earn your business! Contact us today for a personalized,no-obligation consultation and accounts receivable analysis.
  4. 4. Optio Solutions Management Team• J. Chairman of the Board - J. David (Dave) Siembieda• David Siembieda has been the President and CEO of CrossCheck, Inc., the nations third largest check approval and guarantee provider, for over 12 years. He has over 20 years of experience in the check services field. President & CEO - Chris Schumacher • Chris has extensive experience in operational management, strategic planning and systems automation. Chris also has an impressive background in the accounts receivable management industry with over 18 years of leadership experience. Executive Vice President of Sales - Todd Volkers • Todd Volkers serves as Executive Vice President of Sales for Optio Solutions. Bringing to the team 23 years of experience in the collection industry, he has previously held the position of Vice President of both operations and sales at a receivables management company.
  5. 5. Optio Solutions Management Team (cont.) Karen Cividanes brings over 20 years of management, staffing and training experience to Optio Solutions. Karen was previously involved in creating and enforcing company policies and procedures, including initiating HIPAA policy, at offices throughout the Western United States. Doug Morrison has an extensive background in the collections industry, including 25 years in a management role. During his career, Doug has been responsible for multiple collection divisions throughout the country for one of the worlds largest financial services companies.
  6. 6. AffiliationsOptio Solutions provides collection services to companies inmany organizations.We are proud to be a member of the following professionalassociations: ACA International, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals Better Business Bureau CAC, the California Association of Collectors
  7. 7. Client Testimonials"It is wonderful working with a collections partner that understands the value of collecting funds while maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers. Optio truly understands the importance of serving as a business partner, not just a vendor. - Mike R, Language Software“I am writing to let you know how pleased we have been with the service provided by Optio Solutions. Because of your service, I no longer have to take the time to call customers who are slow paying and listen to their excuses. Your written demands get their attention in a way we never could. As a result of your services, some of our traditionally slow-paying customers have started paying on time and we have collected on some debts that we probably would not have collected.” - Alicia R, Roofing Contractor “Optio Solutions offered a new, effective and economical way of recovering past due accounts. For us, it was a combination of friendly reminder calls - which they cleverly refer to as Talking Statements - that was most successful… What we particularly liked about this approach is the unbelievable positive response that we received. Since our staff no longer has to make these phone calls, we are able to focus our efforts on other projects, allowing my office to operate for effectively and efficiently. Best of all, within one month of signing up with Optio Solutions, we have collected a significant number of our past due accounts faster than we could have imagined.” -Vincent D, Private University
  8. 8. Talking StatementsImprove Profit Recovery with Diplomatic Collection Calls Made in Your NameOptio Solutions Talking Statements® provide you with instant,interactive communication with your debtor for improved debtrecovery.
  9. 9. Collection Letters & Written DemandsFirst party collection letters, which appear to be coming directly from your business,speed up profit recovery.Our written demands offer the increased impact of third party intervention and letyou choose from three service types: diplomatic, intensive or NSF.
  10. 10. Collection CallsProfit Recovery for Stubborn Accounts through Collection Calls & Skip Tracing(Collectors abide by the ACA Code of Ethics) Revenue MaximizerInstantly verify a patients insurance coverage and accurately estimate at the point ofcare what a patient owes for the services provided.
  11. 11. MarketsSchoolsOptio Solutions offers several cost-effective services that schools and universities can use tomanage their outstanding debts.Financial & Professional ServicesOur pre-collection and collection strategies are extremely effective in collecting overdue feesand negative balances as well as NSF checks and charge-offs.Healthcare/Minor MedicalMedical offices face a variety of A/R challenges. Optio Solutions offers several services to help facilitatepayments from your patients.Home Services & Property ManagementThere are a wide variety of services needed to maintain a home. We recognize that whether you providea pool service, pest control service, landscaping service, alarm service, flood and fire restoration, heating andA/C service, fencing, fuel service, or any other home service, you deserve to be paid for the work you do!
  12. 12. Independent Sales Professionals Wanted• Our Independent Sales team enjoys:• Entrepreneurial Freedom: the flexibility to determine your own schedule, set your own appointments and to decide where you want to work. Be your own boss!• Enterprise Support: the support to help you achieve your goals. We are backed by a 27 year old, debt-free, multi-million dollar, established organization.• Experienced Leadership: a leadership team that has been in the financial services business for over 20 years. For more information on our available opportunities, contact us today - or (866) 937-2249
  13. 13. Optio Solutions Blog Visit the Optio Solutions Blog for the latest company and industry news!Recent Articles:- Book Review: Is Customer Service at the Center of Your Business?- 4 Debt Collection Resources for Small Businesses- Skip Tracing - Debt Collection Tools for Small Business OwnersSubscribe to our blog today!
  14. 14. How to Choose a Collection Agency – White Paper As bad credit and unemployment rise, there is a growing likelihood that bills will go unpaid. Bad debt can put pressures on business operations including cash flow, staff and customer relations. As a business owner or chief executive, you need to be sure that your accounts are a priority for payment. Utilizing a professional collection company can help you manage late payments and improve recovery. This “How to Choose a Collection Agency” whitepaper will provide you with important guidelines to help you identify a collection company that fits your business needs.
  15. 15. Managing Patient Payments – White Paper With current economic instability and looming decreases in payer reimbursement, your practice needs to retain the maximum amount of each dollar earned. But as the struggling economy is also affecting your patients, collecting payments has likely become an expensive and frustrating burden. Read our “Managing Patient Payments” white paper to learn about collection strategies that will help your practice increase patient collections in the midst of economic instability.
  16. 16. Best Credit Policies – White Paper Having a documented credit policy in place can minimize the disruption to your business and allow you to communicate with your customers effectively, saving time and money in the long run. Our "Best Credit Policies" whitepaper provides you with information on how to create and enforce a useful credit policy for your business. Read our white paper to take the first step towards reducing bad debt by setting up an effective credit policy.
  17. 17. Identity Theft – White Paper Identity theft is serious problem that can impact credit, bank accounts, and much more. Being prepared can minimize the inconvenience and effort needed to resolve the problems that identity theft can cause. “Identity Theft: Protection, Taking Action & Recovery" offers tips to follow if you find yourself a victim of Identity Theft. Read our white paper today and take the first step to protect yourself.
  18. 18. Cash Flow Strategies Webinar• Learn to collect more, pay less and improve customer satisfaction. This Free webinar demonstrates how to effectively minimize bad debt and collection expense while increasing your cash flow.• What well cover:• Why traditional collection methods fail• New collection tools that dramatically improve results• Comparison of costs and return on investment• Actual case studies Register Now for an Upcoming Webinar with Live Q&A!
  19. 19. For more information on Optio Solutions’ products & services, contact us! Corporate Headquarters 1444 N McDowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954 Phone: (800) 360-2827